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Originally Posted by Southern Dad View Post
There's a problem... Most of them aren't from Mexico.
Originally Posted by JohnLT13 View Post
Im all for legal immigration, but this is out of control. Put them on a bus and bring them back to Mexico. Let them deal with it.
Originally Posted by ucfgrad93 View Post
Agreed, send them back.
I bet Pimps would gladly accept the girls and drug cartel take the boys.

Or maybe the Pimps take the boys and cartel take the girls?

Reality is that is exactly what will happen.
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Originally Posted by Technarchy View Post
This is the purpose of the National Guard. To defend the US borders. It is not the local PD's job to roll down the street in light armor pointing 240 Bravos at mentally ill homeless and black kids walking home.
"Defending" the US border requires a law enforcement response and that will mean National Guard troops with little training in this regard will be in daily contact with people who live along the U.S.-Mexico border. I can't see how

...Once the wall is up, and I do mean a wall that would make Hadrian and China envious, the patrols on our side will shrink dramatically.
Like the Maginot line?

...How are they violating American's rights?
There have been substantial claims that CBP officers violate American's rights on a regular basis.

...I don't care about immigration. I care about illegal immigration and everything else has thus far failed. This is the United States, not Norte de América del Sur, and we have no obligation to take in hordes of illegals. For a nation that is broke how the hell are we supposed to contend with over 10 million illegals?

They don't belong here, and if they want to be here, learn to fill out an application and wait, just like the Germans, Just like the Sudanese, just like the Jordanians, just like the Japanese, just like Australians. South American shouldn't be getting proximity perks.
We've been managing a population of about 11 million illegal immigrants for decades, so I'm not sure why the utter panic about 70,000 child refugees from Central America.

And, we're not broke. This is just more partisan hysterics.

However, what do you think the cost of a new, giant border fence would cost? The cost for a completed pedestrian fence across the entire U.S-Mexico border is nearly $7 billion, assuming the current CBP outlay for the same fence between 2006 and 2009 remains fairly standard.

That's for the 30-foot high steel fence that can be climbed easily in seconds.

So, what's the cost of doubling the fence—if you say double you know nothing about government acquisitions—and adding in the necessary guard towers, sensor networks, to really make the fence impenetrable.

Of course, then what happens? The thousands of kids pile up in Mexico, forcing that state to deal with the problem?

And, what about the cartels, the billion dollar enterprise created to smuggle cocaine, marijuana, meth and heroin into the United States? I can't wait to see how the cartels work to subvert your Maginot Line.
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Originally Posted by hulugu View Post
That's for the 30-foot high steel fence that can be climbed easily in seconds.
You forgot the imported black currawongs with lasers attached to their heads. I figure every creature deserves a warm meal.
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Better keep on good terms with the Mexicans: you never know when you might have to throw yourselves on their mercy. Is it my imagination, or has the temperature suddenly dropped a few degrees?
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Originally Posted by Southern Dad View Post
What do we do about the increase in unaccompanied children crossing our borders? The parents are sending these kids into the United States in hopes that they will be allowed to stay and in some cases the parents may be able to come later.

300 more immigrant children shipped to Arizona
Well, I would say do a better job of locking down the border.

There kids have nowhere to go, gotta take care of them.

But we need to stop the flow.
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