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Location: Eugene, OR

I'm Cate and I'm 31.

In the mid-nineties I loved using Scream Tracker and Fast Tracker, and after the century turned I started used Sibelius and writing choir and string stuff. Then in 2002 I bought a computer, but didn't have internet so soon became frustrated with my computer not being able to find my sound card and gave up.

In 2003 I became a sort of hippy. I didn't smoke pot or wear hemp clothing, but I didn't have a computer, or a phone, and I started playing acoustic music.

But then last year I got in a car accident and I still can't play any of my instruments long enough to satisfy me.

So with my pitance they called a settlement I bought a MacBook and a digital recorder (Marantz PMD620). But so far I haven't managed to get anything going with it. I'm looking forward to getting over this stage of making stupid decisions that are difficult to resolve, and actually being able to record and compose music.

So far I've bought a computer that doesn't have a 10-key, essential for Sibelius, and a digital recorder whose CD-ROM gives me a window of gibberish, save the line about Windows.

Hopefully I won't be too needy around here.
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I'm Collin, 23, and living in the Dallas area.

I'm a engineer for a company that produces and distributes media for broadcast use. My work can be found on tv and radio stations all over the world. The studios we have all use protools, and I'm a certified protools operator.

I'm also a drummer in a band.
Creative Commons - because copyright is broken.
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Hi, I am Cory from the San Francisco Bay area.

I am a Product Specialist with BIAS and a independent engineer in the North bay as well as studio drummer.

Glad to be here.
Product Specialist

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Location: near chicago

my name is scott. i do music on my 8 year old mac that i'm getting ready to retire since i've evolved to needing more power. i've been around music since i was in fifth grade and i guess it has stuck with me and now i'm on that level a few notches where i want to be. as for me, i work solo but i've been looking for a band to play with or maybe find a (studio?) guitarist that plays bass as well that has digital gear so we can get down. check out my "hip-hop" page: soundclick.com/urbanwarphare, my electro page: soundclick.com/onebaddkidd, or download this track from mediafire that's fresh out the oven:

what's "windows"?

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Location: Paris, France
Logic Studio, composer, Paris

Hello fellow musicians and music lovers.
I'm a Paris-based composer, I also write a blog about Logic Studio, which is my main DAW.


As the main in-house audio interface I heavily rely on a trusty MOTU 828 and I compose orchestral and electronic music.

I've worked with many configurations for studio and live performance, so far I've found happiness with this minimal set of tools.

I love composing with Logic Studio and it just gets better and better by the day, it's a complete universe by itself, the more I use it the more I discover.

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Old Jul 24, 2008, 12:11 PM   #106
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Hey everybody!

I'm a Toronto-based musician/composer (Brampton-based if you wanna get specific) and I actually joined here to get some input on interfaces for DAWs.

I challenged myself to use GarageBand to its fullest, and I think I've done that without the use of a firewire interface pretty well. This is probably because I've been doing software instrument compositions for the most part. (I even did a full-episode soundtrack for a show on Bravo! Network...the audio people wouldn't believe me when I said I used GarageBand )

But I really want to get into recording live, particularly to be able to record drums. I've gotten some "okay" drum tracks using just the line-in, (believe it or not!) but I really want the quality and channel control with a multi-channel preamp/interface.

So I guess I'll search around, and if I can't find any answers that way, I'll post up!

Nice to meet you!

EDIT: Oh yeah, I'm using GarageBand on a 2.4ghz 20" iMac, 2gb RAM, OSX 10.5.4

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Old Aug 18, 2008, 12:41 PM   #107
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Location: Pacific Coast
I'm a UNIX guy by trade, been playing guitar and drums for over 25 years and have covered most genres of Rock&Roll. Ultimately, I'm a total METALHEAD!

My first attempts at recording began with Tascam 4 track machines and the like.

Over the years I casually followed digital audio technology as my career in UNIX system administration developed.

I worked with Cakewalk on the PC platform for several years.

I've always been more of a performer/player and even though I have a technical background, historically, I've opted to leave the techie stuff at the office and in my spare time I wanted to just plug in and play

I don't need to "make it" and I don't need to produce perfect recordings - I just want to create and have something to show for all this time I have put into this thing that I love called music!

I currently have a 17" MBP w/ 4GB RAM, running Tiger and I just picked up an Apogee Duet. I run a very simple operation:

I've only used a cheesy demo version of Amplitube for guitar direct into the Duet which is fine for quick ideas.

Then, for the "real deal", I fire up my bad ass Engl amp, mic one of my speaker cabinets and run it into the Duet.

I'm using Garageband and have found some limitations so I'll probably look into upgrading to something else soon.

I would also like to get some good drum track software in the absence of real drum tracks.
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Old Aug 25, 2008, 04:10 AM   #108
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Hello guys and girls

My name is Windo, I just started using mac this year and started to work as a sound designer.

atm i'm using Macbook (nov 07)

thanks , and c u all folks
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Old Aug 31, 2008, 10:15 AM   #109
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Names Riley.
Just bought my new MacBook Air which i love, spite what others think of the mac air lol.

