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Old Jan 2, 2014, 07:40 PM   #976
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Thanks Captainobvvious! Yah saved me $42!!!

Big thanks to "Captainobvvious" for starting this thread! I just saved my Mom $42 bucks by getting that lame a$$ "upgrade fee" waived! Merry New Year Captain & Cheers!

Here's the transcript on my chat with an ATT Rep online that took all of 10 min's...named changed to protect the (not so) innocent.

Thank you for your patience! Your AT&T Representative will be with you shortly.

Welcome! You are now chatting with 'ATT Rep'

Me: Good evening. I recently signed a 2 year contract extension and upgraded to a new phone. I was hoping I could have my upgrade fee waived or credited to my account since I have been an ATT customer for many, many years.

ATT Rep: ‪Hi (Me) nice to have you in this chat with me. Thanks as well for being part of AT&T for these past years. Let me look in to the account and see what I can do for ‬
‪your request‬.

ATT Rep: ‪Thanks for waiting. I see the charge now‬ &‪ reviewed the account as well‬. ‪Let me work on waiving the fee now.‬

Me: Thank you.

ATT Rep: ‪You're welcome‬, o‪ne moment please‬

Me: I was just getting ready to pay my bill and was surprised to see that charge as I've experienced billing errors in the past.

ATT Rep: ‪I see‬, l‪et me waive it first before you process the payment‬

Me: Great, thank you again. Good start to the new year!

ATT Rep: ‪I agree

ATT Rep: ‪Are you still logged in to *your account?‬

Me: Yes

ATT Rep: ‪The fee ‬has been‪ waived, to see the amount change please log out then log back in‬, t‪hen you can process the payment after‬

Me: Ok let me try.

ATT Rep: ‪sure‬

Me: Ok, I see it now. Thank You (ATT Rep), I appreciate it!

ATT Rep: ‪It's my pleasure‬, ‪will there be anything else for now?‬

Me: Nope, that's it. Have a good night & Happy New Year!

ATT Rep: ‪Same to you. Thanks for allowing me to assist you today, I hope you are satisfied with my service, as well as with AT&T.‬ ‪Happy New Year as well

...good luck & remember the 4 P's, "Positive & Patient Perseverance, Pays-off!"

Cheers & Merry New Year!

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Old Jan 11, 2014, 01:39 PM   #977
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Is this fee waiver a one time thing? I did it last year and everything went fine but the lady told me it was a one time waive so next year when I want to upgrade she can't waive it anymore. Has anyone gotten their fees waived more than once?
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Old Jan 11, 2014, 03:04 PM   #978
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Originally Posted by nolegirl01 View Post
Is this fee waiver a one time thing? I did it last year and everything went fine but the lady told me it was a one time waive so next year when I want to upgrade she can't waive it anymore. Has anyone gotten their fees waived more than once?
Give them a call. They do look through the account, so worst case is they say no.
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Old Jan 15, 2014, 01:02 PM   #979
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I tried for the second time to secure the credit/waiver but the agent said that my discount from my employer does not allow for such a waiver. I proceeded to find out that my "FAN 20% discount" only applies to the base plan ($60) rather than the whole bill ($180). Unfortunate information to find out, however at least the agent was very nice and helpful. I give up though..probably won't be possible in my case
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Old Feb 1, 2014, 04:15 PM   #980
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Got my activation fee waived!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that they are still waiving activation fees. BONUS: I was also able to increase my 8% discount to a 10% discount.

Here's a copy of my chat session:

John Mallard: Good thing I got you on chat today Paul! I can definitely assist you with that upgrade fee. Let's go ahead and check for the best possible options.

Paul: Thank you so much, John!

John Mallard: You're very much welcome!

John Mallard: A friendly reminder though, the upgrade fee is a standard fee that every customer is charged whenever they are having an upgrade.

John Mallard: Are you still with me Paul?

Paul: Yes, I am sorry. My computer froze.

John Mallard: Oh it's alright.

John Mallard: I'm on the process of doing the adjustment now.

Paul: I really appreciate it, John!

John Mallard: Oh thank you.

