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Alright guys.
So in case anyone is interested, here is the documentation.

When Mr. mousepad told me to measure some points on the top side of the logic board I had to unplug several connectors since it's impossible to make the measurements with keyboard and HD cable etc plugged in.

So with only the battery, Trackpad and fan left (iirc) , I shorted the power on pads to power on the machine and at first I even didn't realize that the machine turned on, since there was no display attached I relied on the fan noise which used to spin at 6200rpm .. and you can't overhear that.
But actually when I looked at the fan I saw it rotating very slowly and quiet and I was like wow I've had headaches for the past couple of days because of this friggin fan noise and this is exactly how quiet it should be when I'm working with it.
Nevertheless I thought that it's not a big deal and the machine just doesn't properly boot up and that it's in some kind of pre boot phase, where the fan doesn't go crazy yet, with some important cables not plugged in (HDD etc)

But I went on and made my measurements on Probe 1517 and 1518 I believe it was (the SMC lines coming from Trackpad , ALS, Digital SMS)
I got correct 3.3V.
So I turned the logic board around and retook measurements on the 6 points I posted earlier at R5270 and R5271 and so on.
All of a sudden I got 3.3V at all six points now!

I started to think that by unplugging one of the cables I sorted out the culprit.
So I plugged back in all the cables that didn't have much to do with the problem: HDD cable, Superdrive, Audio, Keyboard, Display, BIL
And the only thing I left unplugged was the iSight camera+ALS cable which shares the specific SMC line with trackpad and SMS.
I turned the machine back on, prayed , and it was fixed! Machine is totally usable right now: no kernel_task at 300% and no loud fan noise and no laggy trackpad.
Booted up ASD OS and checked the sensors and Ts0p was fine! All checks passed.
Afterwards I plugged back in the cam/ALS cable and the Ts0p showed up again and the fans started kicking crazy again.

And I am very ashamed because the problem seemed to be ovious. Well at least for non-complicated people (which I am not).
As I told you after the drop the glas of the screen cracked and it has some severe cracks near the left frame and the top left frame just next to the camera. It's so shattered in that area that you might cut your finger when swiping over the glas.
Meaning that either the cable or the camera and ALS board underneath is damaged.
So maybe I would've found the problem earlier after taking off the cracked glas if my replacement glas arrived.

Thanks again to mousepad and everyone helping me out. Especially thanks for the schematics and the brd.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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Originally Posted by ZZZAC View Post
The two measuring 9.19k are C6953 and C6953 capacitors.
the fact they only measure 9.19k says to me that something in the BIL circuit is pulling them to ground and somethings short circuit somewhere.

ive attached a jpg of the BRD for the two capacitors you were after, but im not going to do any more components for you, just get this board view software running via WINE or crossover or something!


I honestly find by using a preheater my solder time is lower, this doesnt sound significant but i like to think some of these chips and area's are actualy somewhat heat sensitive, the quicker i can get the heat away from components the happier i am. It also means i can run my hot air station at a lower tempriture for the reason that the board is already sat at around at 180 or so.

sometimes i dont use the preheater but i usually do. To put it simply it is overkill and unnecessary for things like resistors, capacitors, maybe even bigger QFN's but i wouldn't like to change or reball an SMC without a bottom heater as the pads may come away if the boards not up to temperature and your wicking the old solder of the board.
having good equipment does certainly make a difference, im tempted to change my iron soon.


In my personal endeavors i have a very frustrating problem. My SDA line is being pulled down with a resistance of 0.5k to ground, whereas a simalar board is 30k to ground. it only measures 0.6v rather than 3.4v

the board generates all the correct voltages apart from this. it will run of a charged battery however not recognize it. im so confused as to why this problem has persisted consider the steps ive taken in attempt to resolve this.

i may go round to do a final sweep of all the potential components again, i notice when i first saw the short it was 32ohm or something rather low. so i may have actually found and replaced one faulty capacitor or something since then because the short is now 0.5k since attempting to resolve this. am i mad to think there could be more than one component failure on this line thats causing this?
could the old battery have exploded or something?
maybe someone could theorize why its not working properly. sure seams to have beaten my brain hard.
please check the attached pictures. Have a great day!
Finally got Landrex running on my iMac running OSX 10.9.4, I hope these directions help someone else find the proper files they need.

What worked for me was::

install and run Xcode, Install and run Crossover, Download Wine and download Landrex test viewer from, (landrex file on MacRumors seems to be damaged) find xxx.brd on Mac Rumors.
Run crossover to run Wine to run landrex to open .brd file. OK a little bit of a run around but the board viewer software is so very necessity to diag these logic boards.
Again thanks for the help.

Is there a way to find the component,pin to component,pin connections? or do I need to use the schematic? Does the full version of Landrex have any advanced features that may help in diagnosing?

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Originally Posted by Sheridansystems View Post
Is there a way to find the component,pin to component,pin connections? or do I need to use the schematic? Does the full version of Landrex have any advanced features that may help in diagnosing?
Well here is a little Documentation on how to use Landrex Test Link.

Double (left) click to zoom in
Right click to zoom out

Red Arrow: Is for turning the board 90 each time you click on it (after you click away the error that it can't find the thumbnail bitmap just click again somewhere to get the board turned)

Yellow V: basically shows all the Part Numbers on the components

Navigation Arrows North/East/West/South: self explaining

Top/Bot: Click to toggle between top side of board and bottom side

Home: Zooms out to 100% and centers the board again

Menu Items:

File - open File or exit program (self explanatory)

Open: finds and highlights only the probing points according to the probing point number that are open on the board (basically contact points where nothing is soldered on)

Short: finds and highlights all probing points according to the probe number. can be: Pins from ICs, Resistors, Capacitors, open points basically everything

Net: finds and highlights all probing points according to the probe name eg. PP3V3_S3 or the most used one GND

Comp: finds and highlights the component when entering it's name. e.g.. J5800 for connector, R5270 for resistor, U4900 for IC etc etc

I had to find these out for my self. Hope that does help you and others.
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