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Old Nov 11, 2012, 04:58 PM   #51
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Originally Posted by dhy8386 View Post
All these too small threads are ridiculous. If you read via kindle or iBooks you can adjust the font size which i do on my iPad 4 regardless. When you are reading web pages and want to zoom in (ie NYtimes website) you double click to zoom as I do on normal iPad. And if text is too small to read for some you can pinch out to make it bigger. And if you really think that is too much trouble you can use one of the alternate browsers like Perfect Browser which allow you to increase font size or you can do this (which I do) on those occasions when using Safari and you want to have the page's font size bigger if its a long read (

I think the horse has been pummeled to death regarding the screen. But if that is your sole decision factor go grab the Nook HD which is regarded to have best 7" screen. Its to each his own and everyone is entitled to their preference of device but its ridiculous to complain the text is too small and thus the device has to be returned when there are plenty of options available to increase text size if that is your complaint.
This seems to be the voice of reason concerning the complaints of small
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Yes, but it was apparent to me before I bought it. It still great for short term web browsing, video, & casual game play. Mine stays in the bedroom & my 3 floats around the house with me -- not literally, of course. The iPad 3 is too heavy to float. Ha!
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Old Nov 11, 2012, 06:31 PM   #55
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Yes. I went to the eye doctor yesterday and he suggested I may be going blind.
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Old Nov 11, 2012, 07:06 PM   #56
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No eye strain here.
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Originally Posted by jcborden View Post
I guess it depends how you use it and I don't think you can use the mini in the same way as its full size brother.

For me I have switched to perfect browser great for forums and the like as you can default increase the font size of all sites, or override for specific. Trying to use Safari on this site is hard work.

Zite is my rss reader of choice and that allows you to bump up the font size as well. Also sending more stuff to Pocket, again allows control over font size.

I wonder how useful a mini with retina screen would be - of course everything would be that much sharper, but still very small. Bumping the font size avoids eye strain (for me) and also makes the text much clearer. A win/win for me.

I have given my iPad 3 to the wife and am sticking with the mini - the above changes in use/habit are a compromise but do make the mini very enjoyable.
this is what I plan on doing once I get my mini. have you found a way to increase font size for emails? In preferences you can change the body of the email but not the list preview.


Originally Posted by BFW122083 View Post
Apple spoiled us with displays and have made us expect nothing less than "retina" resolution on all their products. I have owned every generation of the iPad and always thought the displays looked great. I am now addicted to retina. Between my iphone, iPad 3, retina macbook pro, and thunderbolt display (I know it isnt retina, but its extremely sharp), my eyes have gotten accustomed to retina displays.

I can honestly say reading text on the mini gave me a bit of a headache. When I would stop using it my vision seemed fuzzy for a little bit. I LOVED the size, weight, design, absolutely everything about it, except the display. I believe this is due to being used to high res screens on all my other devices. I am 28 years old with 20/20 vision. When I had my ipad 2 and older macbook pro I never got headaches. Always thought the screens looked great.

I believe that the people that are having no issues are the ones that are not used to retina displays. I almost wish I wasn't, because I loved the thing. I don't care much for specs, its about the experience for me. I returned it after two days of use and got an iPad 4. I am still thinking about the mini because I loved everything but the display on it.

There seems to be two sides here where people adamantly defend the mini, or find reasons to bash it. It did not live up to some peoples expectations (mine included, but because apple has led me to believe they were moving towards all retina devices with each new release), but for others its awesome. I wish the display didnt bother me, I really do.
same here. hoping the different browsers and readers help.
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It does seem like I'm not the only one suffering from the screen, but here are also a lot out there who don't like the fact some people are not overwhelmed with another apple product, I love apple stuff, love it's quality, designs and customer service so I'm not trolling just saying the product is not for me, hopefully the next one is....
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