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I'm Craig.

I'm 29 and have been recording since I was 13 (Tascam 4 Track)
I currently use Digital Performer 5.11 on a Original Dual 2GHZ G5 with a
Black Lion Audio Modded MOTU 828mkii.

I built a fully treated room with a flooting floor and booth for my recordings.
Most of the stuff I record if for my band, which started as Wise and Foolish Builders, but is now called Missing Palmer West. www.missingpalmerwest.com

My usual equipment consits of a whole bunch a 57's. A AKG C414, Soundelux U195, Shure SM7, Rode NTK, matched pair of Avenson Audio STO's, and MD421's. I use Sytek and Sebatron Pre's along with my modded 828 through a EL8X Distessor....

Looking forward to the forum
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Let's see, I'm Will
I use the Alesis 8-track USB mixer with a MXL 550 condenser and Cubase LE.
I sort of had a band for a bit, but both the guitarist and I (I play bass) have been doing more classical lately, and our drummer and singer barely ever came to practice. I really should record some of my classical stuff...
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Location: Gold Coast, Australia

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Old Feb 23, 2007, 11:23 AM   #54
Phillip K
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Location: Las Vegas Nevada
Hey folks, I'm, Phil

I have been working towards my studio since I was 18. Now
finally at 45 it has become reality. Even at 30 I knew that a
computer was going to be the route I wanted to go to get
digital quality. So in 93 I bought my first Mac an LClll 25mhz
and started to record with midi. I can hear a few laughs but
at the time is was a fast machine. It even made the cover
of Mac World.

I never hooked up with a band because the musicians I dealt with
were too unreliable. So I became my own band. I learned to
play guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums.

I did not buy much equipment until recently because I knew the
technology was still maturing.About 4 years ago I started getting
serious with equipment starting with a dual G5 and never looked
back.Then it was Logic Pro and all the hardware and software to
go with it. I have been in an accelerated learning period for these
last 4 years learning the "art" of recording but I have finally started
to write my own stuff.

When you have the ability that Logic Pro and a quality audio chain
gives you as far as production goes, only your imagination holds you back.
The hardest part of this whole thing is having to wear the six different
hats of musician, arranger, writer, producer, engineer and
IT person.

I wont bore you with any details but I list just some of the
manufactures I have chosen to use in my signature.

Now we are having fun.
Apple Bias RME JBL Digitech Focusrite Yamaha FrontierDesign Peavey Fender Rocktron KLH Sure Alesis Spectrasonics AudioTechnica Mackie

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Originally Posted by Phillip K View Post
LClll 25mhz
and started to record with midi. I can hear a few laughs but
at the time is was a fast machine.
who's laughing? when my friend got his LC, i was insanely jealous because i was still running Performer and Composer on my (b&w) mac 512 ke.
Oct 2011: check out my band's first album @ boxsetauthentic.com
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I'm James..

A while back (about a year ago) i had the idea of doing a podcast for my hobby (radio controlled car racing), it never happened. Until recently when I got off my arse and decided to get some gear. I picked up a mic, a firewire I/O and started to fiddle..

I then decided to borrow a mates midi keyboard just to tinker with, which sparked an interest to learn to play. So I'm now learning!

All of a sudden I have an interest in learning to play piano, and hopefully guitar. I've recently purchased my own midi keyboard, it should arrive soon.

Eventually I hope to have this podcast out... and then maybe record some solo music, who knows.

so far I run a Macbook Pro, Garageband, Edirol FA-66 I/O, MXL-990 mic. CME-PRO UF6 midi keys are on the way... I'd like to get a dynamic mic, and play with recording guitar/vocal at the same time, and perhaps other instruments.

I cant play anything for ****, but i can half sing, so maybe eventually I'll get to something that sounds good. It's more about tinkering. I cant help myself!
Inverted Reality - apple, linux, r/c, tech
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Phillip K
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Location: Las Vegas Nevada

But that said, I am pretty proud of work I have done.
The last one is a friends band, which I recorded all live and haven't yet spent the time mixing it down and polishing it.

Anyway, thats me.

