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Old Feb 3, 2014, 05:06 PM   #51
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Same problem here, iPhone 4S on iOS 7.0.2 i believe.
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Old Feb 16, 2014, 11:40 PM   #52
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This is weird because I have never had a problem with my iPhone 5 until a few weeks ago. I am still on iOS 6.

I noticed that a few weeks ago my phone would shut off at like 8 or 10% battery and it never ever did that before. I could always get down to 1% or 2% and then it would shut off. I noticed today that I was at 20% and then within a minute it went down to 12% and then another minute it shut off completely. This never has happened before and I wonder could it be a new app I downloaded from the app store that caused this or maybe an app I updated?
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Old Feb 17, 2014, 12:12 AM   #53
Bobby Corwen
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Almost lost my gf over this bug.
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Old Feb 23, 2014, 02:20 PM   #54
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Hello, new member here although I've been on this site for years! I have an iPhone 5 with the same problems of battery drainage, shutoff at 30+%, or sometimes it'll go to 1% and last forever before it shuts down. Steps I took to remedy this:
Called Apple support, they said it was a software issue and had me do a hard reset and then reset my network settings. This worked for a day. Problem got worse. Did a complete restore via iTunes. Didn't help a bit. Backed everything up to iTunes and iCloud. Made an appointment with the Genius bar at Apple and took the phone in. When I got there, I had about 80% battery. That being said, the Genius diagnostics were showing that the battery was fine. It testing fine would mean no battery replacement. However, the Genius was a cool guy and had me play videos for awhile to drain the battery a bit. Once the battery hit 60% or below, he ran diagnostics again and viola!! It showed a faulty battery. My Applecare+ covered the cost of the replacement with no cost to me. Moral of the story? It is NOT a software issue, it is a defective battery. Unfortunately Apple doesn't want to really acknowledge this outright. If you take your phone to Apple, make sure the battery is 40% or below (that's where most of us are experiencing the issues with the battery drainage and shut down anyway). That way, chances are when Apple runs diagnostics, it'll most likely show a battery issue, not a software issue. FYI, some lady there before me had hers replaced and paid about $84 with taxes. Hope this helps some of you out because this battery thing had me furious and frustrated!
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Old Feb 24, 2014, 12:29 PM   #55
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i hate that

my phone started doing this about a month ago, i believe it first died around 19%, i plugged it in and it said 24% battery. I noticed a few times afterwards it has died at 7-15% this is my second iphone 5.
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Old Mar 8, 2014, 05:46 PM   #56
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So I posted above that my phone 5 was shutting down while I was on iOS 6 and it would happen anywhere from 10-20%, it was weird because some days I could use it to 1% and others it would shut down at 10-20% out of no where.

So I upgraded to iOS 7 last week and my iphone was doing the same thing, at 12% it just shut down and could not power back on until plugged in, when I would plug it in the battery would show back to 12%, so I did like others mentioned, gave it a little juice then used it trying to get it down to 1% but no dice, it would work for another 1 or 2 % and BAM shut down. I could not blame iOS7 because it was happening with iOS6 too, that led me to believe the battery cell was losing power.

So I scheduled an appt at the Genius Bar online for my local store and today I went in and told the rep that my iphone was shutting down and it was happening on both iOS6 and iOS7. I bought the iphone 5 from Verizon brand new and received it in Nov 2012, so my battery was only about 1 yr and 4 months old. So the rep hooked up my phone to their diagnosis and it came back that my battery was weak enough to warrant a service warning. The rep told me that their had to be significant cause for the battery to show up as service needed. So I waited and they replaced my battery. I know I probably could have done it myself but by the time I buy the tools, the battery and worry about breaking something I just let them do it. The battery is warranted for 90 days so that is long enough to tell if this will fix the shut down issues which I am guessing will.

I still think a battery should last more than 1 yr & 4 months, I think it slowly went defective. Even though I had to pay, this is better anyway because by the time the iPhone 6 comes out I usually wait 6 months later before buying new model and I could not deal with this shut down until I buy a new phone.
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Old Mar 8, 2014, 06:08 PM   #57
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Originally Posted by MrGuder View Post

So I posted above that my phone 5 was shutting down while I was on iOS 6 and it would happen anywhere from 10-20%, it was weird because some days I could use it to 1% and others it would shut down at 10-20% out of no where.
Exact same thing happened to a coworker and he also tried a 7.1 beta with no luck. His battery also tested bad and he ended up paying Apple for a battery replacement. I'm guessing you and he and most of the other folks with this issue didn't do anything to cause it.
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Old Mar 20, 2014, 12:53 PM   #58
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Same with me, started a few weeks back. Apple says I'm out of warrantee so they pretty much told me to either buy a new batt. or I'm ***** out of luck (I would have loved to wrap my hands around that smug apple geek's neck, he was loving the fact that my phone is out of warrantee and he didnt have to do anything for me). The phone will even turn on again if I hit the sleep/wake button a few time after it dies. I have actually got it to turn on about 4 times one evening after it killed itself at 18%. I hope the next model is released soon cause I dont know how long this phone will last. Maybe it's carrier specific?

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Old Mar 21, 2014, 06:18 PM   #59
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It's time to upgrade to an iPhone 6.
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Old Nov 6, 2014, 06:19 AM   #60
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Hi all, was browsing for a solution but here's what worked for me:

1) Plug in the power cable when the phone shuts off
2) When the phone comes on and as soon as you are able to, switch to flight mode
3) Leave the phone to gradually drop to 1% and it should shut off leaving the battery completely empty
4) Charge to 100% and use as normal

Hope that helps!
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