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10.1.5 and iBooks...

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, May 4, 2002.

  1. arn
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    RailHeadDesign reports that Mac OS X 10.1.5 is progressing and we should expect to see it in the next two weeks.

    Meanwhile, PowerPage has a small blurb posted on Friday that simply states: "Expect new iBooks next week, details this weekend"

    Jon writes in and claims that at CompUSA, iBooks have been marked as "D01" - which reportedly means "discontinued". Anyone with confirmation?
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    the question is:

    what will 10.1.5 bring to us?

    and also:

    will the ibooks go g4 and/or what specs will they have?

    just have to wait and see.... as always
  3. arn
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    yeah, but as with everything we can only be so "sure" based on rumors.

    and with the os x upgrades, i'm always just waiting to see what it does for my computer. it's not always exactly as advertised in my experience.

    i certainly don't think a g4 ibook would come without some event... but the emac did. not as high profile i don't think but still.

    maybe they'll let us know something a bit more when wwdc hits.
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    I'd like to see a way of taking my ol' 500 Mhz iceBook's motherboard out and swapping in a new one for, say, $750. That kind of an upgrade would be rather nice.

    Apple innovating along these lines would really have users happy.
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    I'll check at work tomorrow about the D01 iBooks.

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    well D01 definitely means discontinued, but I cannot confirm that this is teir status being that I do not work there anymore (school). i find this somewhat hard to believe, as Apple has caused ALOT of confusion with rerevving the iBooks like they did. Now there are 2 600MHz models that are discontinuted, and 3 that aren't, all with very similar specs. I think it would be very easy to jump the gun in a random search of the IMS.
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    Even though the new upgrade is nice. I'm going to wait till 10.2 comes, then I will buy the new 800mhz power book. I rather have 10.2 installed then have to upgrade. Just makes me feel better.
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    I don't think the iBooks will go G4 just yet. Apple would have to bump up their speeds to make it a plausible update, but then they would be just as fast as the PowerBooks, and be more expensive than they are now. I think that the 100mhz speed bump prediction is right. I might expect built-in bluetooth, maybe a faster combo-drive, bigger HD's, and that type of stuff. I like my iBook right now (12.1" 600mhz Combo), and the only thing that I would want upgraded is the processor to a G4, but I don't see that happening yet...
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    Given that the old (new) eMac/iMac has finally gone G4 and is for students, I think the iBook goes G4. The iBook is the last G3, it's a dead chip. My vote anyways.
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    updated ibooks

    Oh man!! those are gonna be awesome! Apple will probably discontinue the 12in ibook and stick to the 14in model, which kicks ass. Also, they should definetely update the processor to a g4, because they are starting to lag behind big time, even for a consumer laptop.

    Just my 2 cents, but I know I'm right
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    Re: updated ibooks

    wow. such confidence.

    how do you "know"?
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    Re: updated ibooks

    Discontinue the 12in iBook???? I really don't think so... I just came back from Japan and I saw lots of Sony and other brand computers with models just like the 12in iBook... not only the size, but also the color (the sony one with horrible speakers in the lateral is white).

    The 14in has low resolution screen. I think that they should increase the resolution. If you need a big sceen... save more bucks (the 2 cents!!!!) and get a powerBook!!!


    Ps. I bet another 2 cents on G4 iBooks.. maybe for MWNY, but they will come!
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    Re: updated ibooks

    I really hope you aren't! Djeez I luv the 12 inch, because it's so small.

    It's like with certain body parts: it's not the size that matters!
    The screen shouldn't be BIG; what's important is that it has a high resolution, and if a 14 inch sports the same resolution as a 12 inch, then it sux for me.

    MY 2 cents...

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    All 12" should be discountinued and I had mention that Compusa has discount on these. Most likely all of these will be gone - some are going for less than $800.

    The Ibook will have a 14" on all the models. Size makes a difference with the higher resolution.
    It would make sense to have the following

    14.1-inch TFT XGA display
    Higher resoultion
    633MHz PowerPC G4
    System bus @ 100MHz
    256K L2 cache @ 600MHz
    256MB SDRAM memory
    30GB Ultra ATA dr
    AirPort ready

    14.1-inch TFT XGA display
    Higher Resoultion
    700MHz PowerPC G4
    System bus @ 100MHz
    256K L2 cache @ 600MHz
    512MB SDRAM memory
    40GB Ultra ATA drive
    AirPort ready

    If this is true look for a update to the G4 Towers to anywhere from 1.2g to 1.6g and the PB not long for now 6months to a year reaching 933mhz to 1G

    what do you think?
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    Kill the 12" iBooks? Are you kidding! The reason that I got an iBook, was because it was small, just over an inch thick, weighs less than 5 pounds, and is hardly bigger than a 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. It fits nicely in a backpack, and is easy enough to carry around.

    If you ask me, the 14" iBook was a mistake. If they were going to make a laptop with a 14" screen, Apple needed to re-design it. The 14" iBook just has to much space on it, and it looks akward because it has the same design for a large notebook that was used for a micro notebook. The current iBook design wasn't made for a 14" screen, but rather a 12" screen. That, and it weighs 6 pounds. Remember the PowerBook G3's? They were built for a 14" screen, but they were ugly as heck with the optional 12" screen.

