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Originally Posted by curmudgeon32 View Post
Literally any time something changes with Apple, there are one million hyperbolic comments about how it's the worst thing in the world.[...]
[emphasis added]

But you would never use hyperbole to make your point though, would you?
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Originally Posted by Jab00 View Post
I agree that that would be a nice touch but in all honesty I can't fully picture how they would pull something like that off
It's easy, the uber-isolated master build network in Cupertino does a resource switch to another bitmap family. I'm sure there's a dozen scheme's artists have been working on for a year from pure minimalist to the existing iOS 6.1 look.
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Icon designs...

...it is nothing more than navel contemplation. How about making current products less buggy, more scalable? How about working on battery life?

All of this focus on pretty shapes (that's questionable, too), in the interface or in the hardware doesn't seem to have actual functionality.

I would love to have my rMBP not crash every time I use my thunderbolt 27" cinema display. I would love to have iMovie and iPhoto and iTunes cross-reference their updated files so that I don't have to constantly close and reopen them one I add a photo or a pice of music. It would be nice if I didn't have to restart my 4th gen iPad if I want to connect to ATT after having turned cellular connectivity the last time I use it. These little niggles have grown into one giant disappointment with shoddy engineering and software writing masquerading as "style."
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It is a Significant Improvement

The change is not just skin deep. It is easier to navigate around the mail, calendar, and contact applications. For a beta I look working with it. It is better than the Gmail layout and without the annoying ads. It almost looks like the outlook.com site from Microsoft - which has a nice cloud set of applications.

If they bring the maps application in and revise the iWork apps to work like google drive you have a winner.
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Originally Posted by 757015 View Post
I've taken arts and design classes at several schools and one of the messages every professor or instructor or pro has eluded to at some point was when something is surprising or strange or "incorrect" feeling, it isn't WRONG. Art can't be wrong.
Ummm... common sense says if your gut is telling you something is wrong, it is most likely correct.

Originally Posted by 757015 View Post
Sorry for the length, but by implying Apple doesn't hire "serious designers" because they dared to create something radically different (but not without flaws!)... Is offensive.
Is it possible that Apple has put someone who has little experience in charge of interface design? And that person refuses to hear criticisms? And also that person because of their reputation never receives proper critiques only complements?

Originally Posted by 757015 View Post
Could you give me the info about that "Design 101" class that told you that there are things you can and can't do while creating digital art? I'd like to possibly audit it and provide some feedback about setting boundaries on creativity. Thanks.
Ok, while I believe in the importance of subjectivity, subjectivity can only exist in a world of absolutes. And design, whether you like or not, has rules. People like you would think that an app with a white background and white text would not make any difference because at least the creator thinks its beautiful art. Steve Jobs, the creator of this wonderful company called Apple, believe that art and design had rules. And that there was a right way of doing things. And that it could be taught. Please leave your hippy, nonsensical opinions elsewhere.
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Originally Posted by aristotle View Post
Agreed 100%. If you look at the change in design of OS X from Aqua through brushed and then Marble, the changes were gradual and subtle while still maintaining the same overall design. The original iconic Aqua still shines through all of those changes and is still recognizable. Even the icons in OS X have gone through subtle changes in shading but the overall design of those icons remained the same for the most part. The only icon that changed dramatically was iTunes but that was to be expected as Apple sought to unify the icon across platforms. On iOS, it was a rounded square and on OS X, it transformed from CD's to a Music icon that was round instead of a rounded square.

This radical departure destroys continuity. I think it was a horrible mistake.
Yes, yes and yes.. I can just see an elderly person who uses an iPad or iPhone updating it in the fall when prompted, and literally saying WTF when they see what Apple has done to iOS. And not knowing how to use it for the first time ever.

To me, iOS was like the Mona Lisa, and iOS 7 looks like a 5 year olds stick figure drawing.
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Originally Posted by Mactendo View Post
At the time everyone thought "Holy cows, it's so cool! 3D glass buttons? Real-time shadows? I'm in!". It did become better and refined over time, but it was looking fantastic and out of this world since day 1. (And it was year 2000).
LOL Yeah... uhh, no "everyone" didn't. An extremely sizable contingent of die hard Mac users (and probably hopeful NeXT fans waiting for the second coming) were drastically underwhelmed if not downright disgusted that OS X had become a toy... there are numerous articles about usability nightmares due to the translucency in menus, how slow the system was to use because of all the unnecessary effects, etc...

Part of the reason that Aqua changed so much from Developer Preview 3 to final release was because of the outcry of certain nonsensical UI changes that seemed like change for the sake of change (like the Apple logo being in the MIDDLE of the menu bar and menu items having to jump around it in some apps)

In year 2013 this new iOS 7 is plain boring and I probably can't even say it's 'designed'. It's a bunch of badly drawn icons and ideas from a "marketing team" thrown together. There's no design at all.
I'm not crazy about it but just because you don't like it doesn't mean there's "no design" to it.
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Originally Posted by mryingster View Post
I recall someone at Apple saying that the upcoming changes would be polarizing, and I have to say, that ever since the announcement of iOS7, it's been interesting to see how truly polarizing the new interface has proven to be.

I personally am not a fan of the new "flatter" design. I recall when OSX was first presented by Steve, he showed us Aqua, and proclaimed that the interface would be so beautiful that we would want to lick it.

This new turn in design at Apple doesn't have that effect on me, rather, it makes me feel like the interface is less personal/personable. It seems trendy, and to be change-for-the-sake-of-change. I'm not sure it offers me anything beneficial as a user. In fact, I find the new trend of minimalism and flatness to be more boring and annoying to use.

I was certainly no fan of skeuomorphism. I've been using Mavericks for the past while, and am so happy to see the calendar app back to normal! But life isn't flat. Things have shades and depth, and then I go to use my iPhone with iOS7, and am presented with flat colors and boxes. I still find it usable (and many improvements have been made), but I don't feel like anything of value has been added by these visual changes... I really am dreading the day when my entire desktop OS looks like that.
Very well-said. This "flat" nonsense is a passing design fad rather than a method of implementation.
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Originally Posted by somethingelsefl View Post
Very well-said. This "flat" nonsense is a passing design fad rather than a method of implementation.
Amen. The only reason why flat has taken off is because print designers have recently traversed into the digital world (and also responsive).

Print has a significantly narrower color gamut than digital. Because of this, effects like gradients and drop shadows are generally frowned upon in print because they look terrible. However in digital, the opposite can be said as long as the designer doesn't stick to default Photoshop settings.

I am glad that this flat versus depth debate is going on though. This has always been the case in history. What is does is expose the absolutely unnecessaries and upholds the necessaries of design.
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Originally Posted by lotzosushi View Post
Please don't let that theme spread to OS X
Why not? It's a lot cleaner than the current theme... the more minimal and less clutter on the OS, the better.
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Looks good to me.
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Originally Posted by xNYMetsx View Post
I wonder what he's doing now...
Doing backstrokes in cash and sipping Mojitos.
o ::::: ::::::::

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Originally Posted by imageWIS View Post
Why not? It's a lot cleaner than the current theme... the more minimal and less clutter on the OS, the better.
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I have not read through all the posts in this thread, but wanted to stop by to just voice my delight at the new iCloud page. To me its just so beautiful, light, colourful and elegant! Truly a super face lift. I am very very pleased with it

Well done Apple!
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