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Old Sep 12, 2012, 03:49 PM   #101
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Originally Posted by MacRumors View Post

Today, Apple updated its iPod touch line to a 5th generation model which incorporates the same larger 4" screen as the just announced iPhone 5. At only 6.1mm thin and 88 grams, the iPod touch is the lightest iPod touch they've created. The new iPod touch also contains the A5 processor.

Apple is promising 40 hours of music playback, and 8 hours of video, slightly increased over the 4th generation Touch. The back camera is much improved to a 5-megapixel, backside illuminated, f/2.4, 5-element lens, with the same sapphire crystal lens cover as the iPhone 5. The front camera is also upgraded to a 720p camera. The new iPod touch also supports the new Panaroma feature and also includes Siri.


Finally, there's hidden feature on the back of the new iPod Touch, called the Loop. It's designed to hook to a wrist-strap for added security.

The new iPod touch comes in five colors and will be available in October at $299 (32GB) and $399 (64GB). The 4th Generation iPod Touch will remain at $199 (16GB). Preorders for the new iPod Touch begin September 14th.


Apple also announced a radically redesigned iPod nano. The new iPod nano has a 2.5" screen and multi-touch interface. The design shares a lot of cues from the iPhone with the inclusion of a front Home button. The iPod nano includes an FM tuner, widescreen video, pedometer, Bluetooth, and the new Lightning connector.

The new iPod nano comes in 7 colors and will be available in October for $149. Preorders for the new iPod Nano begin September 14th.

Article Link: Apple Announces 4-Inch iPod Touch, Multitouch iPod Nano
Anyone else think they were seeing a picture of the Lumia?
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Old Sep 12, 2012, 03:52 PM   #102
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For all the use the new iPod Touch design is...

... they should have just released an updated iPod Mini.

The former looks like some bad Chinese iPlod rip-off.
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The 32GB iPof Touch 5 is going to be released in the Brazilian store for..................
about $620,00 US Dolars (or R$1300,00 brazilian reais)
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Originally Posted by Shaun, UK View Post
I can understand that - maybe I'm one of the few people who use an iPhone and an iPod. I just think they are going after the wrong demographic. I don't see any kids walking round with iPods these days. They've all got smartphones now. The new Touch is priced at £249 and £329. You can buy a decent smartphone on PAYG for that (with a cheap SD card you even get the 64GB). Why buy the Touch instead? Makes no sense. Just coz it's coloured? I don't think so. All the kids like to personalise their phones with cases now anyway. No I'm sorry but this is a disaster. The iPod will just continue to lose sales over the next year.
I see them all the time w/ young kids. High school 9-12 grade students tend to have a smartphone instead though. They promote the iPod for gaming and many see it as a handled alternative w/ very cheap games which works great for kids since the parents pay the similar costs to a handheld, but games can be had for really cheap or free versions. Colors matter more than you think w/ kids also.
Why do you use both though? I have a 6gen Nano, but don't see many that have both an iPhone and a Touch since they are the same size and can do similar things.
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Originally Posted by neuropsychguy View Post
It's a (very nice) rehash of the old iPod Mini body style (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1353#ipodmini), which pre-dated the Lumia by a good 7 years.
Yes, but the (old) iPod Mini body was... well more nice. Even after seven years...

Originally Posted by CrAkD View Post
whats with the nano UI? why didn't they just the same icons from iOS?
They did... with the 4th gen... I can't understand this change...

Originally Posted by jaw04005 View Post
I would have rather had the current nano with wifi and bluetooth instead of the new iPod mini throwback nano. I'm not crazy about the white front casing either.
Totally... I went to my local Apple Store and they (already) stop selling the 4th gen...

[Off topic]
Why do a keynote to announce iOS being available... only next week? We already knew pretty much everything on iOS 6 back in June...
And what's up with iTunes being available "in october"... Did they had problems with the supply chain?
..:.::.:.:.::..:.: Oh, I get it. It's very clever :.:.::.:.:.::.:..:.::..:.::.:..:.::.:.::.:.::..
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F... almost past 5th generation and no 3G on iPod Touch!!! I really dont believe that. Im not a phone person and I dont want to use any kind of phone in my life and I dont use it but I love internet and want to use everywhere. There is a lot of rumors in this site and probably right apple release iPad Mini. There are alot of stupid people working on Apple and nobody inside this company awaken them "You already have iPad Midi" we call that "iPod Touch".

Im really really disappointed when I saw iPod touch no 3G again. This time Im really, trully, deeply, F.... Jony Ive, Bob Mansfield, and Tim Cook. If I see this tree person I want to make them a toast and F... hardly until next year events.

Sorry everyone but Im really mad.
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I really feel like this is the wrong direction to go with the nano. They made the nano bigger.... ok? The "old" nano form factor has so much potential to be used as an iPhone-only smartwatch. Apple could lead the way in this market but instead they are ignoring it.
Wait... I had something for this.
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Old Sep 12, 2012, 04:10 PM   #108
Mr Fusion
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What's the display resolution and PPI specs?
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wow, really disappointed with the new Nano design.

