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Originally Posted by iClive View Post
or is it because a lot of people are undecided about the iphone 5?


iphone 4 is by no means obsolete
Actually, it's getting there, fairly quick. While not obsolete as a pure 'phone/texting' device as a 'smart phone' it's beginning to show it's age. Both with the inevitable slow down that comes along with iOS updates, but limited functionality as well. The 4s on the other hand...still relevant because of it's upgraded internals that so many originally argued didn't qualify it as a 'real' update to the 4
Much has been revealed since those silly conversations.

As well...yes, I think some posters bringing up the same question does, in some cases, imply laziness. Our OP, however, had a more compelling situation than most. As you can see from the extent of replies

Originally Posted by FieldingMellish View Post
I don't get holding the resale value. What are 4's going for now, two years after launch? What are 4s going for one year after launch?

Is it a fair statement to say that buyers of new phones when available are also buyers of every new laptop or ipad that Apple comes up with?
This is silly. Time and time again (I've owned every iPhone iteration), I've broken even or made $ on resale of previous iPhone. My bride' iPhone 4 was purchased launch day...what, some 30 months ago? We sold it when the '5' dropped. A 16/black for $235 locally. Bought for $199 originally. I'm happy with AT&T. I know I'll have a phone with them the next two years. We are blessed with LTE in our market, and Verizon isn't available in Alaska. IE...no brainer for me to re sign a new contract. No brainer to upgrade when the ultimate cost is zero bucks...OR the chance to make money on the sale of my older device

I'm just not sure what your question is here. This is ubiquitous. Across the world...not just the US, the iPhone maintains it's value, regardless of age. However, if you skip a generation, this will inevitably decrease your resale

Originally Posted by bradPiano View Post
I agree on this. Apple certainly wants you to feel like you're obligated to purchase each new iteration of a product, but each product is increasingly more of a solid incremental step on existing form and function, and less of a revolution. OSX Snow Leopard on a 2009 MacBook Pro is still completely serviceable to get things done, but others might want you to believe that technology below a 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina Display running OSX Mountain Lion is a necessity. It's just not the case.
It's definitely not the case...but the iPhone has already been 'revolutionized'...that came when it released in '07. There's really no way to re-revolutionize this existing product. Evolutionary improvements is what you should expect. The phone had been invented. From here, all they can do is refine the design, increase performance and 'up time' (battery life), CPU, GPU, RAM, LTE, screen resolution ala iPad 3/4. iPhone 4/4s/5. You're expecting too much from Apple, as they've already moved the power of YOUR 2009 MBP into our pockets with the iPhone 5. I'd bet the objective bench marks will show more similarities in speed than differences. The speed of the memory, the graphics processing...even geek bench scores on the CPU.
That's what you're not recognizing by only looking skin deep

Originally Posted by irDigital0l View Post

Also I hate when people make up bs especially when the facts are right there. The SIII's screen is better than the iPhone 5. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j...X4LWbiAodTJLJg

1. Yes it does. My iPhone 4 hasn't slowed down a bit, its battery hasn't gone down a bit, its performance overall hasn't been subpar at all.

I'd say it'll be wiser if he got a iPhone 4 for FREE. He can pocket the money to get a better iPhone down the road or something else.
A. The screen in the GSIII is DEFINITELY not of the same quality as the '5'. There are dozens of reviews that use real measuring gear to look at color accuracy/gamut, contrast, brightness, and the overall, subjective 'pop' of the screen. I own both. As a budding iOS and Android developer I also own the original Galaxy Note, Xoom, Nexus '3' and 7. The Note's OLED screen, IMHO trumps the GSIII. The iPhone 5's panel smokes the current Super OLED offerings from Samsung. The HTC1X is a better screen in 'Droid-Land currently. Doesn't sound like their new, true 1080p model is all that...kind of a let down from the preliminary reviews

Sorry...but you got yourself a freak for an iPhone 4--we had two in the family, and the switch to the 4s, and the 5--both run circles around their predecessor. As I made quite clear earlier. A. You're not saving ANY money by buying older iPhones. Sure, the initial cash out of pocket is more, however the back end, when upgrade time hits...having the newer tech will typically cover...sometimes with a little xtra on the used market to subsidize the new purchase. And B...having a newer phone, in the case including his decision to buy the 4s greatly improves his performance and OS goodies that come out with each update. IE-Siri, turn by turn navigation, perceived/actual measured speed--and the unit MOST developers are aiming at with their software so the majority of users can use, play, and enjoy their app purchases

Originally Posted by DoNoHarm View Post
Thanks for all the replies people! I've decided that I'm going for the 4s, as many people on this forum suggested. The primary factor behind my decision was the Siri functionality and the fact that the smaller form factor fits into this nook I use in my car, is more pleasant to hold, and will scratch less easily. In the long run, even if the iphone 5 cost $0 and I had to pay $100 more for the 4s, over two years, $100 is irrelevant.
Congratulations! Excellent choice and you'll enjoy it!

Originally Posted by pnoyblazed View Post
if you don't have an iPhone 5 by now, you might as well wait for the 5S or the 6.. the iPhone 5 is already old news

typical shelf life of smart phones is ~3-4 months
Lol. Where do some of these replies come from? Has Apple's iPhone update history taught you nothing? Their average shelf life seems, on average, for the latest phone release to be about 14-15 months. Even went 18 between the 4 & 4s (which is now a very worthy upgrade and able to do everything my '5' does). 3-4 months if you're an Android only user...but Google seems to want to get a handle on this a bit more with their Nexus line up (once a year), Samsung with it's once a year update to the GS and Note series (their flagships). Where does the 'wait for a 5s/6' come from? Many people...even in the original launch countries are patiently awaiting the arrival of their new '5'
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Originally Posted by BiggAW View Post
Exactly. If you're using an upgrade, you should only get the latest and greatest, considering a $100 difference is a small percentage of what you're paying for service over two years. I got the 4S the day it came out, and I sort of have 5 envy. However, the lack of a jailbreak, Google Maps, cheap charger cables, and Lifeproof case accessories is holding me back. Plus, I don't want to have to re-buy all the Lifeproof stuff, that's like another $150 on top of $100 for new charger cables (RIP-OFF) and $400 for the upgrade.
Oh man so with you on the jailbreak.. I miss it a lot :'( Makes the phone infinitely better.
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You should definitely go for iPhone 5. It's new and obviously better than iPhone 5. I don't like the iPhone 4 now. But if you'll compare between 4 and 4S, then my vote will go for 4. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by Minhimalism View Post
Oh man so with you on the jailbreak.. I miss it a lot :'( Makes the phone infinitely better.
I bought the 4S before it was out, and man did I miss it, even coming from an iPod Touch and Android with ROMs. Now I won't make that mistake again. The 4S was a little easier on the case side as well, since I could just get anything that worked with a Verizon 4. The one thing that I can't give up (since 6 has do not disturb) is MyWi. SBSettings, Infinifolders, and a few other little tweaks are really nice too.
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I would get the 5 if I were you.
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