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Old Apr 6, 2012, 01:54 PM   #26
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changes i would love to see

improved multitasking interface (what you see when you double click the home button) - consolidate the music/rotation lock controls into the first screen so you don't have to swipe the dock to access them, add basic widget support (basically turn it into a mini dashboard), show which apps are currently running in the background as opposed to any that you've opened ever, "flick" the apps out of it to close them instead of holding down and pressing the little (-) like you do to remove programs from the OS X dock

turn by turn directions

improved youtube player, ability to select between SD/HD

ability to remove individual items from notification center

ability to share pictures when you open camera roll from the lock-screen shortcut (unless your phone is passlocked)

weather icon shows actual weather (doesn't have to be a fancy shmancy widget, but at least change that "73"...i mean they do it for the calendar app already...)

*improved group messaging system - the functionality changes based on if certain people have group messaging turned on and if certain people have iphones/non iphones. ex. sometimes your group messaging is turned off but your message is sent to everyone if someone else's is turned off. and many different permutations of these scenarios

ability to cancel sending texts if you're fast enough

ability to see chat history by pulling the keyboard down in Messages when your message is longer than the screen...currently you can only do it when there's extra space above it and you push it

improved front facing camera for facetime (improved back would be nice too, but the 4s camera is already really nice)

apps automatically clear their cached data when you close them. ex. sometimes facebook balloons up to 200mb even though it's not "storing" any data, and you can only recover space by deleting + reinstalling the app

smaller margins for ibooks (applies more for ipad i guess) - we already have a bezel to put our thumbs like in a real book, why do we need to waste another inch on each side for margins?

smarter imessages - sometimes when you message the same person from your phone and then ipad, it results in 2 threads for them even though they have your email + phone number in the same contact. it should all be consolidated for the same person, regardless of where you send from

fix clock bug where it sometimes goes off but no sound (if you look at the screen though, it shows that it's "ringing")

a case redesign isn't necessary but would help keep the brand looking fresh

ability to edit song data directly through ios - changing artist names, etc.

when making a new playlist, show the alphabet shortcuts on the right side! it's so annoying having to scroll all the way down to Z

*ability to check your phone app when you're on a call. ex. look at recent calls, voicemail. Obviously you won't be able to "use" them but sometimes you need to tell someone when Bob Smith called you last. And you can't - you can access every other app except the phone app (it just brings up your current call screen)

photostream syncs videos too (maybe only over wifi or something?). it would be amazing never having to rely on a wired connection to upload everything to your computer. in that case might also have to change the name "photostream" =)

add minimal non-cloud siri commands. like "play ____" or "call ____" so you can do basic things without relying on network connection (if you have bad service, or if the siri server is being wonky, or you've already reached your data cap)

*ability to use your own music + playlists as alarms

*ability to airplay to multiple devices (audio, not video)! would probably take more processing power and battery, but it would make airplay so much more comprehensive

improved brightness sensor + control interface...does it even make sense? how can you change your brightness but also have it be automatically adjusting? maybe let you choose the range of brightness that it will automatically set between

mail search - search through content as well as subject line

ability to select certain parts of a text message as opposed to all or nothing. especially helpful when trying to copy addresses

~facetime - allow streaming over 4g (/3g?). not POSITIVE about this one since it would be so easy to go over data limits, but i think they should at least let you do it if you want. and skype has the ability to do it. and i realize that it's mostly the carrier's decisions, so maybe it's not fair to bring it up

*release the facetime standard! i hate having to rely on skype when videochatting with non-ios/osx friends

allow facetime screen sharing. may be more applicable for OS X, but skype has it and this would help facetime be more ubiquitous and versatile. not useful in most situations, but can be a lifesaver in some.

very basic file system that apps can pull from. if they want tablets to replace computers in the future, this is a necessity.

sync app progress (particularly in games) through icloud. it seems like the only way to do this is to restore one of your devices to the other device's data. and it only works for the first time

updating an app automatically updates the corresponding app on your other ios device. if they can do this for downloading new apps, why can't they do it for the app updates?
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Old Apr 6, 2012, 02:13 PM   #27
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Few thoughts:

iPhone 5:
Slightly larger screen. No bigger than 4" is my preference. Re: screen size, a) it's a phone, not a tablet, and should remain pocketable and portable; b) bigger screen = bigger battery drain. There's a reason those new monster Android phones have such short battery life.

