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Originally Posted by ThunderSkunk View Post
I'm guessing like the iPad 2, this will be the update where they pour all their money into the display and battery to handle it, and just put the minimum into the the processor upgrade to maintain he same level of power.

In which case, V.3 will be the sweet one to get, when the display and battery have made the big leap and the processor gets the big boost.

Until then I'll enjoy the lightweight battery, fast charging time, and better VNC performance of the lower resolution mini 1.
I guess so...without a quad A chip...even an A6 quad..
this is the only solution to avoid killing the big bro market..
maybe this one ,the Ipad 5 will gain traction by a slim redesign..
so for me basically...no mini or Ipad5 till 2014...because i want a quad
to gain more power on the musical side (polyphony).
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Originally Posted by Radiating View Post
Wow, how thick do you have to be? You obviously know nothing about display manufacturing.

There are 3 primary companies in the world that make high performance LCD displays.

LG, Samsung, and Sharp.

Guess which are the leaders and which one is the underdog. Hint: Sharp trails the pack in innovation and has constant issues with going bankrupt and the lowest share of the sector.

Bought a Sony? Guess what. Your display is a Sharp or a Samsung.

Bought an Acer computer? Guess what. Your display is a Sharp LG or Samsung.

Bought a Dell monitor? Guess what. Samsung LG or Sharp.

If you bought a high performance display, it was made by Sharp LG or Samsung. Period.

So calling out LG for being "an inferior quality product" is like calling out VW group, manufacturers of Audi, Lamborgini, Bugatti etc for being "inferior quality" as an industrial entity. It's beyond laughable.

You literally called out one of the top two companies as being inferior.

Lets even look at this from another perspective:

Here's a list of the main LCD manufacturers:


Here are your other choice when it comes to smaller/lower quality LDC displays, ie those for digital cameras and printers:

Chi Mei Optoelectronics
AU Optronics
Chunghwa Picture Tubes
Wistron Optronics
IPS Alpha Technology
Delta Electronics
TPV Technology Limited
Toshiba Mobile Display Company
Hitachi Displays

These companies make up 99% of LCD manufacturing.

LG & Samsung alone make up 87.5% of high performance LCD manufacturing. So yes LG and Samsung "make some of the best displays in the world", in fact between them they make 87.5% of the best displays in the world.

First, I know who the top manufacturers are.

Second, innovation in LCD was/is being championed by Sharp! Sharp was making LCD's before Samsung was trying to reverse engineer the Sony Trinitron monitors for CRT computer displays! Remember that period?

LG licenses the IPS technology from Hitachi!

Samsung claims to have developed their tech(sure....) for IPS.

A test was done to determine the best displays in the world and here is the summary,

CRT = Sony Trinitron
LCD = Sharp
Plasma = Pioneer Kuro(People's affinity for lower prices with LCD's caused them to fold the business and sell it to Panasonic)

Lastly, having spent the following amount of money,
1) iMac = $2000
2) MBA = $1500
3) rMBP = $2700

Total - $6200.00

All all of them with LG Panels(initially, but now just the iMac which has that aweful Yellow tint), I don't get to be apprehensive or doubt their product?

Sure, if you have a lot of money lying around send it this way so I could treat all of the above as chump change!

Regarding market share? WalMart sells some junk which sells by the billions, that doesn't make it the best!

Sorry, but Apple once again chooses the cheapest component suppliers as much as they can and package it in a shiny aluminum box and with marketing magic claims it as the best. People know better!
Lots of Apple,Sony and other gadgets.
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I don't think I would want to compromise having a thicker and heavier mini just for retina display. The whole point of the mini is to have something small and portable you can throw into a bag.
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