1.42 shipping soon?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by synthetickittie, Feb 27, 2003.

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    I just checked on the estimated shipping of a 1.42 powermac. Its down to 3-4 weeks, it was 4-6 weeks whe I ordered and was from the day they annonced them. Its now been over 4 weeks since they were announced so Im assumming with the estimated shipping now down they must definitly be running on schedule or maybe even a little more adead of what they had plained on. Is this just wishful thinkin because I want this computer to come so bad or am I right? Also has anyone that ordered on the very first day got thier shipped yet or know of any reseller getting them in yet?
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    Don't even ask this question or you know someone is going to say, the reason they are having problems with the release date is because of issues with overclocking the 1.25Ghz G4.

    That is the same thing they said when it took awhile to get the 1.25's ramped up, problems with overclocking the 1Ghz G4's.

    I am envious of you, people are all talking about this PPC 970 and what I would not give to have the money to have a new Dual 1.42 G4, that is going to be awesome and worth the wait! Hang in there!
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    I actually called Apple today to get a status check. The machines are still on schedule, and the first ones should be shipping in about a week supposedly.
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    shipping estimates are now down to 7-10 days on the stock 1.42 powermacs if you order now, and for custom ones now 2-3 weeks. Has anyone that ordered on the very first day had theirs set out yet?
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    No, mine hasn't shipped yet.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Must be nice getting one of these, I wonder what would be causing the delay? Same machine as a 1.25 for all intent. Did you guys order these with the ati 9700? maybe thats the hold up?
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    You can't order them with the 9700 yet. So that can't be the delay.

    When the DP1.42 were announced, the leadtime was quoted as 4-6 weeks. Apple is within that window now for people who ordered early. And while it's mostly the same machine, it might have to do with when Apple was expecting the 1.42GHz processors to be available in quantity.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Motorola again? aaahhhhhhhhhhh!
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    a couple of people on the apple powermac board have said that they have just recieved or it has shipped for them (meaning the 1.42) and they say they only ordered about 2-3 weeks ago.... whether or not they are lying for some reason I do not know but they did say they ordered it completely stock. Personally its gonna be 4 weeks for me tomorrow and I did order a lot of BTOs. I also called apple on saturday and the guy said they had put a work on order on it and he hadnt yet to see that for anyone else that had called him asking, which I assume meant its being built now. So Im gueesing you didnt order yours (bear) completely stock? But Ive definitly got myself set for an e-mail any day now from apple saying they sent it due to the fact that if anyone ordered theirs now they would only have to wait 7-10 days. Ah well I'll just be happy enough if they get it sent out when they said they would (the 19th)
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    law guy

    Stock 1.42 available at resellers

    I just ordered my 1.42 (stock) from iJon's family's shop today - with two day FedEx, I should have it on Wednesday (with praise for that shop on the thread re: Intl WS or Dual G4). The local Apple store (Tyson's Corner, VA) also has a "fair" inventory as of last Saturday.
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    Re: Stock 1.42 available at resellers

    just checked, fed ex took it at about 430 today. let me know if you didnt get your tracking number.

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    iJon - url for your shop?
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    In case someone cares, I was at the South Coast Plaza Apple Store in California today. The guy mentioned they received some 1.42's. They were in back, not on display yet.
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    synthetickittie: Yeah, mine is a BTO.
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    Just spoke to Apple, the work order has been placed on my system. So it should ship within a couple of days. If I'm lucky, it'll ship by Wednesday, so I'll have it for the weekend.
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    Is it possible...

    ...to actually get some info out of Apple (on the status of your order) when you call? All I have succeeded in is getting the guy to read me the status of my order from the website.

    I ordered my PM nearly two weeks ago, and at the time it said, "3-5 days". If I knew that a particular part (SCSI adapter, bluetooth) was holding it up, I might just reconfigure to get it out the door...

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    Re: Is it possible...

    yeah, but the problem is you wouldnt be able to internally add bluetooth later on. only externally. the bluetooth module is a internal usb connector for it, you have to have it professionally installed. so if you wanted bluetooth that bad you made the right choice, or else you would have had to get the dlink adapter and take up a port on your ocmputer.

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    Thanks, IJ...

    It has been my experience that if somebody's machine is going to be delayed, it's going to be mine. ;)

    If the delivery dates get much shorter on the 1.42s, I'll cancel my DP 1.25 and reorder the faster box. I've got taxes and some serious Photoshop to do, and this wait is not helping any...

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    Re: Is it possible...

    Yes, it is possible to get a little status information out of them that isn't available on the website. Mostly whether or not a build/work order has been submitted.

    They can't tell much more than that. Although sometimes someone will have a clue as to what the delay might be.
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    I twisted their arm just a bit...

    ...and the lady answering the phone said neither she (nor her supervisor) could tell me *what* was holding up my order, only that something apparently was.

    I live about two miles from an Apple store, but all they have are the "standard" machines. *sigh*

    Patience never was my strong suit. :D

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    you think you have it bad

    i ordered a 23 inch hd studio display and bod 1.43 on the same day. i recieved the display 3 days later and here it sits with nothing to hook it to!!!! my estimated ship for the g4 is april 3!!!!!! try walking into a room everyday using a g3 beige tower and small monitor with that display right next to you!!!! its enough to drive somenoe insane. apple was just plain mean not to send it all at the same time!!!!!! i need a beer!!!!:D
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    Meat, I feel your pain...

    I, too, have a 23 Cinema Display sitting on my desk with nothing to hook it to...

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    same here!... ahh I know what you mean, using this DELL LAPTOP(dam pentium 1!) and having the 23 inch display right next to me is making me go NUTS
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    Re: Meat, I feel your pain...

    This problem is why I tell Apple to ship the whole order together. It's annoying to pay for stuff a month before you can use it.

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