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Here is my "short" (I'm only 19 ) phone history:

1. Sagem MY-C5-2 (2006)

First phone, absolute piece of crap. Though it did come with a pre-installed Lord of the Rings game which was kind of cool.

2. Motorola RAZR V3 (2007)

Who didn't have this phone at some point? Loved it at the time.

3. LG U310 (2008)

My first introduction to internet on a phone, and my first 3G phone. I really only bought it for the $5/month unlimited access to MSN Messenger

4. iPhone 3G (2008)

This is where the smartphone addiction started. Fond memories playing Super Monkey Ball and messing around with Cydia.

5. iPhone 4 (2010)

Need I say more?

6. HTC One X (2011)

First introduction to Android. Absolutely loved it, but got sick of it and went back to iOS when the iPhone 5 came along.

7. iPhone 5 (2012)

First iPhone bought on launch day. Favourite (and perhaps last?) iPhone.

8. HTC One X (again)

Made a comeback after I decided I couldn't stand iOS anymore. This time running Cyanogenmod 10.1 for a much better stock Android experience.

Hopefully, my next phone will the the Galaxy Note 3, whenever that is announced.
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Nokia 5110

Was a hand-me-down from my mum to use for emergencies at school. Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAKE!

Nokia 3315

This phone. Legendary reliability. Interchange face plates. Amazing. It was MY first phone, remember paying $199 for it.

Sony Ericsson P900i

This thing was amazing. The first computer phone I had ever seen, and all my friends had seen. Astonishing 65k colours, amazing VGA camera that does recording as well! Ultra accurate resistive touch screen with pen. Polyphonic ringtones. All running the fantastic Symbian OS.
It was also my first eBay purchase. The phone had a RRP of about $1400 in Australia. I got it for $500. Was extremely nervous that I'd get a dud or something

It broke. The flip down keyboard ended up cracking the display.

Nokia Navigator 6110

The worst phone I have ever bought. Why? I had to get a phone because my other broke. The iPhone was just announced about a week after I got it. I was asking everywhere if we where to get the iPhone and we wern't, as the first iPhone was US only.
I always hated it. I envied the hell out of the iPhone.

iPhone 3G

Obviously, this phone changed phones for good. I honestly think it feels the best of all phones to hold. Its more comfortable than the 5.

Nokia... something.
So my new job gave me a new phone. What a POS. Swapped out the SIM straight away and put it in my Navigator.

iPhone 4

Great upgrade. The screen was fantastic and its main appeal.

iPhone 4

Work upgraded their fleet of phones. Yay.

Finally iPhone 5
Great phone. Just boring.

I'm hoping work will upgrade their phones again soon. I'll try to score a android then. For now, I wont move my phone to android, I prefer iOS big time.
I have some Apple products.

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From right to left..
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Haven't had too many phones.

1. Thumb resize.

2. Motorola A840
Thumb resize.

3. Motorola Krzr
Thumb resize.

4. iPhone 4
Thumb resize.

5. iPhone 5 (current)
Thumb resize.
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Wow, I never realized I've owned so many phones! I think I may have left one out but I'm amazed I can even remember so many.

So, here goes!

Started out with Cingular.

First phone, I believe it was in 1999 or 2000. Nokia 5165. Everyone had one back then, so nothing too exciting.

Forgot why but I went and got the Nokia 7190. I think my mom signed up for cell phone service and I gave her my phone and bought a new one. Neat phone, and before this phone I never realized I could possibly sync my phone with my computer's address book or calendar. I know was on the quest to find the best cell phone ever.

Next was Motorola V120. I think that's the model number, pics look similar. It was alright, nothing too exciting.

Upgrade time! Motorola V400. Top of the line back then. Blue color outer display. Pictures. Small and durable. (That's what she said).

Then I got fed up with Cingular's terrible service. I switched over to Sprint.

First phone with them was the Sanyo MM-8300. It was fun, but I always wanted more.

Finally, the Sprint Trēo 650 launched and I had to have it. Paid full price for it too, and dropped $100 on a 1GB SD card. I was finally satisfied. This was great for college. I was able to sync my calendar, address book, to do lists (class assignments) all together and easily keep track of things. I was in love!

The 650 broke and I was given a Trēo 700p as a warranty replacement. Bit sleeker, bit faster, but nothing too exciting.

After a few years with Palm I was starting to tire. Their next phones were the Centro or the 755p which were still running the same OS. I needed something new and Blackberry had the Curve 8330. Faster. Lighter. Streaming music. I was starting to like this.