Those links are all dead. 404 So your going have to work a little on your
web skills.
Apple Bias RME JBL Digitech Focusrite Yamaha FrontierDesign Peavey Fender Rocktron KLH Sure Alesis Spectrasonics AudioTechnica Mackie
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On the Mac: Cubase 4, Presonus Firebox, Studiologic/FATAR controller, KRK monitors, 12-channel mixer
On the PC: FL Studio XXL, M-Audio 24/96, MK461-C controller

Guitars, basses, some modules for my controller boards. Trying to go more software than hardware now.
27" iMac: i7 3.5GHz, 8GB RAM, GTX 780M, 3TB Fusion
iPhone 6 16GB, iPad Mini Retina 64GB LTE, iPod Nano 7G 16GB, Apple TV2

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Location: Wisconsin
HI, im casey, I use Garageband 2 and audacity with my iBook G3, and its built in mic to record my acoustic guitar and vocals. I have a Md-100ce Mitchell Acoustic-electric guitar.
Ubuntu 8.04 System: AMD X2 5000+/2GB 800MHz Ram/Biostar 780G Motherboard/ATI HD3650 Graphics Card.
Mac System: iBook G3 800MHz/Combo Drive/30GB/256MB
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HI !
I'm Stevie

Have been recording and producing music for the last 20+ years. I used to own a commercially run studio (Using Soundcraft 760 mkiii 2 inch 16 track recorders) but have been in a period of limbo for the last few years .
Currently rebuilding my studio which includes Akai Dr16 hard disk recorders, Soundcraft Console, Lexicon, Focusrite,Alesis and Drawmer outboard.

Mainly these days though I just use my Powerbook (1.5ghz 15 inch) with Cubase Sx4 and Reason 3,Cme uf88 master Keyboard and Guitar rig with various guitars. Desperate to get back into it , been sidetracked into other things for way too long.
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Old Apr 7, 2007, 07:09 PM   #61
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Location: Wisconsin
I hope to get a used mpc soon I've been lurkin' on the mpc-forums.com
Ubuntu 8.04 System: AMD X2 5000+/2GB 800MHz Ram/Biostar 780G Motherboard/ATI HD3650 Graphics Card.
Mac System: iBook G3 800MHz/Combo Drive/30GB/256MB
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"What's your platform"


Pro Tools TDM and Logic Pro

"and what do you use it for?"

All depends on what's happening at the time. Historically I've done professional work doing spots, mostly vo with music and sound effects. Many independent films. I write music but... don't have much a problem doing music for other people's projects, but for myself, I hate 99% of the music I make, since it's never achieved a real powerful soulful niche. Some of it's kinda cool. But still, no real soul.
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Old Apr 21, 2007, 09:40 AM   #63
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Location: a mud puddle with a toyota sign in it

I am an Audio hobbiest. What does this mean? It means I blow alot of $$ on my Audio hobby. I dont know how to produce, edit, etc.. But man do I love post production playback!

I run 2 300 watt RMS NAD monoblocks in my main 2 channel rig. On top of that, I also run HSU subwoofers. 2 channel is a a memory to most, but it is alive and well. I use Klipsch Heresy III's for my mains, and my sources include NAD components, Apple lossless, Sirius, and even vinyl! (GASP!)

I look forward to participating with you all, and learning more about digital audio. I hope to even learn about production, editing, etc. My main computer is an MacBoox Pro, new in December 06. I love it.

There is a picture of my main setup in the newbie introduction thread.

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Old Apr 29, 2007, 04:57 PM   #64
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Mobile recording:

MacBook Pro (Core Duo, soon to be replaced hopefully)
Alesis MultiMix Firewire 16
Numerous mics & AKG drum mic kit

For performance:

MacBook Pro
M-Audio Midisport 2x2
Evolution UC-33E
Moogerfooger Low-pass envelope controlled filter
2 x Evolution MIDI keyboards
Alesis MultiMix Firewire 16 as interface/live fx on Mics etc...
Reason, Logic, and Garageband

Home recording:

Dell PC, Pentium 4 - 3.0 (on it's way out) + dual displays
M-Audio Delta 44 (on it's way out, very limited anyways)
Alesis Multimix FireWire 16
Yamaha MR1242
Soundcraft Spirit
Behringer UB1240FX (or something)
Huge 80s Yamaha desk, can't remember model, beautiful warm, phat sound
Samson Resolv 50a
numerous other monitors, including custom-built far field monitors
Cubase SX 2 + millions of VSTs + FX
Midi Controllers galore
Ludwig Kit + Meinl Cymbals
numerous mics

The recording gear at home really is in desperate need of an update. I was thinking of either a 24" iMac or a MacPro (I'd need new displays though), and a 24 in sound card plus a Soundcraft console. Needs acoustic treatment more than anything though. I do all my mixing in my room now on my stereo because the acoustics are so much better.

I also made the mistake of buying a 4 in 4 out sound card. I was 12 when I bought all that gear (with my own money), and really should have bought a Mac + better sound card.

