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Originally Posted by imlovinit View Post
Whatever happened to the days when kids played outside?

I'm all for technology for kids expanding their education but for a one year old? She doesn't need her own ipad. My two cents. It's your money and your child so you'll do what's best but let the kid be a kid or your child's case..a baby.
Agreed. Let her play on yours for a few minutes, but otherwise there are better and safer things for her to be playing with.
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Dont buy your one year old her own ipad! Thats crazy talk.

Teach her to walk, talk, catch, ride a bike and all that other jazz little girls should be doing.
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Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
I've said the same on here in the past. It's not as if my daughter spends 12 hours a day on an ipad. Some days she doesn't even touch it. And it's not as if she doesn't have legos, drawing pads, books, etc. In fact, she often prefers this other stuff.

The point is, the ipad, like any tech, is simply a tool for learning. It doesn't replace good parenting. It doesn't mean the kid doesn't get to play outside or interact with other kids.

My daughter has been taking piano lessons since she was 4 (now 7). I've heard the same reaction. Why? She doesn't need that, what a waste. She does amazing at recitals.

Kids this age are like sponges. The rate at which they learn is just incredible. Even so, there's articles out everywhere telling how unprepared kids are for Kindergarten or 1st grade. In KY (I'm in Louisville), about 30% of kids entering kindergarten aren't prepared. http://www.kyforward.com/2013/03/maj...new-data-show/

That's pathetic. But not surprising given the many responses you see on here or elsewhere. One of the proudest days of my life was last year at my daughter's kindergarten graduation when she received overall academic and several other awards such as math, reading, spelling, perfect attendance, etc (who knew they gave out awards at kindergarten? just glad i had my camcorder). You may think that she'd be some introverted quiet kid or whatever but she's the class clown. Our biggest problem is getting her to not talk and behave. She plays volleyball, soccer, and swims.
This X 100000%

An iPad is no replacement for good parenting but can be a great tool for education when utilized properly. I struggle to understand why any parents wouldn't want to give their child every opportunity possible to learn and grow.


On second thought maybe I should not take an active role in my child's education and just leave that up to the public schools since they're doing such a great job of educating today's youth...
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I've seen many parents hand off iPads to their young children and with the availability of educational apps I say go for it...Generations change, when I was a wee laddy my educational tools at home included Sesame Street, 3-2-1 contact, Reading Rainbow, etc. Now there are apps out there that can teach a child the same information yet in a much more engaging manner. Who are we to say that parents shouldn't give their kid every opportunity in today's Tech society to succeed?
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If a child has "their own" iPad that you fully control and monitor properly its not an issue as long as you are not letting them sit on it for hours at a time. Being a responsible parent helps. When I was a kid computers were all the rage so I was using one all the time. But then my parents walked up to me and said go outside and play. Its all about balance.
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My daughter could use a trackball and laptop long before she could use the potty. She played educational games etc. She has grown up to be the best daughter a father could hope for. I say put a good protective case on the iPad and let her have it. Don't be surprised if it gets broken anyway.
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If she's using the iPad so much that your wife doesn't get to use it, well, that might be a little too much, no? I mean, what are you guys doing while she's playing on the iPad?

I don't have a kid, so maybe my opinion is irrelevant, but I do have two very young nieces. We never get to see them anymore because they don't want to put down their ipod touches - and when they do come over, their faces are still always buried behind those dang things.

They both got their own idevices because by age 3 or 4, they could find mommy's iphone from her purse, unlock it (with the passcode they saw her input last time), and buy games from the app store to play. I guess if it keeps them out of trouble.
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She's 1 for god's sakes!!!! Whats wrong with you man ???? Bond with her, not technology bonding with her
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She'll also like pots and pans, empty boxes, wrapping paper, dolls, etc. Stuff that doesn't cost nearly as much as an iPad. She's one. If you think she is so into it and mastering it, you forgot that she is still ******** her diapers and drooling every where. Wait until the first temper tantrum. At least it will be time for the iPad 5 to come out. You'll get her one with all the new features after she smashes the old one.
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Shortly after the iPad was first released I gave my daughter's family one for Christmas. My grand daughter wasn't even 9 months old yet, but she very quickly learned how to use it.

As time passed, they had to make some rules about how much she could use it, and even started calling it the i-p-a-d so she wouldn't know what they were talking about.

She just turned 3 years old and is really a delightful kid, they are doing a terrific job as parents. In fact they are far more strict with my grand daughter than I ever was with my own daughter.

Anyway, I would not buy a one year old their own iPad. Establish some sensible rules about when she is allowed to use it. And maybe even think a little about your own usage if you're having conflicts over this.
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Don't listen to the people who say your kid has no use for an iPad. My daughter is 6 and is clearly going to be a techno-wiz because of all the exposure she had at a younger age. In our economy that's not a bad skill to have.

BUT...even at age 6 my techno-wiz daughter still shares my iPad and doesn't have her own. Share. Expose. Teach. But the she doesn't need her own machine yet.
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