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Originally Posted by Michael Scrip View Post
First thing I will do when I get iOS7 is use a darker background... and hide most of the brightly-colored Apple apps that I don't use.

Other app icons look better... I'm not a fan of Easter Egg colors...

My home page right now is 50% folders. The only Apps I don't keep in a folder are Messages, Google Maps, Shazam, Voice Memos, Safari, Calendar, Soundcloud, Settings, Mail, and Camera. With iOS7 I'll probably throw Settings in my Utility folder since I'll have the toggles.
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Originally Posted by MrGuder View Post

Maybe Apple should hunker down on just how many releases of this beta software they allow to be downloaded by non developers or maybe this is easy money for them to collect from the public.
agreed, doesnt strike me as much of a protect-at-all-costs secret if anyone with 99 bucks to spare can get it

99 bucks to get on developer program /and/ at least one successful submission of an iOS app to the app store before beta access is granted would weed out a fair chunk of the chaffe.
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Originally Posted by wesk702 View Post
If it's buggy and can lead to negative impressions, you bet it can.
If they don't want negative impression, they should fix the UI/icons then ...
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Originally Posted by dazed View Post
This seems heavy handed and silly.

What wrong with showing someone a little ios 7. Are they afraid it's so bad that people will run to android? Most people who would be interested in a sneak peek would be fully aware it is beta and will have glitches and may change before the final release.

I think it would bring more traffic to the stores and generate some excitement.
I think Samsung wanted some infos from apple genius so they "invent" something similar.
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Originally Posted by rdlink View Post
Windows 7 is the best OS Microsoft ever released. I run it every day. It's still an ugly cousin to OS X.

Windows 8 is a train wreck.
IMO to windows 7 taskbar (superbar) is vastly superior to the dock.
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Originally Posted by blackhand1001 View Post
No one cares about if you worked in Apple retail. Anyone can work there.

Never worked for Apple in any capacity. I do however spend most of my time analyzing the risk of having people like you on a project.


Originally Posted by chirpie View Post
Perhaps it was the wording of the article, it came off a little 'big brother is watching you.' I'm aware of the NDA, I have a developer account myself...
I can see your point. My point had nothing to do with Apple. An NDA is a very common contract. I was attempting to state that when you are terminated for breaking the contract it is usually very difficult to find a position in that arena again. Once the label is attached you can't "Shout it Out."
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Originally Posted by blackhand1001 View Post
IMO to windows 7 taskbar (superbar) is vastly superior to the dock.
Well, I don't agree, but that's why choices are good. Really like the fact that I can do a quick search on Win 7 in the start menu to find a file or an app. But that's functionality that OS X has had for a lot longer.

Beyond that, I don't get really any more usefulness out of the Windows 7 Start Menu or Taskbar than I did from XP.
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Originally Posted by sulpfiction View Post
Apple announced it, and previewed it for the whole world. What's wrong with an employee, with a legit copy, showing a curious customer a function or 2.
No employee has a copy that they can legitimately show to a curious customer.


Originally Posted by springsup View Post
Is this allowed? I mean, your phone still has a warranty that Apple is legally obliged to honour, right?
Worst case, if you don't have a developer's license, it is an illegal copy. So they could tell you "you may insist on getting a warranty repair, but in that case we will take you to court for copyright infringement, and whoever gave you the copy will be removed from the developer program. ". I don't think they would, but they could.
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[QUOTE=charlituna;17520332]Cause they are dumb enough to just swap a phone that is dead without trying to charge it. Or disconnecting the battery to get it to run off the wall and boot up

Doubt it[COLOR="#808080"]

If the lightning connecter is bad and doesn't work, it won't charge (which is reason enough to exchange it) and in my experience they don't open it to check the battery. I jumped in a pool with my iPhone 4S in my pocket, I even the apple genius that it probably had water damage, he looked at it said it did, and that I was out of warranty as well. But he still gave me a new iPhone 4S.
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