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doing sound engineering at college and play with my band great fun, roll on 09 for more
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Kid Calamity
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Hello, I'm Kid Calamity

I'm just passing through, really. However, now I have registered I may return every once in a while.

I'm here now because I have a USB microphone query, so have posted my dilema up in the appropriate audio related place. Please help, if you can.

BTW; I play in a sort of jazzy band and are using the mic to put tracks up on our MySpace site.
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night drop
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I've been a longtime lurker here and have learned much from this website. I'm planning on purchasing an MBP in the next few days. One of my prime reasons for this purchase is for use in recording. It will be my first Apple purchase. Along those lines I have some questions which I'll post in the Digital Audio Forum.


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Old Jan 10, 2009, 11:51 PM   #129
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I play part time bass @ a church and just joined a band. I plan on buying an interface with software but cant decide which one. I'm afraid pro tools will be to tough for me to figure out so i'll probably find software thats a little easier. I also havent decided whether to go with usb or firewire. I dont think it matters for what i'll be doing.

Hey ? When you record live audio ,with garageband, what kind of mic do you use? Do you use an interface or a usb mic?
I just posted a prob about trying to use my usb mic with Garageband.

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Old Jan 11, 2009, 12:28 PM   #130
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Hey Everyone,

I've been managing a studio since July of '08, but it has been kind of tough here in Louisiana with the hurricanes and other extra stuff going on. I really didn't know what I was getting myself into at the time, but I'm glad I made the jump.

Other than that, I've been playing guitar for 9 years and have a lot of different amplifiers and guitars.

I use a 2D Metric Halo ULN-2 +DSP into Logic 8. I also use a Mackie Onyx 800 external mic preamp. I mainly record guitars and re-amp clean signals back through my amps. A friend of mine, who lives in Texas, records the drums or creates drum loops. He also handles the mastering end of it for the time being. He is teaching me everything he knows and I'm doing the same as well. I don't know a whole lot, but that is what makes it so great.

I'm hear to learn and share what little bit I know.

It's fun!

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New 2.4 Macbook owner ! =)

Hey guys, my name is Alex and I just got a macbook c2d 2.4ghz 2gb ram. I bought it to use it with ProTool via the Mbox 2 Mini and PTLE 8.

Hopefully I can help anyone with questions here....
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Old Jan 15, 2009, 03:52 PM   #132
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Hello! Total digital audio newbie here, learning about how things work as I go. I've been experimenting with GarageBand, and I made a little progressive dance song that I'm not quite sure what to do with. I like the sound of it, at least... but as of right now, it's not destined to be used for anything.

If you want to listen to it, send me a PM, and I'll oblige.
iMac Intel (Rev H, 27"), 1TB HDD, 16GB RAM, 10.8.4
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Been doing this for a few years, but not so consistently, now I'm trying to work on making it my career, but I need a good start, and I'm looking for that now.

I use Logic Express, no interface (so sue me, I'm broke), and an odd load of recording equipment, (headphones, a vocal mic). When dealing with guitar and strings I line in, because it sounds better than any options I currently have, and when doing drums I tend to fight with headphones and a y splitter.

I've been drumming for 5 years, use a Pacific CXR 24" Kick, 12" tom, 14" tom. A Pork Pie 13" acrylic snare, and 13" Zildjian A Custom Mastersound Hats and 18" A Custom Projection Crash.
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Introduce yourself

To revamp an old thread LOL!!

Hi There, i'm pete!! :-)
i have been into music since i was 6.. i started learning piano about then.. and ever since i haven't really looked back. I have steadily been getting more and more involved in music n stuff.. mainly solo stuff but also working in bands and stuff.

I have my dads excellent music tastes at the very heart of what i try to do and achieve- Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, (i try to experiment alot of the time with whatever im doing) I also like listening to alot of electro, and independent electronic kinda stuff, The Emperor Machine, Aphex Twin, Four tet, Ada, I like alot of rocky stuff as well.. Muse, Radiohead, Evanescence, Thousand Foot Krutch.. The list goes on.. i do have 40 gigs of music afterall!!

I went to college studied music tech btec national diploma, taking music G.C.S.E among others previous to that. I was learning guitar and piano at this point, but i stopped shortly after figured i had learnt all i could and couldn't benefit anymore. I found that i was playing more of my own music, all day everyday than actually practicing the set pieces.