    I think that if Apple is going to change the iBook, they need to keep the current iBook. They need to make it a little thiner, put in a better processor, but keep the 12" micro notebook look. That's what makes the iBook cool, and it's better for education. My iBook barely takes up any space on my desk, while a 14" iBook would hog it all.

    I have no objections about Apple releasing a 14" notebook with a G4, but they need to re-design it, and don't call it an iBook. The iBook wasn't made for 14" screens. They can call it the eBook, or whatever, but I think that the iBook should remain slim, compact, and lightweight...
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    I have to agree on the 12" - I wouldn't want a 14" and discontinuing the 12 would just mean I won't be upgrading soon. I want a laptop that's truly portable - 14" is too big for my needs and my eyes aren't that weak yet that I gotta have it.:)

    Here's hoping they don't take leave of their senses and still offer the 12" but give it a nice speed and feature boost - I'd upgrade in a second.
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    let's hope for pocket rockets G4-12in!

    While trying to send a video email on an iMac at the Tokyo Macworld, I was approached by an amazingly bi-lingual black-shirted American Apple marketing rep. He asked about my impression of the show, and told him it was just so-so. He asked what I wanted to see and I said a G4 12inch iBook, as the rumors were stirred about new iBooks just before that expo. He responded with "What would you say if Apple discontinued the 12inch and made the whole line 14inch?" Well, I never felt so important in the Mac world before, so I let him hear all of my reasons for making such a machine. I was keeping silent about my talk with that rep until now as I was just hoping my burst of steam at a clipboard bearing marketing rep was enough to control Apple's production plans. I hope these new rumors are wrong.

    And let's hope I was important after all.
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    I totally agree with you (G4scott) except in that the 14" iBook was a mistake. It's there for people who just want an iBook but want a bigger screen and don't care about the footprint. I personally got the 12" 600MHz because of the size too. Apple should keep it that size. That's its main attractive (at least it was for me).
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    "He responded with "What would you say if Apple discontinued the 12inch and made the whole line 14inch?"

    This gives you an idea of what Apple is thinking. Surveying users on what's coming up.
    I have to agree with you that the current 14.1" ibook design looks a little akward. A redesign of 14" ibook line would be great
    Look for 14" inches as standards maybe with a design close to the PB.

    Can't wait till next week and see what happens.
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    The only reason why i think they should kill the 12in ibook is because i know how irritating it is when you have to browse through web pages and the screen is too tiny to show everything....of course, if they pump up the resolution, it would be awesome, and it would rock. But imagine a 14in with more resolution....duuuuude....the 14in is not that bigger than its little brother, and it is the perfect solution for those who want a bigger screen but cant afford a powerbook (even if they save their 2 cents). Anyway, thats what i think.

    I could just feel it in my guts that i was right, but then i had some alka seltzer and the feeling was gone, so next time i'll make sure its really the "its gonna happen" feeling
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    new idea

    actually, i just thought of the greatest thing for mankind: the 13in Uranium ibook.

    Sure it kills you after a few months, but the screen size does not cause controversy, and battery life is about 11 years!!
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    For 2 out of 3 lines of products that have been updated to a G4, the processor speed has stayed the same or has gone slower.

    PowerMac: G3 450MHz to G4 400MHz (yes, the mobo, I know)
    Powerbook: G3 400 and 500MHz to G4 400 and 500MHz
    iMac: G3 700MHz to G4 800MHz

    If the iBook did get a G4, I would most likely say that the processor speed will not change. A 600MHz maximum with a 100MHz bus speed on an iBook would still progress quite slower than a 667MHz Powerbook (low end) with a 133MHz bus.

    It also does seem likely that the iBooks may have a faster G3, but then what about new PowerMacs only a few months later? I am afraid that IF Apple comes out with a G5, there will be lines of products with G3s, G4s, and G5s. I would rather have G4s and G5s, rather than three separate types of chips. That is the main reason for why I support G4s for the iBooks, so that there would be less complication if a G5 product was introduced.

    Any time is a great time for iPod.
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    are we really expecting this week?

    hey everyone -

    Seems like there is a lot of talk about "THIS WEEK" -- meaning WWDC... or definitely BEFORE MWNY -

    do you really think this is true? or is this just complete total speculation.... I'm positive that by MWNY we'll have something new.... it's just a matter if it's coming in the next week or in 2.5 months !

    everyone was on target for the Powerbook (apple even got it 1 day earlier! ) --- but this ibook.... I really really want to buy one (the 12inch, i think the 14 inch isn't too ... proportional or whatever)... and the 12 inch model hasn't had a revision since October ! we're approaching 7 months... could apple wait any longer?
    the ibook is great, but it really seems like the PC laptops have soo much more to offer -- even besides their processor speed. I want a new ibook, but not something that is already outdated.

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    It's possible that they'll move the iBook to G4 600mhz and G4 500mhz. But I don't think they'll move it to a 700mhz G4--too close to the Powerbook. A 700 mhz G3 is the most likely, I would bet.

    As for the screen size, it would be tremendously disappointing to me--a current iBook user--if they go to 14" across the line. The small form factor is one of its great selling points. And 1024 by 768 is a decent resolution.

    IF they move to 14", they need to do a substantial redesign to make the iBook more compact. The current design has about 0.7 inch of margin on each side. The PowerBook has about 0.35 inch of margin. So maybe, they could move to a 13" screen while keeping close to the existing form factor. Bump the resolution to, say, 1152 x 768, and we have a happy compromise.

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