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Originally Posted by palmharbor View Post
I would come up with three different designs instead of "this is it" let the interviewers pick what appeals to them, not what appeals to you.
Based on what you showed its not enough to have something...today you need something outstanding.
Originally Posted by dannythunder View Post
Sorry if I am reiterating some points TL;DR

First and foremost, your work is solid. Your website demonstrates your visual aesthetic/personal brand. That being said, you should:

A) Talk more about your work. Let your potential clients and employers know why you did what you did, even if you are going to be talking about that in interviews. You will not not get a job for reinforcing your ideas.

B) HAVE A RESUME. Even if you don't have a lot of work experience, YOU NEED A RESUME. It shouldn't take you too long, throw together an 8.5x11 Swiss Grid 1 page max.

C) I understand you are shooting for print, but your site needs to be more interactive. One thing I have done, is embed pdfs of more content into my projects. For example, you can use http://www.scribd.com/ to embed the full deforestation project in your site.

D) Your links on your contact page need to be working. If a potential employer is going through 20 portfolio sites they are not going to take the time and copy/paste your email and twitter handles to various places.

E) Showcase YOU more. Besides your work, why should you be hired. What unique interests do you have outside of your work. Briefly state them in your resume, and if it works create design projects out of them.

F) Reshoot some of your photos. A lot of your photos are too dark. You want everything to be clear, even in the thumbnails because AGAIN, if an employer is going through a ton of sites they are not going to spend the time clicking every photo.

G) I want to see more projects!!!!

H) Do all of the above and you will be a beast. Good luck!

Originally Posted by rei101 View Post
I liked it, and a lot. You should place two or tree more pieces but with some material no minimalistic so you can show versatility even if is not your style. But it looks really good. (y) Want to see more.
Originally Posted by abcbcd View Post
Ok, I'll bite:

#1 issue first: No digital.

-The photos of your work are all pretty dark, you should fix them in photoshop so the paper is more white. I suggest either curves or levels adjustment layers for this. You want them to look bright, right now the contrast is too low and it's not flattering. Quick edits.

-The infographic should just be taken down or redesigned (those drop shadows...) it's really weak compared to the other projects. I assume you know that already.

-Your work is mostly pretty visually appealing but you really need to show that you can design systems. You kind of have that going on with simple bike co but you need more. Do things like magazine advertisements, billboards, a store front, anything that really shows off more of your design. Like mock up the simple bike co logo on a bike, in metal. Context is key.

-Don't embed PDFs with Scribd, that's a dumb suggestion (no offense to whoever said that). You have the right idea with nice big photos. I know that no employer will look for more than 2:00 at the entire body of work. They either say yes and set up and interview, or they pass. They're busy. The agency that most recently hired me spent about a minute clicking though I think (I read google analytics).

-Write a little more about each project. It's all student work anyone looking is going to know that. Which is fine. You can totally get a junior position with student work alone, if it's dope enough. Just explain your thinking and talk a bit about your process. 23 sentences. Again, nobody's going to read more than a paragraph so you have to nail it perfectly.

-But really though, no digital is going to be a problem most anywhere. Your work isn't advertising focused, so you won't get into an ad agency with this portfolio, and anywhere you work will expect you to have at least some understanding of interactive. Throwing the header of a website on a photo of an iMac isn't going to cut it.


Not trying to be overly critical here. You seem to have a pretty decent grasp on typography, which is probably the most important aspect of design to be good at. Just do more systems and more executions and get some digital design in there beyond what you have. I suggest you work on it for 2030 minutes every day at least and you will be surprised by how much progress you make
Cheers for the feedback and advice! I think its important to be able to take criticism of your own work especially when it's constructive so I really appreciate it and will take it all on board. Little things like photos being too dark and having working contact links, I cant believe I didn't notice that first time,so thanks.
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all of the photos showing the white pages are underexposed.. (while many of the photos showing more black/grey items are exposed nicely).

you should take care of that while shooting but even an auto-levels in an image editor would help them a lot.

(i know this isn't about the work itself.. but still- first impressions and all)
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LOVE your work!!

Would definitely hire you!
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You have some cool work, but I closed the page pretty quickly because I have seen that exact website used by about 15 of my friends whilst they were doing graphic design at school and I have come to hate it.

From the few seconds I saw your work, it looked cool.

Damn I hate that website design.
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I love your work! i would hire you but im only 15
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