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Old Nov 6, 2012, 06:02 PM   #26
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Wish mine was as good as this:

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Old Nov 8, 2012, 04:40 PM   #27
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My iPad is currently at 20 hours usage with 8 days standby. Mostly music though but still looks good

EDIT: Post was in relation to the post above which was an iPad usage screen.

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I had bad battery life in the beginning and noticed some things were draining the battery. After turning these off, I am getting AMAZING battery:

1. Location Services for Facebook (this kills my battery since I open FB quite often)
(and location services in general for anything you don't need)

2. Emergency notifications (not sure if this had any effect but I turned it off)

3. turned off any tracking on verizon's part, and the targeted ads (again not sure if this had any effect on battery life). The targeted ads was not only through settings, but you go to some webpage on your phone and there is another setting. I forgot where, but I saw it on this forum. It was really sneaky.

4. Turn your emails to "fetch". I noticed a great improvement switching all 5 email accounts from push to fetch @ 15 min. The longer the interval the better.

5. Calibrate your battery if you haven't. I calibrated out of the box. Didn't charge after first power on, and drained to 1%. Then I turned the phone off and charged overnight. Next day I drained down to 1% and plugged in (without turning off) and charged to 100%. Also try a slow drain (don't run a lot of stuff to drain battery). I dunno why, but on my MBP and iPhone, this seems to result in better battery life or more accurate readings.

At this point, I can charge as often as I like (when driving, middle of day) and not worry about where I am in the charge cycle and I still get great life without calibrating.

My latest readings have been 1 day 12 hours+ standby and 8.5 hrs + usage.
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Originally Posted by jk4lebron23 View Post
Nearly no notifications on and 2 apps running....aweful
I get the same usage. Lucky to get 4.5 hours.

I know it's because I do quite a bit of GPS stuff and use Bluetooth and WiFi but it's still annoying.

Apple simply needs to stop worrying about how THIN the phone is and start worrying about a 2,000 mAH+ battery.
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I get a max of 6.5 hours on 4g. Way less on LTE. This is with normal use and brightness at 50%. This is my second iPhone 5 too, the other one was very similar. The people that are getting over 8 or 9 hours must listen to a lot of music located on the device. That is the only thing that I can think of. Everyone else that I talk to IRL gets about the same as me with similar usage.
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Old Nov 8, 2012, 08:56 PM   #31
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On LTE I got about 5 hours the past few days. Yesterday I decided to stay on wifi all day and got about 8hrs and 30 minutes. Not the 10 Apple advirtises but better than 5 :/
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Old Nov 25, 2012, 07:31 AM   #32
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Anyone got their five changed for five hours battery in everyday use? I've got all location services off and no notifications, emails on fetch however I have Bluetooth on most the time but still my battery performance is poor.
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i still cant work out if mine is better or not !

sometimes i loose 1% over 9 hours on standby some times 10% ... overnight
(same settings etc)

then when i start to play it dose drain very quickly ...

when it gets to around 80% it gets better, so may full drain it and see it it calibrates a bit better ...

anyway i still get 6/7 hours usage and a day stantby, so its not all bad.
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Here is my battery life on my Verizon 16 GB model

I am happy with it.

BT, Wifi, and LTE all on, location services on, a mixture of wifi and LTE usage, games, email, Internet browsing, few short videos, screen brightness at about 33%, and push for email on, etc... Setup up as new phone and I discharged the battery twice before plugging it in daily. About once a month I do a full discharge of the battery and then charge it each night. But might just start charging it every two days now.

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Originally Posted by RichyB View Post
Wish mine was as good as this:

If you notice under usage it says iPad has been plugged in... I could get 100's of hours of usage if I plug it in and not fully charge...
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