While at college i was part of a band from my group that i was part of- called communication error, we focused alot on techno/electro cept with guitars! lots of bleeps n stuff was good fun.. Then i moved off to uni so that was not really an option

I'm now at university studying Music Tech (again!) BSC at leicester De montfort. Over the past 3/4 years i have picked up various pieces of kit. Yamaha kit mainly, list as follows :-)..
Yamaha Motif,
Yamaha EX5,
Yamaha Portasound MK100,
Korg MS2000BR,
Lexicon MX200,
TC Electronics G-Sharp,
2x Alesis 3630,
Yamaha MG12/4
Squier Tele,
Vox AD30VT,
KRK Rokit RP5,
Samson C-control,
TC electronics Powercore,

I have 2 macs.. a Mac Mini, the old core duo 1.6Ghz- getting 2GB of RAM soooon. and a Macbook pro, the silver alu one, not unibody though 2.4Ghz 2GB of RAM- getting 4GB on that as well..

I use Protools LE as standard, with audacity, reason, ableton very occasionally. I have used various programs to make a couple of weird tracks, including Metasynth and others i cant remember the name of..oops

I have of late become a freelance engineer working at a church in central london. I have been working there on off for 3 years or so. I also play keys there in the worship team, trying to make as many electro references as possible!!

I currently am picking up where i left off in terms of guitar, and i play alot of piano using the synths i have.. i have some instrumental work in the pipeline :-)

I have also got 17 tracks of electronicness which im looking to turn into an album.. more than likely 2.. especially seeing that i have been using the guitar alot more recently.

Check out some of my stuff on myspace.. www.myspace.com/mwpulse


Anybody got experience in electro? im looking for pointers

Im looking to eventually go into 2 different realms of music, either live work, or studio work (more than likely a producer).. maybe an engineer not too sure yet
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Old Jan 23, 2009, 02:24 PM   #135
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Hi. I am Brian. I currently do live sound for various bands in SF and I am interning at club here in town. At home I have a pro tools Mbox2 with Pro-Tools (obiviously) as well as Reason 4. I use an M-Audio midi controller for the reason.

I am looking to expand and start putting together a live rack with various compressors and reverbs so I can, eventually, take it out on the road.

Any other live engineers here?
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Old Jan 29, 2009, 02:05 AM   #136
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I'm Adam and I usualy only record my own stuff but I've produced for a few friends.

I have a Mac Book Pro 15" (the hot rodded one) and I usually just use GarageBand, but I've been using it to get better at engineering which is surprisingly fun for me.
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Old Jan 30, 2009, 02:31 AM   #137
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Hello, I am an Electrical Engineer currently interested in video actually. And, as I'm sure you all know. People can tolerate video artifacts--even crap video, but poor audio is not acceptable. One area in which I have particular concern is reducing in noise--particularly wind noise.

I'm not much interested in direct audio recording on a Mac, I'm more interested in using my machine to edit or enhance audio--but I'm open to experimenting.

I've done both hardware and software design--I'm also looking to develop applications and products for the mac.
2008 MP 3.2/16GB, Intel 160 SSD boot, 4x1TB, 2x500GB 2.5"; external 2x10TB RAID 0+1 (G5 enclosure), Radeon 5870. MBP i7 2.66, Mid 2010, 256 OWC SSD/8GB
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Originally Posted by NightSailor View Post
Hello, I am an Electrical Engineer currently interested in video actually. And, as I'm sure you all know. People can tolerate video artifacts--even crap video, but poor audio is not acceptable. One area in which I have particular concern is reducing in noise--particularly wind noise.

I'm not much interested in direct audio recording on a Mac, I'm more interested in using my machine to edit or enhance audio--but I'm open to experimenting.

I've done both hardware and software design--I'm also looking to develop applications and products for the mac.

Welcome Night Sailor. That is quite an impressive set up you got listed there. Glad to have you here on macrumors.

The same to everyone else.
my spare time
my work
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dj smelly

Making beats on FL Studio 7 with an M-Audio Oxygen 49.
Record on the family iMac w/ Garageband. [PPC G5 1.8 GHz, 10.3.9 OS X]

I just carry the iMac to my room and hook up my Lexicon Omega AI and record with an AKG Perception 120 in the closet.

Saving up for either a mac mini or macbook to run reason or logic because my windows crashed [brother was switching hard drive and it went crazy and now has a virus]. May even run windows and stay with fl studio. What is the education price on reason 4?

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Hello, My name is Benjamin

I am a guitarist and I do a lot of Audio/Video recording with my Macintosh using GarageBand and iMovie to mix and edit both the Audio and the Video.

