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Originally Posted by imac5 View Post
This seems like a simple enough question:

do you want/need a new computer, or are you looking for a tablet. My opinion is that if you plan on doing any work with it, then go with the computer (MBA). If you are looking for a media consumption device, then an iPad will suit you well.
Hello all: I'm a newbie here and this question is one I have been asking myself lately. I was at my local Apple dealer the other day and was looking at a 13inch Air, but the dealer said he wouldn't want an Air and that an iPad was faster, and a much better choice ( I intend to use it for presentations and lessons ). I thought this curious and I don't really see a definitive answer here other than a computer vs a tablet response. I like the portability of the iPad, but the 13 inch Air has more view space, and if I have an Apple TV I can jack it into my class room. But printing is an issue and I'm not sure if I can print from an iPad easily. I would prefer the iPad, but I am curious .... any one have both and which one do they use for presentations and presentation and lesson development? Thanx
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I have both and wondered the same thing. I got my iPad when it first came out and have upgraded to the latest since....

Now to the question, I thought an iPad is an iPad its got the convenience factor and very portable compared to the MBA and so I wouldn't put the two together.

But after I received my MBA, I hardly use my iPad anymore. The browsers in the iPad is glitchy and slow and overall not a smooth experience compared to my MBA.

If you were debating between the two, go ahead and get the MBA. For all its worth, its a full blown computer that can play all audio and video formats and has a keyboard to type and is as portable as the MBA.

I don't use my iPad that much these days at all. It will end up as a present to someone I know and I will keep my MBA
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I think it really depends on the person. I use my iPad 90% of the time and use my MBA only when I need to create something like a spreadsheet for work.

Games and reading magazines are awesome on the iPad. Using the iPad as a second screen while watching TV is awesome, like watching Dexter and seeing all the live comments from around the country, etc etc. iPad is great for being lazy on the couch or taking everywhere so you have something to do while waiting for an oil change.

It's really 2 different things so you have to get both. Yeah that's it, get both. Problem solved.
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I own both an iPad Mini and a MBA '12. Both devices work very smooth, but I always grab my Macbook when it comes to writing, editing and that kind of stuff.

I choose for the iPad Mini because imo the full size iPad competes a lot more with a MacBook.

If I had to choose between iPad or Macbook, i'd say Macbook, or better: both
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Get MBA or iPad?

I own both. The convergence is striking with every new version of the iPad. But the iPad will age more quickly in my opionion so it also depends on your replacement cycle. You want to buy the MBA. Buy it. It won't let you down. But given the machines you already have at your disposal (including rMBP), I really don't understand why you need another computer if you can set up MS Office on your rMBP? In which case, I'd go for iPad. Of course you can't get outlook on iPad BUT the iOS Mail client can be set up with Outlook and IMO it is more than adequate for 97.3% of what you will be doing in Outlook.

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Originally Posted by fng2584 View Post
really? the lenovo has a nice graphic card, but their screen is just horrible.
watching a 1080p video is like watching something in the fog.

Ive had a classic 13in MBP before and while its not retina display material, it was the best screen ive seen before the retina
MBA 11/13" - worse processor than Lenovo T series, worse graphics card (ULV processor iGPU versus mobile processor iGPU), same faded display look.

MBP 13" - same level processor, same level graphics card, better display.
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I don't really understand why you'd get an MBA either. The rMBP should be more than enough. If you want something lighter for movies, books or surfing the web around the house, then pick up an iPad.
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Sell the Lenovo, get a Thunderbolt Display (wait for refresh) for a streamlined desktop and no redundancy. Why have two laptops?
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Originally Posted by wolfpuppies3 View Post
iPad vs MB Air? Simple, MBA is a computer, the iPad is not.
Im sorry, but this is just a stupid over-general statement.
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Cheffy Dave
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Originally Posted by fng2584 View Post
I think I have deicded to go with the Air.

Now im wondering if I should go with the high end Air 2.0ghz 8GB i7 or go for a base 13" Pro w/ Retina??
Always go with the best you can afford!
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didnt know this thread came back,

heres the update, I sold the Lenovo, still undecided what i want to do.
mainly because i heard theres a new ipad coming out in March and I want to see what it can do so I will wait.

i see a lot of comments about using my rMPB with Outlook, but it seems like a lot of you who said this didnt read the whole thread.

as i mentioned, the new machine i will get is being paid for by my job, they would not allow me to use my personal laptop for work.

they want to give me a machine that i will use strictly for work only
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