John Mallard: Can you log-out and log-in again so that you can see the changes on your account?

Paul: Yes, let me see. One second.

John Mallard: Sure go ahead.

Paul: Got it! $38.63 CR.

John Mallard: GREAT!

John Mallard: So what else can I help you with Paul?

Paul: Thank you so much for all of your help, John!!

Paul: I do have one question. My daughters are both in college and told me about the FAN discount, they are both on my plan. I currently have a discount from my business. Is there a way they can get the discount on their lines?

John Mallard: Let me go ahead and check that for you as well.

John Mallard: Alright it seems that we can only have one discount on the account though.

John Mallard: I'm very sorry.

Paul: I see. My daughter told me that she can receive 10-15% discount from her college. I currently receive 8%. Would it be possible to switch the discounts?

Paul: I can provide her email to validate the college discount.

John Mallard: Ofcourse!

Paul: Her email is __________________.

John Mallard: Kindly click this link for me then put her e-mail address there. After that she will receive an e-mail and that will do the trick.

Paul: I don't understand what the IRU means?

John Mallard: Oh it's your account, It means Individual-Regular and not a Company Account.

Paul: Oh I see. Okay, I will click on that.

John Mallard: Thank you.

John Mallard: She just needs to wait for the validation process to be completed and that discount will take effect.

Paul: Done! She just showed me how to do it. Fantastic 10%!!

John Mallard: That's wonderful!

Paul: Thank you so much for taking your time to help me with this process, John! You're an amazing AT&T representative.

John Mallard: It was a great pleasure chatting with you today and I hope I was able to give you extra-ordinary service. You do have a great day!

Chat session has ended.
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Old Feb 14, 2014, 09:54 AM   #981
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Just got mine waived as well. I'm on a FAN program, so maybe that helps. I also adopted the "kill them with kindness" approach, but I always do that anyway with CSRs.
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Old Feb 14, 2014, 11:49 AM   #982
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I just got mine waived from when I bought the iPad Mini Retina last week (I have a FAN discount fwiw). Kill 'em with kindness works (I did this before with my iPhone 5 about a year ago and they would not waive my fee, something about a new policy... I tried several times (being nice every time) to no avail... I wonder if they are loosening up with this "new policy").

Originally Posted by AT&T Chat Session
Welcome! You are now chatting with 'Vanessa Jones'
Vanessa Jones: Hi, let me help you in your bill, this is for what bill cucle?
Vanessa Jones: *cycle? Good Morning Vanessa. This is for the current bill... the one that is $xx.xx, due on March 2
Vanessa Jones: ok
Vanessa Jones: Let us check your bill together, are you online? I noticed that when I picked up my new iPad Mini Retina (which I love by the way), I was charged a $36 activation fee. I was hoping that you could get this fee waived for me since I've been a customer for such a long time! (from since the Cingular days!) yes, I am online and have my bill in front of me
Vanessa Jones: ok let me check that as well perfect, thank you!
Vanessa Jones: np
Vanessa Jones: As per checking , your account has an activation fee waiver, let me process waiving that fee for you.
Vanessa Jones: Please stay on the chat as i process perfect, thank you very much!
Vanessa Jones: Your welcome
Vanessa Jones: Please continue to stay on the chat to confirm the process ok, will do
Vanessa Jones: Thanks
Vanessa Jones: Have successfully processed the credit of 36. New balance is xx.xx.
Vanessa Jones: Changes can be seen in your account everytime you log in, you might want to check it now. Please open a new browser in checking and make sure to stay on this chat for us to confirm the changes Ok, Let me open a new browser window. Thanks!
Vanessa Jones: ok. Please inform me once you see the change
Vanessa Jones: Your welcome I can see the new charge of $xx.xx now. Thanks again for your assistance. I appreciate it!
Vanessa Jones: Your welcome
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Old Jun 30, 2014, 12:43 PM   #983
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Cool Today's Response

I apologize, we are unable to waive the billed upgrade fee since it is a valid charge. However, I can give you $25.00 credit as one-time courtesy, and to help you lower your current bill.
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