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Originally Posted by QCassidy352 View Post
It's still a good game, i get that. but what I'm saying is that you can't expect a for-profit company to continue to do active development on a 15 year old product which it hasn't sold in years and from which it derives no profit anymore. It makes no economic sense for them, especially when they have a 3 year old sequel game that they'd love to sell you. GTA3 on iOS is different because they can sell the game to the same buyer a second time on the new platform.
Are there any Walmarts near Boston, MA? Stroll into one of them and check out their boxed software collection. I double-dog double-secret-probation triple-stamped-double-stamp pinkie-swear that there are Starcraft I and Warcraft III Battle Chests there. Right now. Today. On sale.


Originally Posted by the8thark View Post
Yes you should. If you own StarCraft 2. It's surprisingly fun. And it's also how a card game can be very simple but also addictively fun. It is multi-universe though. Ie it has cards and heroes from SC, Diablo and WC universes.

Seriously it's worth a look.
Wait . . what? Granted, I haven't played SC2 since a few months after its release, but the game in the bar was a vertical shmup, not a card game. Is this game right in the bar, or somewhere special?
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I used to play World of Warcraft but stopped playing video games in general. But this sparks my interests, I would like to see where this go, although I will never play.
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I got to play the iPad version of Hearthstone at PAX East in the Blizzard booth this weekend vs. a friend. It could have partly been the environment, but I found it to be a real blast to play. It was extremely responsive and good looking with bright flashy effects and audio. The spells, concepts, card descriptions would be familiar to anyone who has played anything from the Warcraft series. You could tell this wasnít some cobbled together side project for the TCG.

The game & base deck are free from what they said and you can earn, craft more cards by playing. I donít own/play the TCG nor do I have any intention of buying cards or playing with anyone besides friends who game the same way I do. About the only thing I think this game will finally force out of my wallet is an upgrade from my gen 1 iPad
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Originally Posted by sleevewipe View Post
I got to play the iPad version of Hearthstone at PAX East in the Blizzard booth this weekend vs. a friend.
Any feel for how it compares to DoTP13 or DoTP14 on the iPad? (I know different games, but just wondering if the competition will light a fire under WoTC).

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Originally Posted by shardey View Post
You need to have the application updated in 10.6.x from the PowerPc/ Rosetta binaries to the Intel. Then you can play on 10.7 and beyond.
oh yes. sadly because of my love for warcraft TFT, i install 10.6 just to be able to play (then upgrade to 10.8). its a tad annoying but its a great game.
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Originally Posted by TheGreenBastard View Post
Warcraft IV, anyone?

(No, I know it will never happen and WoW is basically WC4.)
I'm playing WC III right now. I never played it all the way through before. I've been playing WoW since 2005 and I would love to see WC IV. They could up the graphics like SC II and they could also release WC IV expansions for all of the WoW expansions, Cata, MoP etc.

I'd buy that.
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I was at PAX where they announced this. From what I could tell, Hearthstone got a big yawn and not much else. General consensus from the people I talked to was that there are already plenty of games exactly like this and Blizzard's late to the party. Blizzard's booth where they had this playable was not very crowded.

I can understand why Blizzard made this, it's pretty cheap to do and if it works they can keep selling people cards, but I don't know how many people will actually play it. The real market they want to tap into is the Magic: The Gathering folks, but those people already have Magic Online and much happier for it. Will the World of Warcraft faithful try it out? I find it hard to imagine.
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i dont want to offened people but. **** trading card games...
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