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Changing for game developers

"They can start developing right away. The tools are very simple, intuitive, I don't think they will have any issues," Vassaux said. "There's a way of combining a hybrid of controller with a touchscreen. I think that's a perfect way of differentiating from other games that are out there, because there's going to be a period of time before everybody starts adapting the controller functionality."
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Originally Posted by nagromme View Post
Only for certain game types: even Lightning -> HDMI has a slight lag, and AirPlay (AppleTV) has even more (seems to vary depending on the type of action being transmitted). Fine for racing in my view, and puzzles and strategy... not so good for twitch shooters or ultra-precise platformers. (Although the game parameters could be tweaked to help hide the lag for some actions.)

I love gaming from iOS to TV, and would love a controller, but I'm realistic about the limitations. iOS is best on its own screen. (Which would make portable controllers for iPhone/iPad Mini very tempting.)
I think you're missing the point of the poster you quote. If there were an App Store on the Apple TV, then Lightning to HDMI or Airplay would no longer be needed. Which is why it would be gaming heaven for him.
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Originally Posted by donutbagel View Post
OK, please not a knockoff of the XBOX controller. Not that it's a bad design, but that's so unoriginal.


Pfft, 3DS games? The only good one is Mario Kart 7. I'd love to see GameCube and N64 games for iPad and GBC, GBA, and maybe DS games for all iOS devices.
Odd how you say "that's so unoriginal" about the controller layout then you mention GameCube in the next paragraph. If you played both systems GameCube originated that layout before XBox ... but its the most efficient for components and thickness/weight for mobile controllers. I'd hope for a flatter PS1/2/3 controller using analog sticks like the PSP but doubtful they'd have good longevity in such a small design.

I still hope they work with the Unity engine.
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Originally Posted by ArtOfWarfare View Post
What makes you say that? Nintendo has enough cash on hand to run the company at a loss for several years. Nintendo and Apple are a lot alike - neither of them will ever compromise of having control of the entire system. If its their software, it's on their hardware, and if its on their hardware, it's been approved by them if it isn't by them.
And this is why both Apple and Nintendo are a great platform for software/games. In Nintendo's case the WiiU was never going to be a hit like the Wii was unless it was another waggle waggle stick affair like the Wii was. I am actually baffled why Nintendo moved away from the waggle waggle stick the Wii had for the WiiU. I feel it might be to compete with MS etc. But bad move. Nintendo was never a competition for them. They were in their own semi hardcore/semi casual place.

Anyway having MFI is just like the Nintendo seal of quality. You know it's going to be good cause Apple have been over it and authorised it. And I'll give a thumbs up to the first person who hacks a MFI controller to run with games on OS X.

And I am glad Apple is letting 3rd party deal with anything gaming. Apple have tried it in the past and they stunk at it. Really stunk. And hope they never do it again.
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Originally Posted by the8thark View Post
And I'll give a thumbs up to the first person who hacks a MFI controller to run with games on OS X.
The Bluetooth controller is also meant to be used with OS X, no need to hack it.

It's quite obvious that this all is meant to be the first step towards games running on the AppleTV, because having a controller is the most important thing for running games that the AppleTV is lacking at the moment.

And adding support for controllers is also probably the most time consuming step to bring games to the aTV.

I think we can expect a new revision of the AppleTV in fall, with more onboard memory and probably an A6 or even A7 SoC.

I don't think it would take developers who already added support for controllers more than two-three weeks to also add support for the new resolution/aspect ratio of a HDTV.

Earlier AppleTVs (3rd Gen) would be limited to games that can also run on an iPhone 4, due to having only a single CPU core.
2nd Gen AppleTVs will probably not be supported, the GPU is just too slow to support the FullHD resolution.

As earlier models also have only 8GB of storage, people would be playing 2D games with lower storage requirements on them.

The new model will probably a bit more expensive (but i'd doubt it will cost 200$) and have more storage and will support better looking games, due to having an A6 or even a PowerVR Rogue-based A7 SoC.

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Here you go from kotaku; logitech leaked controller.
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Is it me or is having a controller built into a case a silly idea? It's too bulky to carry round all the time, annoying to get in/out, and useless once you upgrade. I'd much rather have a separate controller like in the first post.
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1. Two generations of the iPhone will look the same, so a controller will work up to two years with the most recent iPhone.
2. This way, you can use buttons AND the touchscreen, which would be more difficult if you were using a standalone controller.

But i prefer standalone controllers myself, due to problems with controllers also being cases when you are already using a case.
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