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Originally Posted by Bahroo View Post
some people HAVE secret information on there lol.. or very private information..

the real concern is about the encryption on the chip and whether thieves can actually retrieve and break the encryption and get your fingerprint off the SoC/chip, if there is a flaw in that and that it can be hacked... well that would be a disastrous epidemic
I understand some people want to lock a phone; I just don't see the need for it personally. And what would be so horrible about a thief having my fingerprint? I leave fingerprints everywhere and I think the gov't has mine on file with my birth certificate. What good would that do someone? It's not private, just unique.


Originally Posted by avanpelt View Post
Using your logic, why would anyone with a substantial amount of money in their checking account have a PIN on their debit card? How could someone with a substantial amount of money possibly let their debit card fall into the wrong hands?!

Maybe you don't see the need for PINs and passcodes, but I'll keep securing my devices the best ways I can.
Because I care about who has access to my money but not about who has access to the phone number and photos of people that I call. (That's why Apple has an OPTIONAL lock--people who need a lock, use it. People like me, who don't care, don't. But EVERYONE has a pin # for their bank account!).
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Originally Posted by unknwntrr View Post
Your password you can change once it's been stolen, your fingerprints stay the same for your entire life and you leave them everywhere. If you touch a can of soda in a bar everyone with a bit of basic knowledge can take a high-res photograph of it and print our your fingerprints in 3D within 30 Minutes.
Yet why do people act like that fingerprints are a brand new thing? Why wasn't this a big deal with fingerprint sensors before? "But if you touch this someone can have your fingerprint!"

I'm sorry but if you're living in fear of someone stealing your fingerprint of a can of coke you touched, a beer bottle, or something else (yet people seem to magically forget that chances are someone else also touched those things and would have their fingerprints on them) you touched then you might as well just stay locked up in your room forever.
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Originally Posted by locust76 View Post
Congratulations, you weren't paying attention!


Had to think of this:
haha ok
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Originally Posted by tbrinkma View Post
Not at all. The sub-epidermal scan doesn't change the pattern of your fingerprint. The structures that make up your fingerprint exist pretty deep into your skin. What it does is provide resilience to surface damage, such as paper cuts and the like.[COLOR="#808080"]
In the keynote, Apple made it sound like a security feature.

That was misleading at best.

Didn't they say Touch ID wouldn't be as easily fooled as older fingerprint systems

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Dumb and Dumberer

Originally Posted by rish View Post
Sorry Mack but if you're gullible enough to believe girls aren't smart and can't be crooks that's your problem.

As I said scan a body part you don't readily use to lift a beer bottle, cup or turn a door knob!

Again, problem solved.
What I did was exactly warning of too good to be true circumstances, so that they put up their defenses.

But some guys from the UK don't understand a text, when they read it. Is that why you lost your Empire?
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Old Sep 26, 2013, 08:34 AM   #931
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If someone with that kind of knoledge, equipment and dedication is after your data, you probably already have bodyguards protecting you and your phone 24/7.

An seriously I don't get why people are complaining about this. Anyone can guess a 4 number pin or look over your shoulder. Reproducing the fingerprint like in the article is a complicated procedure requiring expensive equipment and knowledge few have.
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Old Sep 27, 2013, 11:32 PM   #932
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I was curious at work (I wear rubber gloves, non latex so they aren't clear like most latex gloves). I was able to unlock my phone using my finger print while wearing gloves. So the scanner could see my print through the gloves. I said before, I think the scanner simply read his prints through the paper or whatever, and he already had 2 fingers registered which gave it the allusion of using a different finger.
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Originally Posted by Zerilos View Post
Not convinced this counts as a hack. Since the Touch ID was set up to read his fingerprint and since it's supposed to scan beneath your skin to ID the person, then how do we know it was reading his fingerprint through the wood glue? If another person's finger had been used to demonstrate the hack (which seems like an obvious decision to me) then I'd find it credible.

I'm not say this method doesn't work, just that this demo doesn't necessarily convince me. Even if it does work, seems like the prep time would be significant enough to give the victim apple plenty of time to contact Apple and have the phone wiped.
I was thinking the same thing.
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Originally Posted by Romy90210 View Post
And we should trust the CCC because ???
Why would you trust AnandTech? Why would you trust Consumer Reports (on factual statements, if not on opinions)? And maybe because the CCC because it doesn't come from a country where half the population thinks the other half is always lying for the latter's benefit (and vice versa)?
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