During this time I moved to an area not fully covered by Sprint. I was hoping to move closer to town so in the mean time I purchased a T-Mobile prepaid phone to use.

The service sucked so I went with AT&T's GoPhone. Great service, but I use it to just stick around. Don't have a picture of that one, can't find the model on PhoneScoop, so this is all you get.

Until Palm launched the Palm Prē. Amazing phone and some say could be better than the iPhone. I think it had a lot of potential but unfortunately for Palm it was too little, too late. Two years later and all they had were the Pixi and the promise of the Prē 2. I sold it while there was still a market for it. I think I got $50 and a week later the bottom fell out. Looking back, I wish I had kept it.

I switched to a Sprint HTC Hero to use while I waited for the iPhone 4S to launch on Sprint. I couldn't stand it, but I put up with it for the month or so it took me to get an iPhone.

And I love this guy!!!

Oh, and I'm also using an iPhone 3G for AT&T's GoPhone right now. It's sluggish but it gets the job done and I get to sync it with my MacBook. I'm wanting to switch to AT&T and when I do that I'll get something newer to use with iCloud.
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here we go:

Nokia 3315

Motorola Razor v3

Nokia N95

Nokia N95 8GB

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3Gs

iPhone 4

iPhone 4S (Only white iPhone i have owned)

iPhone 5
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Holy crap!!!!

Jesus can imagine what your phone bills must of been......lol

Originally Posted by alphaod View Post
By brand. Approximate order for brand. I've owned multiple phones at once, so it's difficult to gauge order between each brand.

iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5

Curve 8300
Bold 9000
Storm 9500
Tour 9630
Bold 9700

Treo 600



N-Gage QD
8800 Arte
5800 XM
Lumia 900
808 PureView
Lumia 920

Treo 650

Galaxy S II
Galaxy S III




Sony Ericsson~
Xperia Play


Yeah, it's sad I know.

My first phone was the Motorola StarTac. I basically bought a phone, used it and then sold it for close to new price… it was pretty good, but it does mean I don't have most of these phones anymore. It was great in that I pretty much knew how to use every phone, which made me more unique among my friends.

Currently, my primary phone is the iPhone 5. AT&T won't unlock my Lumia, so I don't use it much. The Z10 lacks some basic apps, again why I won't use it much. I just picked up the HTC One, and I have to say I absolutely love it!

I'm not going to hunt for pictures… I had a hard enough time figuring out the proper model numbers.
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Lets see, I had a lot and I'm probably going to miss some of them, these are in no particular order

Motorola Flip Phone (cxxx cant remember)
Kyocera Party Animal for Virgin Mobile
Kyocera Slider Sonic
UTStarcom Slice
iPhone 2G
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
Motorola Droid
Motorola Droid X
Motorola Droid 2
Motorola Droid X2
HTC Desire
HTC Desire Z
HTC Sensation
HTC Inspire 4G
iPhone 4 Black
iPhone 4 White
iPhone 4S White
Dell Streak 7 (for about a week, the thing sucked)
Nokia Lumia 920

Currently have an iPhone 5
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Old Jun 25, 2013, 05:07 PM   #59
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1.Sanyo Katana

2.Palm Pre (Still my favorite phone)

3.Blackberry Torch

4.iPhone 4S

5.iPhone 5

MBP 13", iPhone 5 64GB, iPad 4 64GB
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iPhone 3G&3GS:

While using the 3G, i also had a Blackberry Curve 8520 that was for phone calls and messages; iPhone used as an iPod.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace I bought in December 2012 because my iPhone 3GS' battery was too weak.
Bought the iPT5 in silver in July 2013 after school finished. Hardly used the phone; was always tethered to my iPod

iPhone 4 in August 2013 (right at the end!) was my dad's birthday; he got the S4 and I got his old 4.

January and I got my mum's iPhone 4S, that was a really good upgrade from the 4!

My mum bought herself a OnePlus One ( ) but she's giving me her Nexus 5 hopefully tomorrow.
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I love Android and iOS, but if I had to choose, it would be iOS <3
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Nokia 2280

End: Killed it after using it in the shower for 2 years.

Nokia 6275i

Ended: Wanted to change carrier, was fixed to that carrier

Nokia 6121 Classic

Ended: Wanted iPhone

iPhone 4 (16gb, Black)
Ended: was bloody slow by the end of 2013

iPhone 5s (64gb, Space Grey)

I think everyone knows what the iPhones look like
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