1 satellite receiver streaming to multiple ATV2 ... how?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by tootall, Nov 8, 2011.

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    Is there a device that can be hooked up to my satellite receiver so it can stream TV's video/audio to any Apple TV 2 in the house.

    Elgato HD Home Run cannot do it; I have read threads about Slingshot but the receiver has to be physically hooked to the components (not HDMI) which defeats the purpose...

    any suggestions? I would like to have just one receiver in the house
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    Not directly. Most satellite receivers require HDCP handshaking to occur between the receiver and the television and that copying via HDMI is then prohibited. This is why almost all devices for recording off of satellite receivers get around this by using the component outputs (since there can't be a digital handshake over analog).


    Further, no the HD Home run can not, but several other devices sold by El Gato can record off of your satellite receiver in HD. However, those will still use the component outputs.

    To familiarize yourself with all of this, do a google search for "the analog hole"...
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    I agree with paulrbeers. The satellite providers have designed their set-tops specifically to forbid you to do what you are asking. You can, however use component outputs, and you probably can't tell the difference between HDMI and component anyway.

    As to your wanting to use multiple TVs with ATV2 boxes as receivers, no way that will happen. The ATV2 will only play content from the iTunes Store, Netflix, or your computer's iTunes library. There are some more options if you jailbreak, but I don't know of anything that would play a live stream created by a Sling device.
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    Directv has a new iPad app that will stream programs to the iPad using their app. I would guess this could be streamed from the iPad to the Apple TV using airplay or mirroring (if you have an iPad2). I can try it when I get home.
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    Yes, but you are limited to just a select number of channels that you can watch on it. You can't watch ESPN on it or HBO any commercial free stations etc. You can only airplay audio.
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    I would like to add you cant stream your recorded shows and that the channels you can watch are actually streamed from the internet not using one of your tuners on your sat box, I have been watching fox soccer on it and I would say 80% of the time it looks ok. But still ideally this would have been better implemented to let you watch what you see on your box. Oh well first try I guess.
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    Thanks for all your valuable input, it confirms what I was reading. I was still hoping that there would be an easy way to get rid of all those ugly and expensive sat receivers. I guess it is not possible here in Canada, you must have some type of set top box to have HD :(
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    Directv used to have a PC program (no idea if it worked with Mac) that would let you watch whatever you recorded or were currently recording. If this program is still around (I use Slingbox for watching at my computer nowadays) it may give you a workaround.

    In theory, you could install the app, use Splashtop remote to access it, and use mirroring to get it to the AppleTV. Like I mentioned, I have no idea if the program is still around. When I used it, I would just start recording anything I wanted to watch and it would allow me to see it on the computer.
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    thanks Uofmtiger, I understand your work around... unfortunately we don't have direct TV in canada... basically there is basically no competition here besides Rogers/Bell/Videotron, and they all offer the same (shi**y) service.

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