I use a Duet by Apogee Interface, KRK Rokit 5 Monitors, and Monster Cables.

Here is where you can look and listen to my work.

My Webpage
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Old Feb 13, 2009, 10:20 PM   #141
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Location: Oklahoma
Hello, I'm Jake.
I produce local bands from Northeast Oklahoma.
I try and use extremely basic and lo-fi equipment to retain a "roots" sound. It also helps with saving money.
I'm currently using:
Behringer 8 channel mixer
Fender Strats, Gibson SGs
M-Audio MobilePre USB
Line 6 PODxt
Vintage Roland keyboards
15" Macbook Pro
MXL large diagphram condenser mic
Logic Pro
Cubase 4

Hit me up if you have any questions regarding audio!

15" Aluminum Macbook Pro, 8 GB iPhone, 4 GB iPod Nano
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Old Feb 14, 2009, 01:06 AM   #142
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Hello to everyone. I use Ableton Live 7 on a PC currently while I await my new 17" unibody. I recently purchased Max/MSP/Jitter 5 so I'm no genius with the software yet but am coming a long with the great tutorials. I really recommend anyone who was discouraged with version 4 to give version 5 a shot because the tutorials are very helpful. I also have a M-Audio Axiom 25 and a Novation Remote Zero. I'm saving up some money for a new mixer, hopefully a Korg Zero 4 to go a long with ms. pinky. Have a nice day!
17" Macbook Pro 2.93 32GB iPod Touch 2G | Novation Remote Zero | Axiom 25 |
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Hey I'm Adam. My producer name is not the same but similar to my username here. I started out producing in 2001 with Music 2000 on Playstation.

This gave me necessary knowledge to take music production further with FruityLoops 4.7 which I still use today. Since then, especially in the UK, the music scene is constantly changing with new genres springing up so most developments I've been making have been creatively rather than what equipment I use.

I picked up DJing in 2006 as a promotional tool. 2008 I finally bought an Oxygen8 V2 MIDI Controller (why it took so long I don't know lol) but I'm now transitioning to Logic Pro which makes more sense for me giving that I own three macs and one PC (two if boot camp counts), and its a lot cheaper, feature packed and intuative than ever.

I'll be setting up a podcast in due course, maybe as soon as a week from this post. I haven't released any tracks yet so I'm hoping the podcast will help gain exposure. Nowadays I'm into Electro-house, but I have been involved in many genres including soulful house, funky house, garage, hip-hop, Nu-jazz, broken beat, grime, drum 'n' bass.

Thanks for reading
PowerMac '02/ iBook G4 '05/ MacMini '08 / Vaio FW '09
iPhone 3G / iPod 160 / Nano '07 / PSP
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Old Mar 18, 2009, 04:30 AM   #144
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heyaaaa, new here!!

hello all,

I am Angie Thom. I love music and dancing. In free time i like to reading. I
currently working with Sound and Alarm. Sound and Alarm having a large collection of car alarm, car stereo, car audio, car stereo installation, car audio install, car alarm installation and other car accessories. if you would like to visit my company here is the URL:- http://www.soundandalarm.com/

I am here looking forward to more and more threads and knowledge. :-)

Thanks & regards,
Angie Thom
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Hey Guys / Girls

Finally thought I would register and start taking part in a few discussions after lurking long enough.

Basic background

Live Audio Engineer, who spends way too much time touring and not enough recording. These days I only really have the time to multi track the tours Im working on and not enough time doing the fun one off's

Gear wise I have a few set ups

6x metric halo 2882's ( with 2d cards )
2x Alesis HD24's
1x rme madiface
1x g5, dual 2.77ghz 6 gig ram with 2x rme hdsp pci madi cards
2x macbook pro's 2.16ghz 2gig ram ( 1 lives with the MH stuff, one with the madiface )

Mobile I/O 5.1
Logic Pro

Catch you all around

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Hello there. I've been lurking a while, and am looking at a new Apple purchase so just sort of gathering info. I've been using a Powermac G4, with MOTU 2408 MkII and PCI-324 audio interface, and Logic Platinum 4.7, to record music since I got it in 2000. It was the bees knees then!
It's still a great sounding and extraordinarily stable and reliable system, but I'm finally ready to come up to date with Logic Studio and a new Mac, so I've got some questions which I'll post in the forum.
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Paul Ashton
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I am musician and my digital work focuses around recording live instruments but also construct with samples and create/play my own samples.

