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Originally Posted by spinedoc77 View Post
No it's not, not at all. Which apps on the iphone seem slow or sluggish to you that you think might act faster on a 64 bit processor. Which apps do you think you would have a better experience with if they ran "faster" or had improved "performance"? My impression that it won't make a difference is specifically tied to the user experience, how fast programs open, how much lag the device has, etc. If there is subjectively none of that now, what difference will an improvement make? Technically yes, from the standpoint of a consumer doing every day tasks, I don't think so.

My point is that, and yes I'm speaking of myself here, I have yet to find an app which runs slowly or I feel needs improvement in terms of speediness on my iphone 5. I'm NOT saying applications won't benefit, but will it be apparent to the naked eye? Will it functionally improve the user experience in any tangible way? I don't know, that's why I'm asking.

I don't necessarily expect a concrete answer, I just thought it made for an interesting discussion. I think a more concrete answer may, of course, be here after the 5s is with us and after we get 64bit app replacements and can compare them side by side. But even if an app opens up .0001 milliseconds quicker in 64 bit, it just seems like a lot of hype to me.
I wonder whether one area that will benefit from 64 bit very early and will improve our user experience is speech recognition (Siri etc). That takes a lot of CPU power which is why heavy use is made of Apple's servers to help with the processing. If more processing could be kept on the device then it would make the user experience significantly better in bad reception areas and would also save Apple some money since it would reduce the load on their data centre servers from processing voice analysis tasks. Even if Apple's servers are still involved having more in-device CPU power might allow the data sent up to the servers to have undergone more sophisticated pre-analysis and compression so that less data needs to be transmitted to the servers and those servers have less work to do on it to complete the analysis once it's arrived.
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Originally Posted by TennisandMusic View Post
You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. This is irksome.

Not only is the A7 not anywhere near desktop performance, on the very same day Intel was showing 64 bit cpus for Android.


Apple is, unfortunately, ahead of precisely no one.
the a7 actually matches quite a few lower end 64b desktops. and since when does an "announcement" equal an actual product in the stores? now if the galaxy was released next week with a 64 bit chip i would agree with you.
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Originally Posted by Renzatic View Post
That's a slightly different situation. Rosetta was more like an emulator or virtual machine, running code from one entirey different CPU architecture on another. Since 32-bit applications can execute natively on 64-bit x86 and ARM chips, the compatibility layer is less an emulator, more a set of libraries nested inside the OS so it can launch 32-bit applications in a 64-bit environment. The biggest performance hit you can expect is a 1-2% difference.
Thanks that is helpful, but I don't want a performance hit at all :-)
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Originally Posted by Henriok View Post
Itanium and Alpha didn't provide any backwards compatibility to any 32-bit version in its instruction set.
Okay, to be more precisely:

„All (marketable) 64-bit architectures are designed to provide backwards compatibility with 32-bit apps.“
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There was a good reason to go to 64-bit in desktop OS'S, but for a phone ?
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When Apple says that "moving to 64-bit will increase performance for all apps" they aren't necessary referring to the benefits of the 64-bitness, but more to the new ARMv8 instruction set, that just happens to also be 64-bit. The new ARMv8 ISA includes more and larger registers, accelerated encryption, virtualization support, better facilities for multicore, branch prediction, load/store operations, better integrated SIMD, ans more. All applications will benefit of some or all of these features, and even if you don't code for them yourself, Apple does, and their frameworks will make use of them.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Retrofire View Post
No, iTunes 64-Bit requires OS X 10.7.0 or newer. See screenshot.

(click to enlarge)
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Originally Posted by Mr. Retrofire View Post
No, iTunes 64-Bit requires OS X 10.7.0 or newer. See screenshot.

(click to enlarge)
OMG. Fragmentation.

Why would anyone buy a "pro" computer made by a cellphone company?
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