10.1.5 by Monday?

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, Jun 1, 2002.

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    RailHeadDesign hints at soon to be released 10.1.5 update.

    Again, these are just grumblings and snippets I’m hearing, but the POTENTIAL bottom line is this: OS X 10.1.5 is ready and the update to Internet Explorer is almost complete, too. Both could be available before the weekend is over — but the Office v10 update is still weeks away from release.
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    I can see everybody trying ididk on moday and then it will get congested
    but I don't expect much of an update
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    The last week has been for me, updating to OSX as my native OS, D/L all updates.... and installing the ton of new software that I got the last week.....

    So I'm currently of the mind, the more the merrier....... :D bring it on......
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    All free updates are welcome!
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    Absolutely.... :D

    I'm really impressed so far with my first week as a native OSX user, Photoshop 7 that seemed to be buggy in OS9, runs much better too........ I'm finding it much more productive......... :) than OS9.......
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    Quite. Although 10.2 will be more than welcome too, despite the likelyhood of a fee ;)

    Seems like it's another minor update, a lá .1.4. No doubt better than nothing though...
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    Bring on the new update! Apple should not hold back, If they have 10.1.5 ready then by all means release it!
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    What kinda minor updates are going to be in 10.1.5, does anyone know?
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    we've discussed this a lot in other threads... but apple wants to package the IE updates with the OS updates apparently. it's beginning to sound like IE is a part of the MacOS... :rolleyes: At least it's seperable :D
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    Its gonna be a large update then if it includes the new version IE! My poor 56k modem is going to be working overtime!
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    Already on Apple Store iMacs

    Hey, I'm in the Apple Store in McLean, VA, and the LCD iMac I'm posting with is running 10.1.5 already, build number 5S55. Also shows the serial number with a second click on the version number in the About This Mac box.

    A quick examination of the Finder reveals no 10.1.5 readme, so I don't know what's new other than that so far.


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    I saw Jaguar in action the other day, and it's quite impressive! And QuickTime 6 rocks (at least MPEG 4 does!).

    Also, it's allready very stable i think, so it shouldn't take too long to have a Release Candidate... The only problem is QT6 i guess...

    And it won't be 10.2. :cool:

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    BTW: I saw it on an eMac (the first one in Belgium!), and I don't like it...

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    New features

    Apple don't change anything big in these minor updates. They should have been called "fixes" or "patches". But 10.2 - that is an update!

    And where does everybody get Jaguar from?
    Maybe I should contact Apple...
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    OK, fine, upstage me. :)
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    office x won't work in 10.1.5????
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    Whatever makes you think that? Microsoft are working on an update with a bunch of bug fixes and minor optimizations (i believe), but that's not to say that v.X isn't going to work with .1.5.
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    i thought that was why office X was mentioned in the news post
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    The Canon A40 works with 10.1.5

    We've all read the 'updated note' but I just bought a Canon A40 today (not supported under 10.1.4) and tested it with 10.1.5 and it worked as it should. I'll be happy when they release the update.
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    To Download or not too download

    Should I download 10.1.5, I have it, got it off Limewire, or do I wait, I am getting the new iMac, and I am wondering whether I should install it, and risk #%^ing it up. Also, in 10.1.5, there is a tab in System Preferences for Bluetooth, I saw it at the Apple Store.
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    It's that way when you install the bluetooth software on 10.1.4, too.
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    Re: To Download or not too download

    It's always best to wait until Apple officially releases it. Unless you're the adventurous sort. :cool: Not a whole lot can happen, but sometimes it can be a bear to update the official update over the earlier build if what you got your mitts on wasn't the final build.
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    Re: To Download or not too download

    The impression i get from the article linked above is that the only difference between the version of .1.5 that's on limewire and the one that will be released on monday (according to rumours) is that tuesday's will have the IE update included in it. If that's the case, then you're not risking much by downloading it now. Apple obviously trust it, if they've got it on the macs in the apple stores, so it can't be all that bad.

    I'm going to wait, but that's not to say that's it's a major risk for you to do so.
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    I think that I will just wait, no sense in screwing up my new iMac, anyway, does anyone know how long it takes to burn a DVD on the new iMac?
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    Re: Thanks

    If I am not mistaken, DVD speeds run 8 times faster than CD speeds when listed. (Example: A DVD burning speed of 6x would be like a CD burning speed of 48x.) The iMac Superdrive burns DVDs at 2x, which is equivalent to 16x CD burning, which I think is equivalent to 2.4MB/s, or 144MB/m.

    How large is the file you plan to burn to a DVD? Take that number (in MBs) and divide by 144. That is how many minutes the burning process will take. But, do not forget the software you use is going to take up some time to prepare. So the whole process will take longer. I am not too sure how much longer, but I would say a minimum of around 3 to 5 extra minutes.

    Fear the King.

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