I use Logic Pro 8 on an iMac
I intend to start learning to use Ableton LE for my sample work.
occasional use Cubase on a PC when travelling

iMac 24hhz 24"
Saffire 40 interface and Alesis Firewire 16 (agregated)
Midisport 8x8

I love keyboards and have 14 pianos, organs and keyboards. 8 are connected into my studio rig and I do use each one almost every day.
I also have a digital drum kit which is a Roland DD1 with an Alessis DM5 brain transplant.

I have a rack of hardware synths from legacy/retro Korg MR1 to Nord rack 2.
I also use soft synths and just got the amazing new Camel Alchemy

My MIDI set up was more to prove that I could do it then is absolutely necessary. Everything routed in and out throught the Mac and joined together through Logic Pro environment

Monitoring is with KRK5 Active monitors switchable to studio amp with Wharfdale D3's or to the studio PA system

I am sure there are lots of things I should have added ....
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Hello, though it'll be nice to introduce myself.

For the record, I'm not a musician or a sequencer junkee However give me an instrument and I'll try to play you a tune, give me a month and i'll usally know what i'm doing... However be warned! The results might be traggic, perhaps nothing but noise!! lol But I'm happy to keep on going!!

Over a decade ago, I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, from there I was given the opportunity to attend Tisch, NYC for a couple of semesters; with the help of some generous sponsors and a patent professor, I learnt enough to know my way around a tape based studio, of the yester-years. Gaining a temporary position in a little independent recording studio of 2nd Avenue mixing reggae tracks. Unfortunately since then I've been out of the scene. Nowadays, for the most part I work in media design but that doesn't mean I stop don't dabble! Favourite instruments has drums, bass and keyboards... don't ask me to mic anything.. it'll go wrong!! lol

Recently I aquired an Mbox2Pro, the factory edition but I'm not completely content with having just two inputs and no expansion options (i like real instruments, they just more fun!!!) I'm already seeking to upgrade the unit to either an 003R+ or a used 002R just so I don't have to repurchase PT8LE again. Only now I've discovered PT have changed so much over the years, my last encounter was PTIII way back when PPC G3 was state of the arts. I think, getting a grips with the current version will take a little time.

Please be patent with me.. I might be asking loads of stupid questions, but only because they don't supply manuals anymore!!
i7-3060X @4.9Ghz/RIVE/16Gb/BDRE/GTX580SLI/RAID5/3008WFPx2 | 光
UltraNEO* | follow me
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Hi, names mike. Ive had my mac for a little less than a year. Ive been interested in music all my life. Play a ten. sax quite well, but dont really play any more. My friend was music director for my church. He left and i sorta had to take over a few things. He showed me a few things in Reason and i sorta took off from there. So, i do a lot of reason stuff. But I'm looking to get into more recording stuff. We record off of a board onto a cd burner, then i tweak with audacity. But that sucks. So, when money is better id like to get a better set up. Anyway, i run a Allen & Heath GL2200 Board. Half of the board is pre-fade(re soldered it to be that way myself) for the aviom system. Have a fully enclosed drum cage, fully micd. Ive learned a lot, and I'm basically a wizard with wiring and trouble shooting. And i almost forgot, i hooked up some Butt Kickers and their great. If you wanna put your drummer and bass player more on their game, get some butt kickers. This thread looked a little stale so i figured I'd write a lil book for it. O yah, and most of my equipment is Behringer or SHURE. O yah, and i despise electronic drums, they sound as bad as they look.
4,1,15" Penryn MBP 2.4, iPh5 32-There will NEVER be: 13" MBP, SD slot, IPT w/Camera, Hi-Rez15"MBP, Glass screen/trackpad, Tablet, CDMA iPhone...

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New to Mac and digital audio

My name is Rick and yah I just got my 1st Mac. It is only a mini, but I upgraded it to 4 gbz of ram and the new Seagate 500/7200 rpm HD. It seems fast and stable but I have not taxed it to much yet. what little spare time that I have these days is spread between practicing the keyboard and trying to get the hang of the whole digital realm. I am not a pro like most of you guys. I'm a bldg inspector. I 'm learning with GarageBand and Logic Studio Pro 8, and I use a program called Pizzicato to practice theory, and keyboard practice. I also have a couple of software packages from EWQL, and Yamaha S90es, PreSonus FireStudio 26x26, (wanting the change to something else, mabe MOTU), Mackie MCUpro and C4 controller along with other misc items. I find it very exciting and stimulating. Looking foward to learning more. Great to be aboard .Rick
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