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Originally Posted by MattMJB0188 View Post
Ok? Do you feel smarter now? Because you pretty much ignored the main point here.

How is it acceptable for someone to keep a damaged out of the box iPhone??? If the store model doesn't have a loose rattling button but mine does out of the box, you tell me how that is satisfactory?

Your probably the kind of retail employee who just dismisses everything because you don't want to hear it and pass those very few people like myself off as OCD or "nuts". Well people like you probably don't last long in your line of work I'd imagine.

I bought the phone because I thought, like many others, that it was an actual upgrade over the 4S. To my disappointment, it was not. I will gladly go back to a 4S and call it a day. I just want to share my experience so that at least its out there.

You love your iPhone5, congratulations, but that doesn't mean there aren't problems with QC.
Lol - OK. I actually hit just about every "point" you made. Your experieneces don't make every iPhone 5 crap....realize you aren't the only consumer in the world and that no product is perfect.....

And I still question why, if you truly hate the 5, you haven't gone back to a 4S earlier.....it really took you 5 months to come to your conclusion the 5 isn't an upgrade from the 4S? Seems like the reasons you listed would be pretty evident within a few minutes of holding the device (even before purchasing).

But hey - in your mind I was a crappy retail employee and don't know anything. Just want you to keep in mind - for every iPhone 5 you returned, another 1,000 were received happily by customers.....

And this whole idea of bugs/duds making it to consumers isn't something new to the iPhone 5....
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I am a proponent of the idea that "scuffgate" is 100% the result of the OCD crowd expecting FAR too much of a mass produced PHONE. Flawless? That's not even a term reserved for $200K Bentleys, yet some people actually demand that of a sub $1K consumer electronic. It's ridiculous.

And if you really did hold a new car to the same standard you would literally NEVER leave the dealership. Every car (and I mean that... EVERY) has minor defects throughout. MINOR. Not anything that effects performance, and if there was a mm "scuff" on the car at the time of delivery they'd give you a bottle of touch up paint and send you on your way. They wouldn't give you a new paint job (or a new car for that matter) no matter how much you whine about it and stop pretending (dreaming) that's how it works: "my car isn't flawless Mr. Dealer, so I demand you do this and this and this until it is...". Nope.

But even with all that said, you are free to return it as many times as Apple will allow you to. Why not move on? Because I suspect you know deep down that the 5 is superior to the 4S in almost every way. They still make the 4S. It's not hard to go back. Very VERY few people do, even though they could profit anywhere from 3-400$ in doing so (by selling the 5 and buying the 4S).

Millions of people are perfectly happy with the 5. You weren't. That doesn't make it anything but unacceptable to one more OCD person. That's all.
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Sorry you feel that way, i would never go back to the clunky feel of the 4S/4. The i5 design and look is just about superior in every way.

More durable, less glass, lighter and thinner and not to mention looks much better and sleek then the 4S/4 design

I love the thinness and form factor
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Originally Posted by Compile 'em all View Post
I paid 900 for my 64GB iPhone 5. Bought it right from the Apple Store. I owned every iteration of the iPhone except the 3G and 4S, and always paid the full price it retails for. If Apple sells it for 900 in their store, it better be perfect.
Yes, that holds true, but going ballistic (like OP) over a minute detail is beyond reasonable.

Originally Posted by MattMJB0188 View Post
We all know Apple is so fussy over the look of their products, so you tell me how any scratch is acceptable out of the box on any of their products? If you accept a scratch out of the box, I truly feel sorry for you.
Insults to people get you no where. I don't find it acceptable. I have certain thresholds for acceptable. However, a tiny (something maybe under a magnifying glass) scratch is not something (like you say) to go to Apple and ask for a replacement.

Originally Posted by iPusch View Post
I paid more than 700 bugs for mine, I like to have a perfect phone for that, and I want to make the first scratch by my own^^
By all means go scratch it then.

Originally Posted by Zwhaler View Post
Perfectionist, maybe. But he has the right to expect a "new" product when paying top dollar for a premium device such as the iPhone. It's like buying a new car, having a scratch on the bumper and saying it would have appeared there eventually...

You can't compare a car to a phone. Please, don't use this comparison as it is delusional at best.

Originally Posted by ThatsMeRight View Post
Actually, yes. Unlike in the US, where carriers are abusing their massive powers, in Europe and elsewhere around the world those awkward situations don't exist. For example, a 16 GB iPhone could cost you 100 with a 55-a-month plan. Or 200 with a 45-a-month plan.

Elsewhere in the world it is "variable price for plan". That's it. No phone? Cheap-ass plan. Expensive phone? The more you decide to pay upfront, the lower your monthly costs. The less you pay upfront, the higher the monthly costs.

In the US it is more like: high monthly costs, whether or not you get an expensive phone or not.

If you decide to get a device yourself, you can get a plan for as low as 10.

Again, US carriers are abusing their powers. If they did that anywhere else in the world, a huge antitrust investigation would be initiated.

Well, unluckily for us, we live in the US and must live with those consequences of having said carriers. Likewise, I can state several things here that are better to other places in the world. (I am talking about First World things, not essentials).
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Mod note: This thread is closed due too all the bickering.
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