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Old Jun 27, 2013, 06:24 PM   #26
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Originally Posted by Happybunny View Post

And you all laughed when I said Unicorns were behind all conspiracy theories.


See this is proof that they do exist.

That's one sexy unicorn.
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Originally Posted by obeygiant View Post
The only thing I ever thought was strange on Sept 11th was building 7. I couldn't understand why it fell so late when nothing hit it.
In November 2008, NIST released its final report on the causes of the collapse of 7 World Trade Center.[30] This followed their August 21, 2008 draft report which included a period for public comments.[36] In its investigation, NIST utilized ANSYS to model events leading up to collapse initiation and LS-DYNA models to simulate the global response to the initiating events.[80] NIST determined that diesel fuel did not play an important role, nor did the structural damage from the collapse of the twin towers, nor did the transfer elements (trusses, girders, and cantilever overhangs). But the lack of water to fight the fire was an important factor. The fires burned out of control during the afternoon, causing floor beams near Column 79 to expand and push a key girder off its seat, triggering the floors to fail around column 79 on Floors 8 to 14. With a loss of lateral support across nine floors, Column 79 soon buckled – pulling the East penthouse and nearby columns down with it. With the buckling of these critical columns, the collapse then progressed east-to-west across the core, ultimately overloading the perimeter support, which buckled between Floors 7 and 17, causing the entire building above to fall downward as a single unit. From collapse timing measurements taken from a video of the north face of the building, NIST observed that the building's exterior facade fell at free fall acceleration through a distance of approximately 8 stories (32 meters, or 105 feet), noting "the collapse time was approximately 40 percent longer than that of free fall for the first 18 stories of descent."[81] The fires, fueled by office contents, along with the lack of water, were the key reasons for the collapse.[30]
Or google nano thermite WTC for alternative explanations.
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Al Qaeda Carried out the 9/11 attacks... they also carried out many attacks in Saudi Arabia and the region Prior, They made it clear the US and the West are the enemy after The Gulf war, I don't doubt one bit that Al Qaeda carried out that attack and proudly took credit for it ... the U.S gov't could've been involved/paid Al Qaeda to do it.... who knows at the end of they day Al Qaeda did it.. yes the US backed them against the soviets , but friends do become foes sometimes
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Originally Posted by rovex View Post
I'm smirking right now at how clueless you people are!
You watch a YouTube video and all of a sudden you have this amazing information that none of us can comprehend?

There's conspiracy theories for everything. It's extremely easy to reverse-engineer a make-believe plot, and unfortunately it's extremely easy to just post it on the Internet and have millions of sheep believe in it.
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This thread is closed since there is another one like it with current comments already going.

/moderator note.
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