Also, re: someone's wish for a touch sensitive home button: NO! Coming from a galaxy s2 with the "soft" home, back, menu buttons, it drove me crazy. I couldn't type without constantly accidentally hitting them.

Only other hardware hope: more rugged/durable design while maintaining the refined clean look we all love.

iOS 6:
As others have said, my 2 biggest wishes: google maps on par with the android version (turn by turn, superior manipulation) and Facebook integration into the os. Only other thing is maybe some basic customization options, like maybe a dock that can hold more apps.
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Old Apr 6, 2012, 02:22 PM   #28
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I actually never wanted a bigger screen, but over the past couple months that had changed for me. 4 inches would be nice. I wouldn't mind a bigger screen. I'd also like to see a different type of home button. I've had nothing but trouble with mine and it's just annoying now. Doesn't click properly and half the time when I press it nothing even happens.
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Old Apr 6, 2012, 02:28 PM   #29
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A more robust design that doesn't leave glass edges exposed.

Have the edges cover the almost the full depth of the device for more comfort when holding (the current metal band doesn't cover the glass depth).

Magsafe connector so that the device is less prone to damage if the cable is tugged by accident.

Louder earpiece. The current maximum call volume is too low. It is just about enough in a quiet room, not good enough in the street or other noisy place.

iOS 6:

Replace the ugly look of Game Center.

Game Center messaging between users.

Extend the option of turning off notifications by individual apps to include local notifications.

Allow the removal of default Apple apps. I do not use Stocks. I do not need it there.

Sync a previous version of an app that is compatible if the current version does not run on the device OS. I have an iPad 1 running iOS 4, I cannot get Garageband back even though I have purchased it and ran it in the past. This is also a problem on my old iPod Touch. I cannot delete apps I don't want at the moment due to not being able to get back a version compatible with the 3.1.3 version it is limited to.
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Old Apr 6, 2012, 02:47 PM   #30
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For Apple to get my business back away from Android 4 ICS, I want this on the iPhone-next;

- Larger screen #1
- Widgets
- LED notification light
- Customization out of the box, without the need for jailbreak
- Best in class battery life

If they do those above five things, I will buy one immediately.

* Would be nice if they redesign to be cooler looking, the huge bezel on the top and bottom of the iPhone looks so outdated. Look at the new HTC One X in white, that is one beautifully designed phone, very slim bezel around the whole thing. Not saying I need that big of a screen, but the One X is very good looking.
* Improve Siri, make it work as good as the commercials advertise.

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Old Apr 10, 2012, 08:10 AM   #31
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Safari should also allow the option to let you jump to the bottom of a page instantaneously like you can to the top. Having to flick and flick to get to the bottom is really quite stupid. Unless there's a trick I'm missing?
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Old Apr 10, 2012, 08:27 AM   #32
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My iPhone 5 or 'New Iphone' would have

The rumored 4inch screen

The rumored 1gb of memory

Similar GPU, faster CPU

A totally new design to accommodate the screen estate

Maybe a departure from a glass back casing

More colors I have outgrown the black and white it's like apple is color blind

The removal of the homescreen button one can only dream

Better camera 1080p support

4g for sure and bluetooth 4.0 for certain

Same storage variants 16,32,64gb although there may be a departure from the 16gb

Improved battery life

I am guessing the body will be thinner


More widgets in information screen

Change of ios6 style something new after 4 years of monotonous use

A way to exit apps without physically pressing the button

Improved google maps

Flash support for safari as if it is going to happen

Themes isn't it time that apple lets us customize our iOS experience without jail breaking

Even though I don't have a Mac yet with thunderbolt support maybe support in a new dock connector.
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Old Jan 21, 2013, 03:20 PM   #33
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Exclamation Facebook not to be built in

Facebook turned into a junk mailbox full of useless information that adds to your junk mail.

Please tell me why an app that went from fun to out of control stupid is built into IOS6 but I cannot use a web program to control the heating system at work, be cause it uses flash. Really apple
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