£99 for new Apple TV !!!!

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by retrospek, Sep 1, 2010.

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    How does $99 = £99 !!

    I was going to buy one as well - but now I'm not !
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    what a rip off!!!
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    Oh yes, you can guarantee us brits will get shafted on the price like always.
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    Yeah...120€ in Germany...unbelievable...
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    I agree - but it isn't normally this bad .... :mad::mad:
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    Went onto uk apple store to buy one also. Then came straight onto here to moan :)

    £99. Piss right off. Thought £59 maybe £69. Where do they get £99 from. :(
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    Also we don't get Netflix - so we are paying more for less functionality !
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    I was thinking £59 and I might be interested

    defiantly not at £99!!
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    Take a look at the page. It shows the VAT and import duties the UK price includes. Those are not included in the US price.
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    Couldn't agree more, was going to buy until I saw $=£!!!:mad:
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    Hopefully it is a universal power supply like the original as I'm gonna be in the USA in 5 weeks

    Apple seriously needs to realign some of it's pricing models, either that or admit that the only way they can offer it at the headline price of $99 is to let all the other countries subsidize the US sales!!!

    Oh yeah, what on earth were the cheers for when Steve showed the top down view for? Yeah ok it's small but he hadn't even said what it does yet!!

    Streaming may prove an issue for lots of people in the uk, I wonder what kind of BB speeds you're gonna have to have?
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    What a rip off.
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    Still the shuffle is $49 converted to £39 so why no difference on a higher product I would expect £79 at most!
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    I did choke when I saw that.

    Everything is spot on with the new Apple TV - it does exactly what it should.

    US$99? Okay, probably £80 tops - I'll got for that.

    Credit card came out to order, then the website refreshed and revealed the price.

    We get less for more expense. Nope. Card goes back to the safety of my wallet.
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    So i know its not Apple's fault but when VAT rises the AppleTV will definitely not be worth it... Christmas present this year i think!!! Not wasting my OWN money on it...! LOL
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    If they had put this at 79 pounds then I would have bought immediately...

    But 99 pounds is just taking the p***

    Sorry Apple - but no sale from me :mad: this pricing is madness.. !
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    Based on today's exchange rate and adding VAT, it should be about £79 tops.

    £99 is just plain wrong.
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    Your crying over £20?
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    Yep - I'm not an Apple Fan Boy !

    Why should I be paying more !
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    lol ok.
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    No, i think its the principal of the price that is pissing everyone off.... why should we pay more?

    Simple question why?

    And dont say its sales tax/vat related or shipping etc.... because then the differences in other product pricing would be more closely matched to US from UK.
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    It's 25% over-priced.

    I'm in floods of tears here. ;)
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    I dont no why we pay more but the even simpler answer is if you want it get it if you dont then dont! No one is making you spend your money on the thing!
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    Before someone else complains about Apples shipping, US customers get free shipping over $50 but in the UK its over £78! Makes me sick!
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    You must lead a charmed life if this is on your list of concerns.

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