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$0.99 iPad stand.. works perfect!!

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ryanide, Apr 6, 2010.

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    Believe it or not this holds the iPad perfectly in either orientation. It's quite stable and perfectly priced!!

    Get yours at Staples: here!



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    I thought this was going to be a joke thread. Like, use an office binder clip as an iPad stand. That's kind of cool, though.
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    thank you the heads up.

    I was just on my way to Best Buy to buy a cd and Staples is right next door.
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    Love it!

    My dock arrived today but only holds the unit in portrait mode.

    I'll stop by Staples on the way home and do some investigative work. :)
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    Im so getting one!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Looks like it works perfectly!
    If I hadn't fractured my leg a couple days ago I'd go out and pick one up:(

    I guess I can add it to the list of things my wife needs to pick up:D
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    Can anyone verify it can be used with the Apple case...?
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    Brilliant Idea! Yes, please someone check this out and report back.

    Thanks in advance!
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    10 bucks for delivery is cheap?
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    I love I Love Lucy.

    Did you rip it from the DVD?
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    How stable is this thing?
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    Duct tape, dude.
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    I'm so getting one if they have them in store. How heavy is the thing? I don't want my iPad to go falling over the side of my desk or something.
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    Rip off
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    Thanks for the tip! :D
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    If nobody replies before tonight I will run down and pick one up and provide my input on how it works with the Apple Case.
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    let us know, looking forward to more people using this and seeing how it works with the ipad apple case.
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    Brilliant (to everyone with variations on the original, too)!
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    Yes, from the DVD using Handbreak. Fills the screen perfectly. : )
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    Surprisingly it is quite stable. If you are going to use it on a desk (and keep it mostly in one place) you could use some double stick tape under it to keep it positioned on the desk, especially if you plan to type or do something other than watch videos.

    The thickness of the iPad fits nicely in the space without feeling like it is going to slip out, plus it is wide enough that it is not going to tip side to side. I don't know about with the Apple case, probably too thick.

    If you are worried, guess you could use some scotch double sided tape (the thin style) inside...?
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    I went down there really quick, they dont sell it at my store, online only.

    I wish the apple dock worked with the case.... :(
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    I just stopped by Office Depot to check it out. I have the Apple case, and it didn't feel sturdy enough for me. Close, but not quite.
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    Great for $0.99

    Where do you get it at?
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    Sweet, there is a staples on my way home. I think I'll stop by this week.

    Thanks for the heads up...

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