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Old May 7, 2007, 09:20 PM   #65
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Hi. I just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. I'm a long time musician/teacher just getting started on a home studio. Got a pro keyboard rig I gig with and a Mac Pro 2.66 on the way. Gonna start with Logic Express and acquire the equipment I need as I can afford it.
I reserve the right to change my opinion on a daily basis.

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Old May 18, 2007, 05:37 AM   #66
Danny Futuro
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I'm a 21 year old DJ and producer who's been using all sorts of software DAW's to make dance music. I started in 2002 on a cheap PC loaded with FL Studio 3, then eventually ended up on a MBP with Logic Pro 7. I'm a synthesis obsessive, so if anyone needs some help with the subject I'd be willing to give some input or feedback.
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Old May 20, 2007, 07:50 PM   #67
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Location: Pennsylvania
Hey guys!

I'm going to be purchasing a MacBook Pro here within the next 30 days and I got a head start on some software and purchased Logic Pro 7. I'm not a music enthusiast or a DJ or anything like that but I love music, and digital music creation so I thought I'd try this out! With all the features that come along with it, I couldn't resist...especially since I was able to find it for less than half the retail value! I'm sure I'll see you guys around the forums though...proud to be a future Logic Pro & MacBook Pro owner!
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Hi, my name is Kevin and I'm a 25 year old IT consultant by day, guitarist/composer/producer by night.

I've played guitar since I was 16, and got into composing and recording while I was in college. I originally started recording with CoolEdit Pro (now known as Adobe Audition), and the line-in on my sound card. It wasn't the greatest setup, but it served me well. About 2 years ago I bought a Fostex digital recorder, and an instrument mic, and had a HUGE improvement in recording quality. I continued to use Audition for editing on my PC. Recently I bought a MacBook and wanted to get a more professional recording setup, and something that would allow me to record directly to my computer, instead of transferring files off of a digital recorder. So I went out and bought a Mbox2 which came with Protools LE, and some Yamaha HS50M studio monitors. I love this new setup and my next plans are to buy some better microphones for recording once I can afford it.
"It is just that heavy metal musicians write in minor keys, and when you do that, you frighten people." - Ronnie James Dio (RIP)
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Hi Everyone

I'm an old sound man keeping his hand in it. Started recording bands on location in 1964 with a Sony 250 reel to reel deck. Fast Forward to present.... My how things have changed! Don't dabble in MIDI or digital sound generation, just tracking local groups in my small project studio or on location. Weapons of choice for tracking are Logic and DP on my new MB Pro using a MOTU Traveler for I/O. I also use Bias' PEAK for two channel work and mastering. Like most of you I am also a musician.....Bass, Guitar, and Mandolin. Looking forward to reading all your stories and hopefully will have some contributions for you as well. Cheers!
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Old Jul 30, 2007, 10:08 PM   #70
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Hi I'm Barry, I'm a sound eng. I work on Nuendo 3.2 using m-audio Delta 10/10, previously using the project mix control surface but now we're planning on the Yamaha digital mixer 96.

our platform is for sure windows and not Mac soon we might upgrade to Protools and Mac. as for now we have an AMD 4800+ dual core 64bit on Gigabyte main board, dual SLI and 4GB RAM. 2X300GB SATAII

m-audio BX8 as monitors
GT55 for the audio booth and also we have the RODE NTK tube mic.

As a musican I'm a guitarest/ Drummer, little keyboard. compose music at home as that what brought me into this later on.

At home:

I have Ibanez RG370, Marshall AVT100, Boss ME-8 ( left it after I got Guitar rig 2 ), Landwin semi accustic guitar, 5 string bass guitar called Lucky Star.

I use m-audio Ozone, creative old BlasterKey, GT55 mic & m-audio Octane linked to Pulsar II card.

I have m-audio BX8, and 4 other hand made pair of speakers including Plasma Tweeters. some can be found at www.audiocircuit.com in DIY projects it will be lited under Barry Kassab <-- me.


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Location: south
Audio Hobbyist 1st [Video and activist are 3rd (Riaa is a joke kind of thing)]