I like the 6th/7th gen design. I can use it as a watch and a music player at the same time (and often do at the gym)

It's like they want to make the iPod Nano into a mini iPod touch, and turn the iPod touch into a mini iPad.
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Originally Posted by nagromme View Post
Does anyone else think the Lumia design is based on what Apple’s been doing for years? The iPod Mini, and several different iPod Nanos including last year’s.

Just because Nokia copied the existing iPod Nano styling doesn’t mean Apple has to stop using their own styling.
No, my gut tells me that Nokia was not influenced by the iPod nano. I think you're referring to the nano's 4th incarnation? There are subtle design differences apparent to me that make it hard for me to sense a connection.
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The phone's a dead loss. I might be going back to an iPod Nano. At least I haven't been forgotten.

The 'old' nano should replace the shuffle as bottom of the line. There will always be a place for a nice watch-iPod.
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Rather disappointed that there's no 128GB option with the Touch. I'm still on my first gen 32GB and think I'll hold out for another 12 months in hope they upgrade the storage capacity. I'm not bothered about the colours, I don't care for the camera or any other 'gimmicks' with it to generate more sales, what I'm looking for is a good portable video player for my subtitled music performances with a decent amount of storage. I find it ironic that you can shoot videos in HD with it but they take up a lot of storage so it won't take long to fill 64GB.

As for the people piping up that adults will be buying the iPhone5 and that the iPod Touch for kids/teenagers etc, I find you mistaken in my case, I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 and absolutely love it to bits. The iPod is for music and Apple have missed a trick!

And before anyone pipes up about the iCloud, it's unreliable, it's over priced and I don't trust Apple (or any other cloud based system) with my files.
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Am I the only one who misses the clickwheel?
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Thumb resize.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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Originally Posted by ravenvii View Post
And for a second I thought the Lumia 900 was an iPod nano with a big screen Photoshopped on top of it.

See what I did there?
Yeah I see what u did there. Just talked like a typical Apple sheep. Put down the kool aid my friend.
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All I want is an iPod Classic with more storage. My 160GB is almost full and I have no idea what I'm going to do when it finally fills up, definitely not buying an iPod Touch with only 64GB of space. I have my iPhone with iTunes Match for music on the go; my iPod is so I can have all my music in my car and when it is full there will be no other options out there for me in the iPod family.

Shoot, I'd be willing to pay Apple to upgrade the HDD in my iPod if they offered a service like that.
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Originally Posted by Caliber26 View Post
Ugh. I really was excited for the new Nano until it was unveiled. The 4th generation Nano is definitely the best one to date.

Does anyone else think the new Nano is basically a white-faced Lumia?

They would have been better off to go with a black face across the line. The white just seems to clash. Is this a Steve Jobs approved design?
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Tim is serious with the interface (especially the icons) of the iPod Nano, or should I call it Zune nano.
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The iPod Touch prices aren't any higher than usual? When I purchased a 4th generation 32GB model, it was £249 at Apple - just like the £249 5th gen 32GB model - they've just removed the 8GB option. Would be nice to have a cheaper. 16GB model though.
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Same price at iphone

Am I missing something? Why not just buy an iphone for the same price?
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I think the previous tiny nano was far too small and awkward: if you want to run with it, a Shuffle should be perfect, since that tiny screen is too small to comfortably choose songs anyway… I think it's great that they made the screen bigger, but I don't like how the whole thing looks. The rounded iPod Mini-like body with a rounded-rectangle white screen glass with circular icons and a home button… It's too complicated!

I think it would look a lot better if it was basically a small iPod Touch, but with no home button, and instead a sleep/wake button at the top (like the previous Nano). And square icons! What's with the round glossy icons? That's soo 2004!
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Really unimpressed with the iPod "updates" this year. The Shuffle should've been increased to 4GB, at $50 for 2GB it's a rip off. The touch stayed at the same capacity and price, as did the Nano, which looks like a Zune now. Apple needs to start innovating again instead of rehashing the same thing each year and claiming its revolutionary.
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RAM. For some reason most people here don't like the subject.
RAM. How much is in the new iPT.
My money is on 512MB. I'm hoping for more but does anyone here actually think that would put 1GB RAM in this device.

The screen won't be the iPhone 5 screen but will be the same resolution. Just like the iPT4 and iP4.

Really looking forward to seeing pictures taken with this camera. This could be the tipping point for me upgrading or going with Android or just waiting for something better.

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I was so hoping the iPod touch would get some better GPS added.

just curious, if you have an iPhone that is not connected to a carrier plan, doe sthe GPS still function?
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I am an unabashed fanatic for the original first gen nanoPod. I have not liked any iteration since. This is the first one that actually looks pretty good. I will reserve judgement until I actually see one, though. I haven't used an actual iPod in years, my iPhone has completely supplanted them (which came as a big surprise to me), but even after getting my first iPhone, I still used my first gen nano at the gym. I've owned two classics, I've used other people's minis, but there's nothing quite like a nano. Larger devices like the touchPod are a step backwards, and the square nanos were just weird.

B777Forevar: I loved the clickwheel. I can still hear the soft clicks, burned into my very positive memories. Those were the days. Touchscreens are nice and all, but the simplicity is lost.
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