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1.25GHz Powerbook Has Stopped Recognising Lower Slot RAM

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by andym172, Nov 14, 2003.

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    This is a quick post as I'm just about to go out, I'm sorry if it's a little vague!

    For the last 2 hours I've been trying to upgrade the RAM in my 1.25GHz Powerbook, from the original 512mb's to 1024mb's.
    I purchased the RAM from Crucial, buying 2 x 512 sticks.

    Loading the RAM into my computer I've now noticed that the lower of the two memory slots is no longer responding (according to the computers System Profiler) to either the new RAM, or the original sticks. I've tried many variations but nothing has worked so far... :(

    Has anybody else come across this same problem? If so, how did you fix it?

    I'm considering taking the computer to my local Apple Approved store (The Apple Centre Warrington), but cannot be without the computer - it is my only computer and is what I do all of my work on.
    If it has to be sent away, can I expect to receive a replacement?

    Also, if you were in my position, would you take the computer back with the original RAM loaded in the slots?

    Although in my opinion highly unlikely, is there any chance that a hardware problem such as this could be as a result of me loading Panther (approx a week ago)?

    Any advice would be great! :)

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    Andy, I type my reply on a 667 titanium pb 15. That only bad because I own a 15 al book. I too tried to add extra ram. About a week ago. Now my ram modules are both dead, even to new apple memory. I had to give up my computer today for over a week. I would get it to apple asap. I would put the original memory back in. Doubt its a panther problem. No they wont replace your computer or give you a loner. Thats one thing I have learned that stinks about the whole keeping your life on your computer. That and buy apple care. Always.
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    Thanks for your reply! :)

    I also posted this subject on Apple's forums and this is the response I got:

    "I had a similar problem with a 1ghz AlBook. When I added a Crucial 512 stick in addition to the original 256, I had many freezes etc. Running the hardware test off the install CD said that the lower slot (the 256) was bad. Switching them around showed the 512 (now in the lower slot) was bad. I spoke to Crucial and they sent me a new stick. Same problem. Any one stick in either slot worked fine and tested good. Any combination of 2 sticks created problems and the stick in the lower slot tested bad. The fine folks at AppleCare declared my machine DOA and arranged for a replacement at the AppleStore in CorteMadera. Now I am using both 512s from Crucial and the machine runs great. I think you have a similar problem, ask for a replacement machine."

    I shall post here what I put on the Apple forum:

    I spoke to Apple UK this morning and they have said that it will take a minimum of 2 weeks in order to repair the computer.

    It appears my computer needs a new screen as well as new logic board - three white dots are appearing in the screen, one that has been there since day one but is now much more noticeable than at first, the others not so much - these are as noticeable as the first when I initially purchased the computer and so I fully expect them to only get worse.

    The only people I can speak to regarding asking for a replacement are the online Apple Store (UK), but they are not available until Monday, and even then I'm by no means promised a replacement...

    Given that I'm a final year uni student I honestly cannot do without my computer for two days, let alone two weeks, so right now I am very much in a quandry...

    Am I justified in asking for a new computer? Being only a month old, I would not expect this from a supposed £2,000 worth of computer!! :(
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    Re: 1.25GHz Powerbook Has Stopped Recognising Lower Slot RAM

    Yes, I'd pop the origional RAM back in before you take it to be looked at.
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    Well In my opinion yes you should be given a new computer. However, that is not Apple's policy. That stinks but it one of the few downsides we mac users have to live with. I would be more willing to take your mac back from them with a new logic board and a new screen (same fix as mine by the way) From what I have read on other posts, people who have had their screens replaced have not had any problems since. When i first got my 15 in al book the backlight keyboard went bad after two days. The tech guy at the apple store was kind enough just to swap it out for a new one (the one that has since gone bad). The screen on both brand new al books had faint white spots. I'm hoping for a better machine than what i sent in. Hopefully apple will pioneer a service system that takes much less time. Otherwise its a necessary evil. I feel your pain. Just sit tight and be really really proud that we have the coolest notebook in the world!
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    Thanks for your post! :)

    I wish I could sit tight, but it's really not possible in my current circumstances.

    Work at uni is coming thick and fast right now, 90% of which must be processed on my computer.
    In normal circumstances, sending away my computer would simply be an inconveniance - it being my music and movie player as well as main past time (surfing the net) - but right now I cannot be without it due to my workload.

    I've even resorted to phoning around everywhere I know that sells Mac's in the hope that I'd be able to buy another and then sell this one on eBay once it's fixed and returned, but there appear to be no 15" AlBooks in the UK right now...

    Given that the computer's still operating I could wait until the Christmas holiday, but I don't know what my circumstances with work will be then. So I'm currently asking myself, 'is it best to get it out of the way?' or 'should I keep hold of it and see what the situation is in December?'.

    In keeping hold of it I cannot be sure if the other memory slot is going to give up the ghost and so could present myself with an even bigger problem (lost work etc).

    This one may prove to be a right royal pain in the arse! :(

    Sorry for being a moaning ninnie! :D
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    Well, I would get it out of the way as soon as possible. I thought mine was fine. I tried to upgrade the ram a couple of weeks ago. The banks actually went out completely yesterday. I don't have my data or anything. I would fix it sooner than later. I'm not sure if they have any rental places where you are but it might be an option.

    Hope everything works out with as little pain as possible.
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    Thanks, and thanks for your advice! :)
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    I just have this problem now. Only the upper slot is working, whether i'm using old or new SDRAMS. How did u resolve it? did apple replace / repair any parts? Should i bring it to an apple store and just wait for them to repair it?

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    hey man, i took the powerbook to the apple store and they had to replace the entire mother board. I would definatley take it to apple and have them look at it.
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    well, i went today to the Apple store in University of washington and left the unit for repairs. it would take seven days and i know my warranty still covers it. my goodness, the whole mother board? how much did u pay for the repairs? i hope i wont spend so much.

    since i got this PB secondhand, do i still have to show documentation for the warranty? they told me my warranty was good till end of October this year by checking the serial number on their database.


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    ok, so I may get flamed for posting here but...

    I've been using Crucial memory for many years, on Macs, Dells, Compaqs, etc.

    Several months ago, with our latest batch of Dell D600s (DDR sodimms), we got Crucial RAM as usual. We had months of lock-ups and randoms BSODs. Dell and Crucial pointed the finger at each other. Finally it was diagnosed that it was the Crucial RAM. We replaced it with "Dell" RAM (i.e. RAM bought from Dell) and everything fixed itself.

    My point is... Crucial RAM has been causing me trouble and not fessing up to it. I have since stopped buying memory from Crucial.

    BTW, I am banging this out on a mac...

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