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10,000 mile service for Titanium Powerbook (in the UK)

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by lucius, Jul 14, 2004.

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    My Ti Book (800MHz) is looking a bit beaten up now - with scratches on the lighter grey portion of the case, an ink stain on the slot loading drive's felt and it has a wonky F2 key where I dropped a knife on it (don't ask). Does anyone know where I can get parts in the UK to get it back up to scratch. I know I can get a new keyboard through the Apple certified stores but what about the paint scratches? There is a product called TiPaint I've seen advertised in the US but has anyone seen it over here?

    I would also like to upgrade my combo drive to a superdrive. Apparently Apple don't do one but I have seen 3rd party ones (MCE I think). Again, though, it all seems to be US based. Anyone seen these in the UK?


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    2nd Chance seem to do the superdrive upgrades, although they don't have a price listed.
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    Superdrive upgrade not cheap

    I phoned them to ask. Including fitting its £417 + VAT (£490 inc VAT). Of that charge 78 + VAT is fitting. If you fit it yourself you lose warrenty on the product. That's a pretty pricey upgrade, I could buy an eMac to use as a separate DVD burner for that price. Hmm.
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    DO NOT USE TiPaint its rubbish!!! i wrecked the look of my tibook 667mhz with this pos!!! its almost as rubbish as apple's paint!

    g3's seem to last longer than these tibooks... my expensive tibook experience has put me off the quality control on all apple's laptops for now...
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    Thanks for the advice. Maybe i should strip the paint off the middle section altogether, or just put up with a well-worn looking laptop perhaps. I think the newer alu ones are more resilient in this regard (not being painted as such). It is disappointing isn't it.
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    My first TiBook (the original) survived 2.5 years (including more than a year in a rather abusive environment as I gave it to my younger siblings when I got my new one). My current TiBook (1Ghz, last rev of the TiBook) is still going strong at 20 months (save for the HD, which started to develop bad sectors).

    And my sister is currently enjoying her 12" AlBook, so you may wanna take another look.
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    I have heard Apple will repair the paint problem on TiBooks if it is still under warranty. (Although they won't always do it). For example, if you wear a watch, they say the watch caused the problem.

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