Anyway thats bout me aha laters.
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Old Sep 19, 2008, 06:45 PM   #110
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hi my name is tracy. i just got a macbook pro for the purpose of recording music. i am in a band with my sisters. our sound has kind of a folk feel to it. we've been a band since 2004 but we have been doing music for much longer than 4 years. we've been in choirs for years.

personally, my choir conductor came from USC and taught music theory. I credit him for developing my love for music (not just singing). I took guitar lessons for almost 5 years. the first 8 months i learned classical guitar and made it to the intermediate level in that short amount of time. after that i switched and learned from a studio musician about gear, songwriting, tabbing... he really encouraged me to develop as a musician and find my own sound. i credit him with stirring within me the desire to record... long story short i did.

all that to say i am in the process of figuring out which interface to use to record so my sisters and I can have new stuff recorded by the end of the year. i am hoping to have it release early next year.

nice to "meet" you all. i'll see you around on the board.
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Old Sep 20, 2008, 10:49 AM   #111
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Charlie, I'm still in H.S. Done some audio production for a large CA record store/label and some other local Dallas bands.

Audio Purposes
The Sig +
2 KRK Expose
2 KRK V8
1 KRK V88
1 KRK S12
Digidesign Track Control Surface
Audio Kontrol 1 for mobile

Shure SE530s on the Road
Grado's for other stuff

Used some other gear over time...
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I've been recording enthusiast for quite some time now, going back to my beloved (not really) Tascam Porta07 cassette 4-track, moving on to a Boss BR-8 (digital 8-track that recorded to a Zip drive), then finally a PC, of which there've been many.

Currently running Tracktion 3 with Reason on a Thinkpad, though I've recently been using Reaper, which blows me away. Really dig it.

When the new MacBooks are released, it'll be the best of those (most likely) and running either Logic or Reaper (if the final OSX version gets released soon).

I use a Firebox for good stuff, and a UX2 Toneport for scratch tracks, through M-Audio monitors.
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Old Sep 27, 2008, 02:00 AM   #113
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Location: Windsor, ON, Canada
Lately just completed digitizing several hours of analog cassettes with my own stuff on it that goes back to the late 80s.
Used Final Vinyl for conversion to .aiff and .wav and have started to use Garageband to 'clean' them up a bit. I'll be upgrading instrument wise soon and probably later grow into some deeper software.

Have had some experience with Atari ST sequencing and composing software sometime ago.
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Old Sep 27, 2008, 02:38 AM   #114
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Hey, I'm Stebbo. I've got Logic running on my MacBook hooked to a Tascam FireOne, Audio-Technica AT2020, and Yamaha NP-30. I focus mostly on piano, but I get to mess with other sounds, too (I <3 MIDI).
iMac 21.5" 2.5; MacBook Pro 13" 2.4; iPad 2 3G 64GB; iPod nano 16GB
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Old Oct 8, 2008, 12:40 AM   #115
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I'm Andrew and I'm a student taking Audio Recording classes at my school. I look to major in Electronic Music Production or Digital Audio Engineering. My free time is mostly filled with making music, listening to music, and bar-b-queing chicken.

Vital Statistics:
13" MacBook 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2 GB Memory
8 GB iPod Touch
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Old Oct 22, 2008, 07:40 AM   #116
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I'm 21 studying Music Studio Technology and Film Technology at University.

Am just waiting for my new 24" 3.06GHz iMac to arrive along with Logic Studio, to go with my freshly purchased KRK Rokit RP5 G2s and Novation Remote SL Compact 25 and my M-Audio FW4/10. Can't wait to get it all set up and get learning Logic.
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Old Oct 22, 2008, 05:19 PM   #117
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The name is Daz AKA DJ Cerebral Comfort (www.myspace.com/cerebralcomfort - tell me what you think
I'm 17 and love making trance! I have been using Logic for about six months now and I learn something new everyday.
I'm in the middle of HSC exams and soon I will be finished school! Let the partying begin! My gear:

Imac white 20"
Logic Pro 8
Reason 4
Bunch of Plugins
Edirol PCR500 midi keyboard
Technic headphones (can't remember which ones, but they tear up the studio

It's been nice meeting you all
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Old Nov 1, 2008, 01:34 PM   #118
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Location: Dallas, TX
Hey my name is Joe, I'm 27.

I bought my iMac earlier this year and have been using it mostly for photo editing, email, etc. I just recently decided I want to try to start mixing music and recording onto the computer in real time. I used to do this with my old PC, but I havent done enough research yet to know what I need for the Mac to hook up my mixer and tables.
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Old Nov 26, 2008, 02:35 PM   #119
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Location: Basingstoke, UK
Hey Guys,

Thought i should introduce myself, My name's Sam, i'm studying for a Bsc Degree in Music and Audio Technology at University. I have A level in Music Technology but have lots of experience recording local artists and also spent the last 3 years running and producing content for a local radio station.

Anyway, i'm running a MBP early 2008, see my signature. And the DAW i'm using at the moment is primarily Pro Tools LE with a Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini. But as a student i have to use all of them, Logic, Cubase, Soundtrack Pro, etc etc.

