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Originally Posted by JesseW6889 View Post
Wow, thanks for all the replies and thanks for the appreciation!

The computer would be used to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering. Additionally, I have an interest in programming apps for iPhone's, which so far as I know is only possible on a mac. Unfortunately, they're more concerned with program needs over user wants.

So far as battery life, touch pad, durability and support, I think those are all great aspects to consider and I will certainly work them in there somehow! Many of you argued that they playing field was relatively equal. Are there any benefits of Windows over OS X?

Also, whatever I get, they will provide necessary software and accessories as well as extended warranties on all significant equipment.

Some of you suggested that I should 'take what I get' without a reasonable need or requirement. I have reasonable need that I haven't gone into specifics about. I am just looking for additional help navigating a system that, from the very start, was designed to limit my entitlements as much as possible.
Hey, thanks for your service. I see where you're coming from and i'd have to say voice dictation in OSX would be a huge benefit for you. You wouldn't have to type much and i'm not sure on your condition if that makes a difference. That could be a huge help in school as well and the only software available for windows most times is really really expensive.
- You could also argue that the trackpad is much easier to use since it is larger and would not require you to get a mouse like the HP laptop would probably make you use.
- You could also argue the screen in most cases is brighter on a Macbook and would help if your vision isn't the best.
- You could also argue mobility as most windows/hp laptops are bulky and heavy and apple laptops are quite light, like the retina's and the airs. That's all that comes to mind for now.
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A few have mentioned the Track Pad, it is far superior to any windows track pad I've ever tried and you could easily do without a mouse, the gestures are also very helpful.

Now whether you can work that into some form of justification is another matter.

Good Luck
Cheers; Snarl
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For an IT degree, the mac also gets you the best of both worlds so you can explore both windows and osx
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Some of this thread reminds me of my grade, school days where my parents would be buying me clothes for the upcoming school year. I would try and justify getting them to consider the trendy, conspicuous brands but only end up getting stuff from Old Navy. In retrospect, those Old Navy clothes were fine and I still have some of them. The only reason I wanted clothes from Abercrombie or Express was because I felt it would help me fit in socially. Turns out it wasn't really a good enough reason.

You gotta be honost with yourself here and ask if there is a feature set that truly sets the Mac apart. Some of the responses so far are arrogant assumptions.

Windows laptops are heavier and bulkier than Macs? Any HP laptop would make you get a mouse? There are no premium material Windows laptops?

While there are laptops on the market that have bulk, low build quality or poor trackpads, there are certainly Ultrabook solutions that check all of those boxes. Lenovo Yoga or Ideapad U300, or HP Envy line, for example.

Its kind of silly for a person to state that every HP computer will need hardware services since it happened to them. Those guys sell MILLIONS of computers, some for several hundred dollars less than the lowest priced Apple laptop with the big gesture driven trackpad, portability, SSD performance etc.

If you really, truly, honostly will be better off with a Mac for a purpose, like iOS development, then present them with that. Otherwise, it sounds like you might just be seeking more luxury through your entitlements than you are actually entitled too.

On a last note, Microsoft does have full service stores throughout the country with Windows Signature, which means the devices you buy from the store come with only Windows installed, no after market or third party services. They also offer technical support services at these stores.
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Originally Posted by thejadedmonkey View Post
Unless you need to target iOS development, or require a 7 hour battery life, no, a mac isn't some magical computer and any $500 HP with an on-site warranty could be arguably better than the most expensive MacBook.
You've either never used an HP or have a big chip on your shoulder about the quality of a Mac. I've used and owned both, and have yet to see a $500 HP that can touch any Macbook. I think the OP would appreciate a bit more honesty.

OP, one important thing to know is what computer the school you will be attending may require. Most permit both OS X or Windows, but some may not. Before making a buy decision it's a good idea to be sure that your OS is approved for the entire program and won't leave you needing bootcamp and a full Windows install (expensive to have to buy full Windows on top of a Mac purchase).

You can't go wrong with a Macbook Air or Pro for school. Many Windows computers can also meet all of your needs. If you get a chance to do more research on reviews, forum opinions, online blogs, and some hands on, maybe you'll get some better feel for what the Macbook can offer or not offer in relation to your needs. I personally have not used Windows in years at home and Linux and OSX meet all my needs, but your needs may be quite different.
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Originally Posted by fratey View Post
You couldn't go wrong either way. However, OS X has a very impressive zoom function which might be worth looking into.

