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Originally Posted by canman4PM View Post
Yes, I've heard of YouTube. My kids live on it. And it seems to me most of the content is still less than high-def. in fact, tons of it is showing at less than 480p...

Don't recall seeing lossless audio either...

My point is (and I guess I'll have to use an extreme, never happen, example to get through), if 400,000,000 North Americans are all streaming 1080p (or worse 4k) media, with lossless audio, for their nightly entertainment, will there enough bandwidth available for all of us to be online at once, streaming our arses off?

Right now: maybe, maybe not. But even Blu-ray doesn't do lossless uncompressed 1080p video.

I would, however bet on bandwidth becoming available as required.

You can get unlimited gigabit internet in Hong Kong for 30 bucks a month. Google is offering gigabit fibre to the home in some areas.

The core networks are powerful enough, and with fibre, upgrading the bandwidth as required is merely a matter of putting on more powerful transceivers and switching backplanes.

Codecs improve as CPU power improves, also.

In any case - I doubt you will see 4k video streams in the consumer market for quite a long time - and i seriously doubt you'll see a new optical media format to sell them on.

Why? Because hollywood, etc. want to be able to control the distribution of their content. If they can encrypt the video stream (properly this time, third time's a charm?) and have an hardware device at the endpoint de-crypt the data just before display (as HDCP was intended to do) then they will do so.

Shipping such encrypted content on optical media means that once the key is compromised, all bets are off. They can't discard the encryption key without breaking all the optical media players.

Streaming means that they could potentially encrypt every stream with a new key, and send a key update to the device (via firmware update) if required (because the device is internet connected)

The encryption benefits mean that whether or not it will be hard, big media will do what is required to ensure that the bandwidth is there, or that the content fits within the available bandwidth.
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Originally Posted by linuxcooldude View Post
1) Thunderbolt is meant for power users & Professionals not so much consumers.

2) Only 4 devices?!?

All these are Thunderbolt enabled: Red Rocket Chassis from mLogic, Drobo mini, Buffalo Technology MiniStation Thunderbolt HD-PATU3, Promise Pegasus R4, LaCie 2big 6, G-Technologies G-RAID Thunderbolt 8 GB, Elgato Thunderbolt SSD 240 GB, Seagate GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt, Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo, BlackMagic ultraStudio 3D Capture, Matrox MXO2 LE Max, AJA io XT, Thunderbolted Intensity Extreme, ATTO ThunderStream SC 3808D, Drobo 5D, Matrox DS1 Thunderbolt docking station, Sonnet Echo ExpressCard Pro & Echo ExpressCard, Sonnet Echo Express SE, Sonnet xMac mini Server.

Soon to be released: Belkin Thunderbolt express dock.

Probably more in development.

3) Intel will eventually put them in PC's, which some are already have them.

Acer's Aspire S5 ultrabook, Lenovo's ThinkPad Edge S430, Asus's G55 gaming laptop

4) Mac Mini

Thunderbolt dead? Its only just started.
Not to mention that ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI Intel PC Motherboards now offer Thunderbolt on-board.





The latest rumor is that AMD based motherboards are getting Thunderbolt, as well.

News of items certified with Thunderbolt:


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well one good thing about having thunderbolt in a non 3.0 usb mac computer that started having thunderbolt i would gladly pay belkin the price it is wanting for its dock when it finally comes out to get usb 3.0 and firewire and ethernet with the thunderbolt port on it for daisy chaining shut i would if i had the retina macbooks or even the new imacs as i have 2 23 in monitors i would love to use and a western digital mybook studio 2 running firewire. i will probably do that when i can get a imac 21
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Originally Posted by RobertMartens View Post
You are talking about problems that are at least 5 years way. Thunderbolt is out now.
Most of my buddies shoot at 4k resolution right now. They have 4k TVs out too. Shooting at 4k today is the norm because you have a lot of info to work with. speaking as a professional user these problems exist today. Most of my friends use PCs for video editing (Avid) now and use USB3 for imports and still go off and make lunch on imports.
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toke lahti
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Originally Posted by throAU View Post
Your issue of storage is also a reason for the decline of optical media:

- if i purchase, i don't need to store it, don't need to worry about damage and am less worried about physical theft of my collection
- if i rent, i don't need to worry about late fees due to failing to return - the media simply expires x days after rental
Originally Posted by throAU View Post
You can get decent high def video over 4-6 megabit. Sure blu-ray is better, but for most people, even DVD is "good enough".

For me, the convenience of streaming or downloaded media far outweighs the marginal quality improvement by keeping optical media around.

I suspect I'm not alone.
Here we go on the subject of "physical media is dead", again.
Same people who will tell that "dvd is good enough for the most" also tell us that "usb3 is not good enough for the most, they need tb"...

Did you know that there are more bd-movies sold all the time?
DEG wants money for numbers now, but I guess this year there will be sold about 500 000 000 bd-movies in North America alone. Over billion bd-movies already sold!

Physical bd-movie is totally different product than "digital". "Digital" is mostly subscribed streaming". This is for people who just want to watch something. You can't control the library in any way. Titles come and go. You can't sell or loan or give as a present any titles in "digital". And when you stop paying, your "library" vanishes.

I do use Netflix, but those movies I want to be able to watch whenever I want and at highest quality feasible, I own as bd.
And I don't worry about damage to the bd-disc. It will last as long as I will.
Btw, can your offspring inherit your online itunes library?

People who rely on online content should be grateful for those who buy physical copies. Think if those 500 000 000 bd's bought yearly in North America would be downloaded! Nobody could watch anything from the net!
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Originally Posted by KnightWRX View Post
Oh good, let's see :

- FiberChannel
- ECC Memory
- Server Blades
- iSCSI over Ethernet
- LoM
- Cray, The SuperComputer company

I could go on, but at this point, I think you get the point that you're in over your head. Consumers don't drive all success in the technological, IT, computing fields. Thunderbolt doesn't have to succeed in the consumer market to be a success. That Apple is implementing it in consumer level machines does not mean it is intended as a consumer level technology, nor that its designed in a way to reflect consumer level pricing.
I was not clear on my questions. I meant which retail consumer tech produced by retail consumer company that succeeded without consumer embracing it?

That Apple is implementing it in consumer level machines does not mean it is intended as a consumer level technology, nor that its designed in a way to reflect consumer level pricing
are you writing a business model for Apple? Apple products is for retail consumer and they don't care if retail consumers buy into the tech? Apple is here to make money. They don't spend R&D just to make it cool and unprofitable.
Consumers don't drive all success in the technological, IT, computing fields.
I did not make generic statement. We are talking about Apple and its products here.

I could go on, but at this point, I think you get the point that you're in over your head
stop putting others down just to show how smart you are. it just makes you look the opposite.

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