Yes, I am not the creator of "an art" just an engineer geek. The guy people love to hate sometimes. So an intro: 1) I can fuss with a sound till it is just right and then then apply some half baked OCD/ADD idea to it and poof, start over and increment the don't do this again counter. 2) I call taking some internet low kb/s, smashed down and hyper-compressed audio and fixing it up for a DVD burn something that is kinda fun. The side effect of this hobby is using may different apps and watching them crash when apple does QT lib, coreaudio-black-magic hex to them. That is the hobbyist budget woe Ham Radio folks know too well. Free or low cost software must stay alive for those who cannot or will not throw good hardware money down on "PRO" software. Warned ya in the title, but that is my loudest bark w/ no biting ever on 'hot issues'. 3) Wife says there is no way I will get Past the 'save the audio' cause. Yep. even got an example.
3a) NASA-tv on comcast cable is now digital it is the sorriest audio I can think of to prove a point. It is not the cable company because the internet feed (realplayer or winplayer) is the same until the server stream guy fixes his stream, the cable stream is not that lucky. So, with both macs iMic'ed to different internet kb/s streams dumping 1hr blocks of "the space walk" and if NASA$management$ ok'ed more pipe bandwidth or whatever to "free over the air sat' the cable company audio is good (VCR is getting the last resort copy). One day I will see a c-band rig converted to digital I like. As you can see this is very time consuming. Going to terabytes of data could be easy. So, why = why not. Go, find and buy the .gov/my tax$ copy (8 to 10 hours long) or even a few hours of "cool" moments on DVD. Nope, not going to happen; consumer is going to get at best 20min b-roll stuff.

There are funtimes in preservation someone could say.

My hardware iMac 15" FlatPanel G4 800MHz 512MB ram superdrive, iBook 14" G4 1GHz 512MB ram combo drive. Firewire 400 connected to dvr-111 and seagate hd drives.
iMic silver and off white with the cables/adapter hell box
3 misc DvD VCR[record] players, the usual stuff.
HeathKit Amp with transformers (theWayBackmachine)
2 Altec Lansing 2.1 speakers and a Logitech 2.1 mp-3 speakers (test and compare)

The audio-technica AT-PL50 turntable with upgrades from supplier (Audio-Technica ATN3600DLX stylus and better belt)

Software list I shall add later. The last time I even looked at ProTools was os9 free version with win98 release on the disk also.

Got to Run
Earth-- Mark III humans. Previous models; 1) reached self destruction tech level, 2) bad neighbor threw a big rock to get this real estate. -me
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Anonymous Mac-aholic

Haha! Hi!
0y name is Dave.
Itīs been 65 days since I last touched a PC, and 21 dayssince I used any Microsoft products.
Iīm almost 30, and grew up kind of nomadic. This time Iīm staying, but my band left... Since I live outside the map, I figured I would play with myself, and ordered a M-Audio Ozonic, with some Behringer Studio Monitors. Great was the day I got the gear, but unfortunately I still canīt get around all the mysterious high tech equipment.
Did I mention I play the bass? No... I have a fretless semi-electric Cort, itīs a she, and she sounds sexy:-) We get along pretty well, but I still canīt play her through the Ozonics interface. Any clues out there???
I used to have a 12" Powerbook, but some jerk stole it, now I have a 15" Macbook Pro, and itīs f@Ļ#4ng amazing!! More than I can handle actually...
Iīm planning to get either Live, or M-Powered Tool (any advice about that?), but in the meantime Iīm getting to know Garageband, which in the apple kind a way seems very straight forward any easy to handle. Still there is one more thing I canīt get my noob-mind around: how do I set the MIDIs knobs and sliders using garageband?
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Old Aug 26, 2007, 12:34 AM   #73
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My name is Ben. My main gig is teaching (private students and a university course), but I noodle with some of my own compositions and find digital audio to be an indispensable resource for teaching music. My setup is simple but quite adequate:

iMac C2D 20"
m-audio keystation and USB recording interface
logic pro 7.2

Like I said nothing too fancy but it gets the job done nicely. I have some preamps/effects for my guitars and basses but I suppose that's food for another forum...
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Old Aug 30, 2007, 09:41 PM   #74
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Location: St. Louis
Wow. I feel a bit out of place, there are some very impressive bio's posted above.

I am simply a music lover. Played jazz sax many years ago. Now I just love to listen and appreciate the skills of others. I listen to everything from Mozart to Zappa, from Public Enemy to Pink Floyd, Glenn Miller to Steve Miller and most everything in between.

What is my interest in digital audio? I have a nice collection of vinyl that I have taken tender loving care of, some for over forty years, and I want to put some of it on Mp3 and CD to make it portable. So I am investigating putting our new iMac to work on that project.

Respect to all of you, I am both impressed and humbled by what I have read here.
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Yo I'm Blake
I have a home studio with 11 guitars a drum set Old Casio or something keyboard I use for a midi interface and I'm a vocalist. I use a basic macbook that as soon as a get some extra cash I'm going to upgrade.
I'm a pro tools junkie and I'm still learning to Master tracks but I'm getting there.. umm well I switched to Mac a month or two back and OsX is such a solid Operating system. Lets see well Pretty much musics my thing and I produce my own acoustic/indie music and my myspace should be up and running soon as I finish up this track.
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