I do believe we should keep irrelevant personal anecdotes that are based on statistics out of this thread. At least the motherboard was replaced - when my Air screen broke by itself within warranty, Apple demanded almost a thousand dollars for it.
Stick to the functionality part.
Not to be rude in anyway, but that was in no way a person anecdote. Just a heads up for what the OP could be in for if they chose a HP. I am sure that the model I am referring to is actually 'old news' (for lack of a better term). My cousins actually have a different model of the HP line and my brother(in-law) has an HP for work purposes. I don't think either have actually have had problems, well, not as big as ours were, at least.
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Originally Posted by SMDBill View Post
You've either never used an HP or have a big chip on your shoulder about the quality of a Mac. I've used and owned both, and have yet to see a $500 HP that can touch any Macbook. I think the OP would appreciate a bit more honesty.
Honesty would mean ripping AppleCare to shreds. It's not that HP's are impervious to breaking down, or that Apple's never break, but that when something does break, I have 100% confidence that a next-day on-site warranty will be a better choice.

Let me know if you'd like me to
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This is all my knowledge.

1. inertia scrolling of the trackpad (like on iPad or iPhone)
2. exposé to switch windows (don't know how to live without it)
3. space to organise windows of applications
4. already-there must-have application ex. preview, iLife suite, mail etc.
5. nice tools ex. Grapher, Automator
6. can run Windows via Bootcamp
7. Hot corner
8. iCloud stuff ex. sync bookmark, notes, documents etc.
9. speech-to-text & text-to-speech
10. three-finger tap to look up dictionary
11. spacebar to preview document
12. drag downloaded app to Application folder to install
13. drag installed app to Trash to uninstall
14. pinch-to-zoom
15. rotate two fingers to rotate picture
16. autosave document
17. browse old version of document
18. annotate document right from Preview app
19. free development tools (Xcode)
20. if one app freeze, the rest won't
21. one press to volume up, down, mute, brightness up, down, music control etc
22. work with iPhone headset with remote and mic
23. no system update that prevent you from shutting down involuntarily
24. printer mostly will just work, some may require install driver manually
25. air play to apple tv
26. Magsafe connector is easy to plug in and to get out
27. useful widget in Dashboard ex. iStat pro
28. those system files are hidden so it is clean
29. battery last long if you use it correctly
30. when plug in projector of external display, it just works
31. when connect wifi, it just work. No public, work, private multiple choice.
32. Preference of each app is at the same location. AppName > Preference.
33. can type a lot of special character. From language bar > show character viewer.
34. Command button is easy to press than ctrl in Windows. (it is right below your thumb).
35. Font on the screen is smoother.
36. system is reliable. rarely crash.
37. can just put it to sleep. it can still fetch notification, email, software update and backup.
38. has backup software build-in (Time machine)
39. managing password of each web in safari is easy.
40. Reader function in safari to eliminate all nonsense on the webpage
41. Facebook, Tweeter whatever.
42. put the screen to sleep to safe battery. (for me right-bottom corner)
43. Can develop iOS app. (obviously Apple Halo strategy but what can we do)
44. Nice piece of hardware. (Aluminium)
45. The power cord can be short or long. Up to you.
46. volume is exponential not linear. Well because all magnitude in nature is exponential.
47. iTune U for education.
48. the power of unix that Windows can get via Cygwin which unfortunately does not come with Windows.
49. It is easy to find the support from the community. Because tons of people use the same model. Unlike some machine that you have to identify it by ... I don't know.
50. And the resell value is high. Just look at that Apple I. Unbelievable ~670,000$.
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Thank you for your service!

Look at a refurbished 13" MBA. Mac has the edge because it can utilize both OS X AND windows. A pc can not.
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being somewhat in a position like yours, i can't tell you that there is a major difference between the two - unless your degree is one that involves software or other tools that require a certain OS. from my point of view, you need to get the lightest machine possible that will also satisfy you spec-wise.
i walk around with a cane (don't know what your situation is) and i already started walking bent in one way, so a heavy laptop does not help. i don't know if it's an argument you can use to get extra allowance for a mac. if not, and you want a mac, just add the money (if you so wish to do) - you wouldn't anything no matter what you choose.
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Wow, what a thread.

I use both, a Mac for home, a PC for work. I used to work for a computer store that built PCs and sold software back in the day for egghead software. I say this to show I have a somewhat rounded perspective.

I think really it all boils down to personal preference. If you like how windows woks, then the PC has an advantage over Macs, if you like OSX and how it works, well then that's better (for you).

What I'm saying is both platforms have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Windows with the right antivirus software is little risk for malware and viruses, win7 (I can't speak for win8) is stable, and has features that don't exist in OSX.

OSX is rock solid, doesn't need to be rebooted (my work computer does need the occasional reboot), and allows me to work the way I way I like. Some of its disadvantages, the look and feel is locked down, you cannot alter or theme like you can in windows. I prefer the file explorer in windows vs the Finder, though there are third party solutions.

What I'm getting at is that its not the right vs the wrong, but the best tool for my needs.
~Mike Flynn
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