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10.1.3 is driving me crazy

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by thecube84, Mar 20, 2002.

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    alright hear's the deal...

    i just downloaded the 10.1.3 update here's the pros

    apps like AOL load faster...
    navigating hd is faster... etc faster


    it sits on the happy mac screen at boot for LITERALLy 5 minutes
    it does always boot but it is SOOOO slow at booting

    I CANT PRINT to either my DeskJet 812c or the LaserWriter Select 360
    i could before, just fine on both the os says that the printing is completed, but it never prints... the activity light flashes on the 360 but the dj doesnt do anything at all.. and X is none the wiser

    i ended up transferring my files to another mac and printing them to the SAME PRINTER from there.... anyone else having this problem???
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    Is it on a network when you have the long boot time??? Try changing your network settings from automatic to what you know your network type is. That could improve it.

    What does the startup splash screen show that it is doing when it is loading the OS??? What kind of computer is this loaded on??? How much RAM, etc... a wee bit more 411 can help us help you better :D
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    400mhz DV
    576mb RAM-thats not the problem:D ;)
    uuuhh 10gig hd

    lets see yes its on a 4 iMac ethernet network

    on the splash screen it sits on initializing network for a long time as well
    but the main hang is on just the happy mac...

    hey Alpha check your private messages...
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    Do you use DSL or other dial-up? Do you have your Network Time preferences set to automatically synchonize your clock with an ntp server? If so, you have the perfect combination for a hang-up at "Initializing Network".

    I've noticed OS X is notorious for rendering the first program that accesses the internet useless for about half a minute or until you force quit the program and relaunch it. I have DSL and it drives me nuts!

    I'm also not counting on Apple to fix it, either... :rolleyes:
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    alas no

    no i have aol...... aww so sad i hate them but i want road runner badly too bad its not in my area...
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    HD issues.

    If that HD is not the original, it's possible the ATA jumper-pins that select it's hardware adress could be set wrong. My iMac at home is set to "cable select" which is not technically supported..........it gives me the old flashing question mark for 5-10 seconds before even getting to the happy mac icon.

    If it is a dynamic IP DSL feed, you could solve the problem with either an Airport or a router.

    Of that RAM, is there any you got REAL CHEAP? RAM can cause all kinds of havoc if it's the bubble-gum-and-bailing-wire kind.
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    yes actually i got a 512mb stick for $55 from OWC.

    but... it wasnt like this before 10.1.3
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    Look in your Apple System Profiler:

    The memory spec should be 2-2-2. If it's 2-3-2 or anything involving higher numbers or doesn't show up as a 512......get rid of it.
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    i see

    well the profiler says

    PC-100-222S for the 512 from OWC

    PC-100-322S for the STOCK APPLE PART... hmm...

    should i run a techtool ram check?
    i will
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    No suprise, the first generation slotloaders were concurrent with OS 9's original release. The 2-2-2 spec was more recent and only became an issue since X.1.2 or so. Getting another 512 would only improve things anyway.

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