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Originally Posted by apolloa View Post
also, Apples eco system, your locked in, you can spend hundreds on apps that will NEVER work on anything other then an iOS device so if you want to change you loose a lot more then the cost of an iPhone.
how is this any different from buying apps on android's play store or windows phone marketplace? i can drop a pretty penny on android apps, and i can't take those with me if i want to switch to an iphone or a windows phone. some apps on the play store can't work from android device to android device.

also, i hate to be the grammar police, but it's hard to take your points seriously when i'm spotting so many errors in your post.
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I'm so happy to hear this. The larger screens are awful and this validates everything I've said about them. I have commented numerous times to my friends about how when I'm looking at an android phone (no matter the mfg) the display is an awful blue color. They always look terrible in comparison. Those that say that this is a lie and that the 5" screens are better etc. probably don't know too much about displays.
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Originally Posted by Xiroteus View Post
That is going a little far. Their attitude can be a bit heavy handed, telling people what they should want even when we know what we want. I still need an optical drive, is there any reason it would be so hard to two a current generation Macbook with the retina display with and without one? It can just be little things like that, options.

I think the iPad having pressure sensitivity would be cool, then some say how Apples hates stylus yet it is not like someone would HAVE to use it, once again it would be an option like the S-Pen is on some phones, there if you need it ignore it if not.

It will be hard to meet everyones personal tech list, I do feel they could do a bit better.
Agreed. Wacom support should be added. It's the most important thing missing.
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Old Apr 26, 2013, 08:25 PM   #379
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What with all the moaning about bigger screens out there now, I'm guessing phone calls and text messaging is becoming irrelivant to the modern mobile phone user

The iPhones before the iPhone 5 have the perfect screen size. It's a phone. If I want a large screen, I use my laptop or TV

An extra half inch or whatever does nothing for me
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Old Apr 28, 2013, 07:29 PM   #380
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I agree. The Nexus 4 screen is too big for me. I can't go back to 3.5", that's incredibly tiny, but 4" really is a sweet spot. The extra real estate is hugely appreciated (from 3.5") and the ability to now watch youtube videos and videos from my media server (using air video) WITHOUT letterboxing like on the iPhone 4S and all those before it is just great.

I don't need a bigger screen. If I want one, I'll go to my iPad or my computer. My phone is for quick consumption (news, tweets, flipboard, instagram, etc...), phone calls, texting, and some games to kill the time. I want something that's lightweight and fits in my pocket without having to buy extra-large pocket pants. The iPhone 5 is great for that and the quality of the screen beats the N4 screen hands down (yeah, you can fix it, but you need to root and most people don't want to do that). It's atrocious that LG let a phone with such bad screen calibration out on the market. It's like taking a vivid photo and then applying 50 shades of depression to it.

And as a iOS developer, less fragmentation = happy coders.
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Old Apr 29, 2013, 09:57 AM   #381
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Originally Posted by linkgx1 View Post
I so can't wait until they announce a 5'' phone and you'll be "Oh...I don't know how I dealt with a 4'' phone before!"
LOL........you're probably right.
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I am all for quality over just releasing quick features not ready for mainstream use, but Apple may need to move a little quicker IMO.

I do not think they will fall that far behind, but everyone is waiting to get a new iPhone for the 5S as apposed to getting the 5, so that alone is hurting sales.

The other issue is Android has been getting better, I had a Samsung Note II for 10 days and it was fairly nice to use, just a very large phone.

I just wish that AT&T would do what T-Mobile did and offer contract and no contract pricing, I would then keep my equipment a little longer and opt for the less expensive monthly. It will be interesting what Apple releases this year, 5S, iPad Mini with Retina, Mac refresh etc. I think they will benefit from 1-3 models of phones, cheap phone for every carrier unlocked, and middle of the line maybe smaller screen, then a Pro model, bigger, faster, etc.
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Originally Posted by apolloa View Post
I seriously doubt that! Based on the stupid bezel ends they kept with the iPhone 5! All they had to do was remove the ends or reduce the home button size a lot, make it capacitive, and everyone would love the iPhone 5's size. But alas no and I have trouble using it because of it's length (that's what she said )
But that is also why I would love to have the same iPhone 5 specs but with the iPhone 4 screen size, and durability.
I think they will make it but the techno is not ready yet. Just like the mac mini got small borders while the normal one still has his big borders.
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