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Originally Posted by SomeDudeAsking View Post
The WRT54G is a 802.11g router, hence the G in both names. There is no need to buy another router as it is rated for a theoretical 54 mbps throughput with a more real world throughput of 25 mbps. It is faster than what your Internet connection can do.
Damn, then why is my Internet/wifi still so slow?
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Speeds are theoretic.If your using cable internet you share a line with your neighbors.Its like a highway the more cars the slower the traffic moves
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TH55 - remember the difference between bits and bytes too.

If you are paying for a, let's say, 30Mbps connection from your ISP (30 megabits per seconds), that translates into a theoretical perfect download speed of 3.75MB/s (megabytes per second). Add in congestion in your local area from all the other folks using the net, a little bit of interference etc and you will usually get about 75% or so of that.

When you then start transferring files over wireless, there is an overhead there too and it can sometimes be a big one, especially with old 802.11g routers that are short range. You are using a very congested part of the radio spectrum and all your neighbours' routers, microwaves and cordless phones or baby monitors are using it too. Not to mention every bluetooth device in the area

Your G router will have a limited range and power. Off the top of my head the effective range will be somewhere around 10-15m or so. The improved 802.11n routers will have two or three times that. This range is dramatically affected by intervening walls as well as other wireless interference.

I would first contact your ISP and say you believe you are not getting the throughput that you are paying for and believe you need your line checked by an engineer. They will check the power levels and signal on your line but first they will ask you what download speeds you get off-peak on a wired connection. They mean an ethernet connection straight to the router itself, not wireless. If you get anything above about half of what you are paying for, they will point to the tiny "up to" underneath the advertised speed and you are on your own.

As for Browns2212's neighbour with the strong signals, there are two causes of that. One is that they may have boosted their transmitting power and each country have laws about the power available on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The second reason is that the neighbour may have fitted a high gain or even directional antenna.

All antennas typically found on a wireless router have a transmission pattern resembling a flattened donut (ignore the directional ones for the moment). A low-gain omni-directional antenna, say 2dB, will transmit in a nice, fat donut but the power won't go very far. The higher the gain on the antenna, the further the signal goes but the flatter the donut gets. A high-gain antenna of, say 9dB will transmit the same amount of energy as your fat donut 2dB one, but only in a flat ring around the antenna. Above and below there will be little to no signal.

It is possible your neighbour has a high-gain antenna serving just a single floor of their building with no reception (from that antenna) on the other floors. Of course, if they have a directional antenna to send wireless down to the end of the garden to the shed, you could just be in line of sight of that beam.

So, the first thing to check is that on a wired ethernet connection you are getting the speed you are paying for. Remember the difference between the advertised speed and the real download speed (a factor of 8).

Once you have confirmed that you are getting what you are paying for, you may want to look at an 802.11n router. Anything generic with a couple of external antennas would do. Internal antennas are fine if you are not too worried about the range and there are not too many other wireless users near you. Remember to check that the router's firmware has been updated to the latest version from the router provider (don't worry about third party firmwares from the likes of Tomato, Toastman, Shibby or Merlin for now - they are for users who either have specific wireless networking needs or want to have complete control over how their router behaves).

If you have any newer wireless devices that use the 5GHz wireless band (such as newer smartphones or tablets) then a dual-band router would be good. The 5GHz band is generally less congested than the 2.4GHz band (though slightly shorter range). You can pick up a Cisco E3000 for not too much these days or if you want to splash out, the ASUS RT-N66U is well respected but more expensive.

Any more questions, just ask us.

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Originally Posted by TH55 View Post
Damn, then why is my Internet/wifi still so slow?
Try updating the firmware in the router. I had that router before and after updating it, it changed dramatically.
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Originally Posted by TH55 View Post
Damn, then why is my Internet/wifi still so slow?
Define slow. Are you getting the speeds you are paying for?
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Make sure you set the settings, if you can, to mixed b and g, or g. If your setting is on the slower b signal, that might be why it's slow. My router is a 802.11g router, and has this option. B signals are slower but penetrate walls better. I have mine set to G.
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How would you even check the settings, etc.???

Also, I have an Arris DG860.
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Originally Posted by darkside flow View Post
5Mbps is not "new fast wifi".. it's pretty standard. I have 35Mbps at home and that's one of the slowest packages available for me. The fastest is 150Mbps.
I hate you.

Originally Posted by TOOFY View Post
Where are you located that you had to upgrade to 5mbps? Jeez thats terribly slow.
I hate you, too.

Originally Posted by TM WAZZA View Post
I wished where I live 35Mbps was the slowest package...
I wish there was anything above 6Mbps in my podunk town.

But it could be worse... my grandmother lives in very rural Florida and can't get anything but dial-up. *shudder*
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I only get 10 with comcast you people with 20s and 50s and above are lucky. but you must be paying an arm and leg for those speeds
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