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Originally Posted by HobeSoundDarryl View Post
Again: one of my points is making up numbers to support Apple spin. "To my observation"??? Really? So if you only observe 1 person adorning their iDevice in feathers, are 100% of all iDevices adorned in feathers?

"To MY observation" more than 5% make their iDevices thicker by wrapping them in something and many in my observable pool seem to wrap them in something to give them more battery life.

Which "to my observation" is more accurate? Your "less than 5%" or my "more than 5%"?

Here's a bit of actual information: http://www.quora.com/What-percentage...-third-parties and here's another: http://gizmodo.com/5420874/forty-per...on-your-phones. One claims 80% and the other 40%. Neither close to <5%.

And no one's doing ME any favor by using a case or not using one. My point was "when is thin, thin enough?" If we keep achieving "thinner" for marketing spin by jettisoning guts (like battery), we increasingly have to make up for the loss of such utility by adding it back in via external gadgets (like battery cases).

As is- in my own situation- an iPhone can't get through a day of use without a re-charge. So minimally (for me), that means carrying along a cable & charger and looking for opportunities to charge. Or, I can wrap it in a protective, battery case to give me a day's use and make it just a bit thicker. The latter works for me. I'm not the only one. And 5% of us are not the only one's either.

Of course, I'd rather have the bigger battery inside instead of the extra baggage of product walls against product walls but heaven forbid that the next iPhone would keep the same thickness in the name of a tangible benefit like more battery life. It must be thinner, d*mnit. Hopefully, Apple just jettisons the entire battery so that the next one can be much thinner (WOW!) and then we can return to a corded phone world (where the cord provides the juice). I want much thinner! Com'on Apple, do me a "small favor" and get rid of everything you can inside the next iPhone so that you can make the case as thin as possible. But keep the price the same of course; it's also very important to "me" that a massive corporation makes as much money as possible (even by jettisoning consumer utility by making us believe that there is some tangible benefit in making these things even thinner than they are now).
You might have a valid argument if a large percent of those surveyed were using cases that extended battery life not just cases that protected the device from harm or, in the case of iPads, held a keyboard. When you can find a survey showing forty to eighty percent use cases that extend battery life, then you might have a valid argument.

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Patiently waiting for the iPad Mini 2 announcement! If not retina; I move to a different company for my small tablet purchase. Apple has had a year to get it with retina; and Nexus 7 2nd generation has done it without any complaining about why you cannot achieve a retina screen on a small tablet.
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Originally Posted by rotax View Post
IGZO is where they need to go.

Amazing. I wondered how long it would take before this info became public. Whenever they -finally- decide to start actually selling it to the general public for less than megabucks...yes, it will revolutionize computing as we know it.

Now I am waiting on the holographic part that has already been invented and never talked about since.... Then maybe we can really have whole college courses in a little cube for us to just pop in and learn as we sleep.

Hurry up folks, want to see it before I croak!
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Originally Posted by HobeSoundDarryl View Post
No survey. This "thinner" wish is solely the faithful being moved to believe it's some benefit. Now it's become about the first "benefit" quoted when we post dreams of the next thing from Apple. Apple spun "thin" as a benefit and now it's become/becoming a problem. To make Apple things thinner, functional parts within are getting jettisoned to support the "benefit" but the price isn't falling as such things are removed. Worse, the faithful are rationalizing the stuff that is jettisoned as if they are on the PR payroll, using the gamut of tired rationalization arguments including the worst of them (IMO) like: "I don't see a need to keep that, so no one else should either", the over-used statistics argument of "99% never use that" (minus the actual survey of course to support the number), etc.

When will Apple things be "thin" enough? Does everything have to get to the thickness (and fragility) of a piece of paper before they are thin enough? Do we want iDevices as thin as a piece of paper (knowing intuitively, how easily they will bend under even modest pressure)? Do we really want to try to hold an iPhone thinner than a movie ticket up to our ear?

I'm with you "santy". I'd rather quit with the race to "thinner" and focus on growing benefits like battery life (which is not accomplished by shrinking the battery so that we can spin "even thinner than last year's model" in the marketing). What some of us are doing now is paying full price for a thinner iDevice and then paying up for a battery case to give it the battery life we need. In other words, we're such spin suckers, we're craving thinner and then paying for a second device to make it thicker in daily use. Think about that.

Nevertheless, look through this very thread and you see it over and over: how most think making the phone or mini even thinner will somehow deliver some tangible benefit. At this point the biggest benefit it delivers is helping Apple justify removing functional parts so that the margin can remain "thick" or grow "thicker."
Thank you! Finally, finally, someone gets it.

When I keep seeing this 'thin, thinner' thing going on...in my mind it means FLIMSY, fragile, cheap. Whatever became of "sturdy", well-made, quality?

I am just SO tired of corporate greed to the Nth degree. Cutting corners just to get rid of a bare tad of weight or thickness does not impress me one bit, just so you need to buy something else to add back protection! Cute and color, yeah, I can understand adding glitz, but not messing with well-made materials inside and out. Look at what happened to Galaxy 4, they used a thinner version of gorilla glass this time around. Cracked phones galore. Hope Apple didn't do that for their new ones coming out next week as the 5c's look cute...but if they didn't use the newest processor, what's the point?
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Originally Posted by santydolby View Post
Informal user opinions aside, is there an objective survey done/reported out there that consumers are actually seeking thinner, lighter tablets?! I wonder! What's actually fuelling Apple to go after thinner, lighter in 2013? Is this, like they say, only a part of the incremental biscuits thrown before the big ticket features arrive?

Don't we want *some* heft to what we hold in our hands?!
If you use Ipad 2 or Ipad 3 for a while, you already know the answer. The 1 1/2lb weight for Ipad 3 is way too heavy to carry the ipad at the edge in landscape mode. The rumored Ipad 5 is about 1lb+ a very good improvement but not ideal yet...

Cutting corners just to get rid of a bare tad of weight or thickness does not impress me one bit, just so you need to buy something else to add back protection!
Do you know how hard it is to reduce weight? Just read about the topic in this thread. In order for Apple to reduce weight and make Iphone 5 thinner, they have to switch to GF2 technology which is a more expensive technology. It is not cutting corner. On the contrary, they invest money to make it happened.

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