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£105,000 ($215,000) bar bill for one hell of a night

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by edesignuk, Jul 25, 2007.

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    Good night chaps?

    £10k service charge!!!!

    The bill, thanks to This is London:
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    So a quiet evening in then?
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    Seems like quite a lot for only 19 people.
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    If you can, why not?

    Absolut was expensive though, must have seen him coming. ;)
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    They either left most of it, threw it over friendly talking-to-them-for-their-personalities dancing girls, or their livers no longer function. I'd hope the 2nd or 3rd option.
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    OMFG! "oh hi, look at me! I'm so worldly and generous and care-free and special!" :rolleyes: what a twunt.
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    Jaffa Cake

    Bear in mind those are London prices, though. ;)
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    John Jacob

    This doesn't make sense. 40 bottles of Cristal champagne cost £15,360. This means that a bottle would cost £384. Then why did they waste £30,000 on a Methuselah when they could have got the same quantity of champagne in normal bottles for £3072? And again why £9600 for two Jeroboams when they could have bought eight normal bottles for £3072?
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    I read in the Metro this morning that one of the bottle(s) of champagne came in a £9500 gold case.
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    Because the kind of idiots who throw money around like* that would HAVE to spend £30,000 on a bottle so they could say they spent £30,000 on a bottle...

    *without inviting me...
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    it matters not, the real answer to all of these questions is: because he can.

    I like that the twunt got ripped off though. He got charged astronomically higher for these things than they normally cost. £220 bottle of absolut, haha!
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    And Absolut Ripoff, one might say.

    EDIT: May I also add;

    How ***** tacky does that club look?!:eek:
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    Let me have a go. I think I could have bargained it down to £210.
  14. mpw

    He also had inferior product most likely. Champagne is supposed to be bottle fermented, anything bigger than a Magnum (2bottles) would be fermented in bottles and then open and transferred to the larger size bottle to be sold to knobs like this. The economies of scale do have some effect on the extortionate price, but mostly it's just charging more 'cause they can.
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    It's probably because the Methuselah was a better vintage ;), though mpw's comment on it is very amusing.
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    Don't you think that after all that, the 6 cokes should have been on the house?
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    The "astronomically high" prices (like the Absolute, for example) aren't really that high- it really depends on where you are (V.I.P. room, perhaps). I've been to bars in Hoboken where a bottle of any liquor starts at around $300. That's the the price you have to pay to be in the room in which you can buy them.

    That being said, no, I don't think it was worth $300. But the group I was with had a great time, so who cares.

    And yes, they should not have had to pay for water or soda. I mean seriously- ever heard of comps? What the hell! :)
  18. dcv
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    Thought it might be interesting to figure out how many units of alcohol that was (yeah I'm bored at work):

    converting the different bottle sizes...

    8 x Cristal champagne
    28 x Dom Perignon champagne
    40 x Cristal champagne
    2 x 4 x Cristal champagne
    9 x 2 x Dom Perignon champagne

    8 x Belvedere vodka
    2 x Grey Goose vodka
    1 x Absolut vodka

    1 x Pinot Grigio white wine


    102 bottles of champagne
    11 bottles of vodka
    1 bottle of wine

    Assuming 12% ABV for the champagne (75cl bottles) and the same for the 70cl bottle of wine, those count as around 9 units of alcohol each.

    A bottle of vodka is approx 28 units of alcohol.

    So (103 x 9) + (11 x 28) = 927 + 308 = 1235 units

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    Pffft! Some of us don't need 18 mates to help get through that!;)
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    Twelve pounds, seven shillings and sixpence ha'penny in Yorkshire.
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    Well said! Seconded.
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    I don't know if anybody else noticed that the party host is apparently "a businessman based in Dubai". I take it not one of the natives though :D
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    Is it just me or is that place just a little on teh expensive side? I mean £6.5 a bit much for a bottle of water. I'd pay at most £1.5 equivalent for a bottle, but maybe thats just one of those exchange rate things?
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    Looking at the receipt on the This Is London page, it looks like he only paid £94,000 anyway. I can't figure out the maths on that one; even if he refused to pay the service charge, the drinks plus tax still comes to £95,000.


    Tight b'stard. :rolleyes:
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    i can't imagine that hangover.

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