Oh and i also have been playing drums and piano for 13 years, and hold grade 6 in both of them.

Well, thats me, in a nutshell.

iOS Dev - SamHarman.com
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Old Nov 27, 2008, 05:52 AM   #120
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Im Gabriel from Spain, Im living in Germany and working as musician. I play drums, guitar and bass. Im member of a gospel choir where I make arrangments for guitar, drums and voices-, I make a workshop about rhythym for children in a school, I play also in a brazilian music band -forro, samba, bossa....- and develope my own projet at home with my very little and humble home-studio: MacBook Pro, Logic Pro, M-Audio FireWire Solo, Keystation 61 es and Evolution UC-33.
I like all kind of good music. Lately: The cat empire, brand new heavies, Liquid Soul...
Ok, theres much more about me but I think this is enough for the moment!!!
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Well heck I had no idea this thread was around.

I'm Eric from MN. I am getting back into music after a rough couple of years with work taking up all my time. It feels good to start getting some ideas down. I am a keyboardist (nothing close to Keith Emerson) and bassist. I just started getting back into bass to be honest. At the same time I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my synth bass lines to add more presence my buddy was forcing me to play bass in Guitar Hero and I could not resist and decided to take up bass again.

I am currently running Logic 8. I was trained on Pro Tools. I want to say Pro Tools 5? It was just before the 001 and Pro Tools LE. I used DP for a while. Then made the switch to Logic with 7. Sadly the only big real commercial studio in Minneapolis pays next to nothing after years of internship so I decided to not choose audio engineering as a career.

My big thing is I love me self some good old analog synths. I really enjoy collecting and restoring synths. They are just some really wonderful bits of technology. My current project is to completely rip down, restore, modify and calabrate a Juno-106. For those who know about it quarks I am replacing all the VCA chips.

Currently I am partnered up with an old co-worker and our plan is to bring analog filter banks, EQs, and synths to market. We have a long road ahead, but it will be fun.

Oh, I will be nice and tell you all what I am currently using
Mac Pro running Logic 8.
UAD2 DSP card (OMG, the Neve 1081 is fricken fantastic, best software EQ)
MOTU 828mkII
MOTU Midi Express XT
Event TR5 monitors
Behringer 2442MX mixer - The blue one that was made in Germany with quality parts (Would love one of them new ZED mixers from Allen & Heath.
oodles of plug ins
oodles of synths
Fender P bass (95 Mexican)
A few outboard pieces. Mainy noise gates (old synths are noisy)
I am planning on getting a UA 610se for vox and bass/guitars (it's one really sweet channel strip)

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I use GarageBand to make music and sound effects for my apps. I also use GarageBand for making podcast episodes.
 iBook G4 1.33 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 74 GB HDD
 Mac OS X 10.5.7 Leopard

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I am a composer working on TV and Radio commercials as well as TV shows. I am working with DP5 getting ready to get DP6.

While looking for an inexpensive way to work from home 2 years ago, a friend recommended an imac. It worked out great but now I want VSL and a number of other new soft-synths, so I'll need a mac pro.

I'm ashamed to admit that I don't know as much about the technical end of what I do as I know about the musical end.

I have a question.

I didn't have any problems for a long time, but suddenly, I am getting clicking, popping, double, repeated and stuck notes when I play SampleTank or any of my other Soft Synths.

I have no idea what has changed.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this?

I'd like to give this imac to my musical daughter after I get my pro.

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Old Dec 20, 2008, 06:29 PM   #124
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Location: N. CA
Hello From Sacramento, Ca


I am Sil from N. CA actually the Capitol City, Sacramento. I'm into all kinds of High Technology both Analog and Digital. I'm new to this Site, I have only been on here for over one week but I have found it to be a great place to find information and solutions in both the Analog and Digital Audio arena. I spent 28 years in the Communications and Computer Field in SCADA, DACS and report processing. Eventually landing on RF based transmission systems. The Computer world for me started back in 1976 beginning with IBM 1800's, the office systems were made up of IBM PC's not the XT. the PC. I got my first taste of Apple in 1984 with a Apple IIe. I enjoyed it immensely and it found its way into my Ham Shack as a Satellite Tracking and Antenna Control System and a ASCII system for RF based Communications. I however clung to Intel Based DOS systems and eventually into Windows, and finally realized this was a dead end road... I did not return to Apple until a month ago when I made a Home for a iMAC with a 24" monitor and every option I could jam in it. I'm glad to say I'm hooked. I still use PC's for some tasks at work and at Home, but the MAC Pro and iMAC's at work receive much attention from me. I work in Graphic Arts, Photography and Video. Apple computers are the only way to go in this field, especially in Video work.. I look forward to meeting some of you folks and hope to learn from those who have been working with the MAC Family. And maybe I can impart some that I have learned over the years, Old as it may be.....

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Hey I'm Greg

I'm a 22 year old recording engineer. I have two bachelors degrees, on in Music Recording Technology, and on in Jazz Studies.

I work for a remote recording company based in New Jersey. We specialize in on-site location recording.
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