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Originally Posted by AidenShaw View Post
Hmmm, since you suggested a revisit....

Not quite the "blowout" quarter after all, especially for the Iphone 5.
"Analysts say astonishing iPhone growth run may be over, with sales figures missing forecast of 50m units"

Who's forecast? Apple's, or the analysts? What exactly were the iPhone 5 sales?

As reported yesterday on the front page of Macrumors; "Quarterly iPhone unit sales reached 47.8 million, compared to 37 million in the year-ago quarter...". Sales are substantially up year over year. This Macworld story suggests iPhones sales were within the analysts range. Looks like some disagreement on the forecasts.

Apple is doing just fine.
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Originally Posted by AidenShaw View Post
Hmmm, since you suggested a revisit....

Not quite the "blowout" quarter after all, especially for the Iphone 5.
Not a blow out, but very good, beating Apple's own guidance. Despite all the naysayers Apple is doing fine. The company philosophy is about making great products. They don't really care that much about market share or stock price.
As Tim said, they could put the Apple label on all kinds of products and sell a lot of garbage, and make a ton of money. That's not the goal at Apple. The goal is to make the best products and let the chips fall where they may. As a large stockholder I get the same quarterly dividend whether the stock is $700 or $400. Since I'm long on APPL all this transient hoopla only makes me *yawn*... I almost sold at $700, but missed the window. It's okay, I got in at $80 so I'm still way ahead of the game.
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Originally Posted by AidenShaw View Post
Not quite the "blowout" quarter after all,
Fourth biggest quarter by a public company ever.

especially for the Iphone 5.
Of course, your source is contradicted by statements made during the conference call.

"ASP on iPhones was essentially the same YoY. Underneath that, if you look at the mix of iPhone 5 versus total iPhone, versus iPhone 4S the prior year, those mixes were similar."
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I have mixed feelings about walmart. Some of their practices are indeed reprehensible.

But walmart simply cannot be singled out for offering financial support to evil politicians. Every large business entity is guilty on that count. As far as 'evil' business practices, yes, walmart is worse, but all of the big box chains are culpable as well.

If these are issues one is concerned with, you had best stop participating in the capitalist system. And I say that without a trace of sarcasm or cynicism. Most every major chain is moving in walmart's direction: low wages, sourcing from overseas, driving out small businesses, cutting back on health care, not offering it at all, or making it inordinately expensive. Anti-green practices are the norm as well, regardless of rhetoric.

It's easy to single out walmart, and they should be given their excesses, but the other chains are all sitting alongside walmart on the 'evil' side of the continuum.


OTOH, I find trying to work with apple employees to be insufferable. The arrogance they display is really appalling. ATT Stores? Generally unpleasant.

I really prefer shopping online (through one well known store front in particular), but their treatment of workers is quite startling as well.

This is capitalsim: wages are down sharply, as are benefits and job security. Even college educated tech workers with college degrees are scraping by on what barely qualifies as a middle class income, even with two wage earners.

In summary, I am not defending walmart, I'm simply pointing out that anyone who is critical of walmart is a hypocrite if they are full fledge participants of the capitalist system and in terms of a micro level perspective, one should be nearly equally as outraged by target, amazon, sears, landsend, etc.

The walmart is evil campaign is a short sighted cheapshot which ditches true understanding in favor of smarmy brand favoritism.

Originally Posted by Soura2112 View Post
Not sure how this turned into basically a political discussion, but this fairly simple, don't shop there. If Wal Mart had the iPhone I wanted for that price I'm buying it, or any store for that matter. Should we not go there because of these ridiculous accusations? Because they sell products at a good price, open late (some 24hrs), and hire tons of employes? Or should we not go there because god forbid they make a profit, pay normal wages and stray from unions? I'm not a huge Wal Mart shopper due to their location. They have great prices though, so when near one I get the few things I need. Certain clothes, blu rays, other odd stuff. If your going to attack them go after Apple too (even though they sound so sweet and innocent), all products are made overseas, paying workers way less (which is typical wages in China, so I'm not knocking the overseas pay). I bet in under 5 years Apple will leave CA, I would if I were them, except their tax breaks must be amazing to still be here (yes I live in CA). This topic is ridiculous why I had to chime in on the hypocrisy. Wal Mart and Apple are both using the capitalism system correctly. If you don't like these methods then do as you say and don't shop at Wal Mart, though many are stuck since Apple is no different, and I love Apple. You may want to look into the stores you do shop at, google them too with the same ideals. IMO Sam Walton was a genius who saw a great opportunity, and now they are a huge employer. No one is forcing people to work there either, and in this economy people should be happy for places like Wal Mart. If you like the price buy the phone, if you hate Wal Mart pay retail, it's that simple.


Originally Posted by AppleScruff1 View Post
As opposed to Apple paying their store help generous salaries and only using ethical suppliers who pay their workers great wages and treat them like royalty?
Here's an interesting story on apple's iphone supplier, foxconn. Seems their plants have been riddled with huge issues, such as a 2,000 employee violent melee, factory explosions, horrible wages which barely cover the rent for the dormitories they live in, vitriolic humiliation of workers by supervisors, and employee suicides. Their wages generally only cover food and rent, nothing more:


As much respect as I've had for some of apple's designs, the more I learn about apple, the more I hate them.

To put it very simply, if you support apple by buying their products, you are basically an a--hole.

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