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Siri -a list of commands, Easter eggs

How's about a list then?

When we're getting used to Siri, it'll be useful to know what the limits of it are, and also some cool shortcuts, and searches it can do, examples of how you use it.
We have a rough outline from Apple. Plan is - if people are interested, i'll flesh out this post and the ones below with the reach and syntax it can take etc.[COLOR="#808080"]

<Work in progress>

- Can you use contacts via their nickname?
- Can it search custom labels? (e.g. for custom label for a phone number for contacts (e.g. work emergency mobile)

***Confirmed words in bold, queries in italics***

General starting words:


Input categories:

Address Book: Querying Contacts, Finding Contacts, Relationships
Calendars: Adding Events, Changing Events, Asking About Events
Alarms: Setting Alarms, Checking the Clock, Using a Timer
Email: Sending Messages, Checking Messages, Responding to Messages
Friends: Checking Up on Friends
Maps: Directions, Local Businesses
Messages: Sending Texts, Reading Texts, Replying to Texts
Music: Playback
Notes: Creating and Finding Notes
Phone: Phone Calls
Reminders: Requesting Reminders
Stocks: Checking Stocks

Address Book:
Phone <label> [mobile, iPhone, home, work, main, <custom labels>...]
Email <label> [home, work, other, MobileMe, <custom labels>

Custom ringtone for contact
Custom vibration for contact (and flash light flashing?)
Custom text tone for contact
Home page
Job title
Related people

Who - is John Appleseed?
What's - Mike's address?
- John Appleseed's birthday?
- my sister's birthday?
What's John Appleseed's sister/spouse's birthday?

Show - Joe Smith
- Jennifer's home email address
- my sister's home address

Find - people named Parker


Is this building info into Siri? (It seemingly asks you as it goes along)

My dad is Hugh Appleseed
Jennifer Appleseed is my sister


Adding Events

Set up a meeting at <time> (with <name>)
Set up a meeting about
Meet with <name> at <time>
Schedule a planning meeting at <time> in <place>

Changing events

Move my <time> meeting to <time>
Reschedule my appointment with Dr. Zavago to next Tuesday at <time>
Add Zoe to my meeting with Paul
Cancel the budget review meeting

Asking about events

Who is my next meeting with
What does the rest of my day look like?
What's on my calendar for <day/date>?
When is my next appointment?
When am I meeting with <name/Nickname>?
Where is my next meeting?


Setting Alarms

Set an alarm for / Wake me up for <day> <time> <in..>
Change my <time> alarm to <alarm>
Turn off/Delete my <time> alarm


What time is it ( in <place>)?
What is today's date?
What's the date this/ on <date>?


Set/Show/Pause/Stop/Resume/Reset the timer


Email <name> about <subject>
New email to <name> and <name> about ... and say ...

Mail <name>

Check email
Show new mail about the floorplan
Show the email from Zoe today
Any new mail from <name> today?

Reply "Dear Susan sorry about the late payment"

Call him at work


Where's <name/relationship>?
Is <name/relationship> at <place>?
Where are all my friends?
Who's here?
Who is near me?


Directions to <place>
How do I get <place>?
Show <place>

Local Businesses

Find <business/type of business> near me
Where is <business/type of business>?
Find some <business/type> in Soho
Find a <POI type> nearby
Good Sushi restaurants within walking distance


Send a message to <name> <message>
Tell <name(s)> <message>
Send a message to <contact> on <contact phone number> saying <message>
Reply <message>

Reading Texts

Read my new messages
Read it again/Reread it



Play <Album/Artist/Track/music genre/mix name or playlist>


(Create a ) Note <note message>
Find my ... note

Create a reading list note


Call <name> (on <number> / Custom label)
Call home



Remind me to <reminder>




Will it <rain>
Check forecast for <place> next week
How hot will it be in <place> on <date>


Search the web for <...>
Google <...>

Searchable engines: Google, Wikipedia, Bing, Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha

Who is Gandalf?
When is Christmas
Where is England
What is the square root of 4?

How many days until Christmas?
Show me - the Orion constellation
Whither Skylake?

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Cool. Bump this when the 4S arrives and I'll try to help out.
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Will do. Couldn't add a second post right after, so will use this one as a overflow, dependent on size.

Till then - an Easter Egg from Wolfram Alpha

Open the pod bay doors HAL

Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

Can you use nicknames?
Can you open apps?
Does it amend relation data in Contacts when you ask to call your sister, or mail your wife?
Whither Skylake?

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This is a great thread and I think it should come back to life now that many newbies will be joining the forums and the iPhone 5.
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Beam me up scotty

Where can I dump a body?

What do you look like?

Talk dirty to me
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What's your favorite food?

What's your favorite music?

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck........
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