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STiNG Operation
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Originally Posted by gri View Post
If I go somewhere where I will inevitably get great motives (say, Rome, Jerusalem, Grand Canyon) I try to bring my DSLR with me (currently a Panasonic GH1, soon a GH3), if I don't want to carry that weight (I got two lenses for the sucker) I bring a point-and shoot. For everything else I use the iPhone (currently 4, waiting for my 5), or also if I want to send a shot to the family. However the iPhone (and the Point and shoot) don't ever beat the DSLR images. Those at the right time with a high zoom and polarization filter can't be beaten.
I came across an adapter that is out there for some DSLR cameras that allows instant wireless transfer from the camera to your smartphone so you can send them to people.

I found this because I'm strongly considering a Nikon D3200 as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend.
Any tips?

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Thumbs up My Impression on I-Phone 5 camera

My test shots show the iPhone 5 has faster photo capture, better low-light performance.

Thank u,

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Originally Posted by STiNG Operation View Post
I came across an adapter that is out there for some DSLR cameras that allows instant wireless transfer from the camera to your smartphone so you can send them to people.

I found this because I'm strongly considering a Nikon D3200 as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend.
Seems that the GH3 is doing that as well, got it just yesterday.
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Originally Posted by onpointe View Post
If you are a driver, MAPS alone is reason enough to upgrade. The old Google mapping was unusable for a driver- limited screen info and no voice or turn by turn. Maps has all that - Siri integration, great turn-by[turn voice instructions and easily readable directions for drivers.
Is that not an iOS update rather than Phone upgrade?
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Originally Posted by CBJammin103 View Post
For the photography snobs: The best camera is the one you have with you, and any shot you take is better than one you didn't.

For the phone camera supporters: A phone camera will never compare to a same-gen DSLR. Period, end of story.

The iPhone is simply a different tool than a traditional camera. It's nice that the iPhone 5 camera is solid, but I don't see how this is a paradigm shift any more than the previous iPhone cameras.

I WILL say that the iPhone has totally replaced a point-n-shoot for my purposes.

Will NEVER compare to a DSLR? I disagree. Perhaps it can't compete in lowlight situations...or for shooting sports or wildlife....but for creating artistic photographs it surely can and does compete with DSLRs. Photos taken on the iPhone have graced many publications. Hung in many a gallery. And was even used to finish shooting last years Oscar winning film for best documentary.

Will it replace DSLRs for all professionals? No. Of course not. But I remember not too long ago when professional photographers scoffed at the idea of a DSLR replacing traditional film cameras. So never say never.

I am a travel blogger. I was going to buy a DSLR set up...but decided to go with my iphone and a gopro(for extreme shots and underwater stuff)....and I have no regrets. The iPhone 5 is an amazing camera. So convenient. So accessible. It's always there. Always ready. And that's just the way I like it. Others may want to lug around a DSLR, and that's cool. To each their own. It's all good. ;-)


Originally Posted by george-brooks View Post
For day to day activities, sure. For professional photographers? No way! What will I do with my huge collection of canon and nikon lenses? Sure, I could spend $250 to get an adapter to put them on my iPhone but WHAT is the point of that? I could sell them all, but then what will I do when I really do need a 300mm telephoto lens for nature, concerts or sports? Perhaps the biggest feature the iPhone is lacking that no accessory exists for is a hot shoe. I use off camera flashes and profoto kits in the studio on a regular basis, and yet, the iPhone doesn't even have the ability to fire my cheap little $30 flash I use with my P&S cameras. What about video? I do a lot of video work and yes, I've used my iPhone as a B camera before, but it is by no means a professional video camera. Here's a list of CRUCIAL features for a professional photographer, or even an advanced amateur, that the iPhone doesn't have:

White balance control
Manual exposure control
Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority
ISO control, high ISOs
RAW files
Interchangeable lenses
Variable video frame rates
Tripod attachment
DOF preview
Hot shoe
etc., etc.

There are apps and accessories that take care of a few of these, but not to the extent that a DSLR does straight out of the box. Why would I spend hundreds on accessories and apps to bring my iPhone up to par with the DSLR I already have that will produce a better image 99/100 times? There is nothing obsolete about DSLRs, and a lot of what your OP touts as the advantages of the iPhone as a camera are present in mirrorless and M4/3 cameras like the Panasonic GH3, which is a far superior camera to the iPhone. And I can't stand electronic viewfinders. I will be keeping my mirror and pentaprism for a long time.

Sure, the iPhone has completely replaced my point and shoot, it is a FANTASTIC camera and I use it every day (I certainly can't say that about my DSLR) but it will not be replacing my 5DmkII any time soon. Camera phones are awesome and have opened up a whole new world of photo sharing, which I love. I love seeing my friends lives in pictures and that having an awesome camera in my pocket 24/7 encourages me to document what I'm doing and whats around me. But camera phones and DSLRs are very very different tools and the iPhone will not be putting Canon or Nikon out of business any time soon.


This is super important. Optical zoom is essential for any halfway decent point and shoot. The camera is such a central feature of the iPhone, I always wondered why they couldn't put a nice zeiss 5x lens a a small REAL flash right where the apple logo is. Check this out. It doesn't have the greatest lens in the world, but it sure is small. Why isn't this in the iPhone? Apple is too concerned with thinness and not enough with quality.
True. There will be instances where the iPhone won't be able to replace a DSLR. But there are many scenarios where it can. I live in NYC, and I know many many street photographers who have totally abandoned their DSLRs for iPhones. The technology will only get better. Heck, I remember not too long ago when professional photographers were saying DSLRS would NEVER replace traditional film slrs. So ya never know. I'm a travel photographer and blogger, and I have ditched my DSLR kit for my iphone. It works for me. It may not for others. But to each their own. I shoot street and landscapes and have zero regrets.
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