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[QUOTE=charlituna;17917230]What sleep problem. I've had ML on about 40 home and work computers bad have no issues with sleep, so I'm curious what has been going on for folks[COLOR="#808080"]

Check the discussion boards. A lot of us have computers that don't wake from sleep, or (like me) take 45-60 seconds to wake form sleep, when it used to take 2-3 seconds. problem appeared right after 10.8.5 installed (no problems with 10.8.4) . Based on the problems, it may be related to having external devices on your network that were powered on while you were sleeping. (I turned my BD drive off and sleep works better now - but I shouldn't have had to do that...
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New iCloud.com design is out and their web apps is much better designed than the native ones in Mavericks. It's not the best design but still better than the half-arsed ones on Mavericks.

Apple, please don't release Mavericks like that.
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Originally Posted by bed View Post
woot iTunes Shuffle finally works again
That was the most annoying long-standing bug ever. Glad that's now sorted.
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Michael Goff
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Originally Posted by kk1ro View Post
Not really sure why they'd want me to *not* have TRIM support on my MBP, just because I decided to buy an SSD on Amazon instead of ordering one from Apple.

Is it really in their best interest that my SSD becomes slower and less reliable with time? I don't think Apple has such aggressive anti-consumer policies, but I might be wrong.

If it's something that's enabled by default on SSD-based iMacs, MBPs (Retina and non-Retina), etc, I really don't understand why they can't just add a simple check that determines if your drive is an SSD and, if so, automatically sets TRIM support to on.

Guess I just have to live with Apple's seemingly punishing decisions and its apologists, who just forgive any and every thing the company does.

I'll just keep using TRIM Enabler, tyvm!
It potentially cuts into their profits, of course they're not going to make it easy for you.
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Originally Posted by r.harris1 View Post
Yeah - quite literally the only issue I have is the beach ball on meeting reminders on my office exchange account. For me, Outlook locks up for 15-30 seconds while it pulls together the invites. Other than that, the suite is working as well as it ever does.
Ah. That makes sense. My Mac is my personal/development machine, so it has no interaction with anything Exchange. I don't think I've even opened Outlook.app. If I did, it was by accident.
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Originally Posted by milo View Post
So far this time around. With 10.8 they started out further apart and later on they had releases a week apart. Releases have gotten closer together toward the end with iOS releases as well. Not to mention that late October is a rumor at this point, not an announced window. And there were nine builds of 10.8 including the GM. Full list of betas with dates here:

Nine builds "including" the GM, hence 8 beta builds, exactly like Mavericks so far. And the release schedule of ML was much more chaotic. They didn't have any type of steady pattern. You'd get a release 2 weeks after one, and then get another one in 3.5 weeks and then 1 week after. So far Mavericks have been every 2 weeks, apparently Apple chose to do this in a more steady manner than ML.
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Originally Posted by leman View Post
I have yet to see evidence of Apple 'breaking things left and right'. One notable case: MPlayerX (which still crashes on Mavericks). I don't recall the specific details, but someone looked at the code and found out that its a latent bug in the window initialisation code - it was using size parameters before they were properly initialised. In such cases the values are often undefined per specification. Incidentally, it worked on previous versions of OS X, but on Mavericks the component initialisation order was changed and the value was zero, which results in division through zero. This is a very nice illustration of a bug in the application code, which does not get detected, because it uses some undefined convention/feature/anything which by coincidence happens to work. Bugs like these are NOT Apple's fault.

Or if you want a more close to life example - this is like complaining about illegal parking ticket by saying 'but I have parked here for years and never got a ticket!'. Well, it was illegal all the time, just nobody bothered to check it
MplayerX works on my machine. Only issue is the damn menubar appears on the secondary monitor when focus is put on the primary monitor. The dev seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, unfortunately.
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Originally Posted by Bibbler View Post
Please tell me that you're joking. That is the most uninformed and ignorant post I have read on a forum in years...
Actually, I'm not. And if this is the most ignorant post, then I don't know what that makes yours. To think that one company should make their OS work with hundreds of other companies software is quite stupid.
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Upgrading to DP8

I upgraded to DP8 from DP7. This video shows the process and some images of what was changed.

iPhone Secrets:
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