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10.1 and UT Carbon

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Sep 29, 2001.

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    As you all must be aware... Mac OS X 10.1 has been released at Apple Stores across the country today. As it turns out, 10.1 is Build 5G64.

    In other news, Mark Adams released a public beta of Unreal Tournament Carbon. I've personally had limited success... but give it a try...
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    UT for OS X

    Definately worth using, but don't increase resolution, don't change to windowed mode and don't use control, option or command keys.

    Still one of the few apps I'd rather run in OS 9 :)
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    Ever since I updated to OSX v10.1 yesterday, unreal tournament carbon hasn't worked! It worked great before if I just turned the sound off in the unrealtournament.ini file. Looks like I'll have to wait for the next update to get it to work again. Sigh....
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    When I play UT-Carbon on my Mac I get kinda studdering performance. Like my movement was being issued by key-repeate. Anyone else have this "feature"

    (PS Damn, for a 20% increase in OpenGL performance this build is weak, although I know they said it has no "OSX specific enhancements")
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    Re: Question

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    After further R & D, I've discovered all OSX Games runnign OpenGL have this odd performance problem, the game seems to have burst-rate FPS. When Playing TonyHawk Pro Skater2, my FPS drops to an unbearable level, especially when doing tricks. This is an issue on both of my OSX 10.1 systems.

    Anyone else in the same situation?
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    Re: Follow-up

    Only the startup movies drop out on tony hawk for me.
    Main problem is the lack of HID manager support by UT OS X and Tony Hawk OS X.

    Plus I can't get that last bit of cash on the first level.
    You know, the one above the half pipe which is near the roof.

    On another note, I've got to reinstall UT, then UT OS X.
    has a runtime error then crashes, thank god for X.
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    Re: Re: Follow-up

    2 things:
    1) Do me a favor and try the Demo version (i want the full-update but they don't sell it at CompUSA apparently.

    2) Did you upgrade, or full install. I'm so disappointed with my OSX App launch time (not 1 bounce, or 2, think 4) I'm gonna borrow my freind's OSX 10.1 install disk (he was waiting for the speed) and wipe my disks and re-intall it. I blame it on fragmentation.

    IMPORTANT: Anyone know If I can RAID-Array 2 ATA/66 drives (I know PCs can, Grrr) One is 27GB and one is 30GB, I'd sacrafice the 3GB if I have to, if RAID runs fast like i've heard.
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    Re: Re: Re: Follow-up

    It's not worth making a RAID when your HD's are different sizes. Just try this partiton structure: 2 gig swapfile, 25 gig documents (mp3's and movies will fill that up), 15 gig applications & 15 gig systems (9.2.1 & x.1 on the same partition)
    For some reason, X runs better when it has 9.2.1 on the same partition and you can choose which to run at startup.
    <press 9 or X>
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    Actually the partition scheme I have is oftem prefered. MacOS 9 is aon a 2GB partition of the master disk, the small size keeps down fragmentation, and is great when running the disk checker FYI. OSX is on the bulk of the disk. My 2nd HD is devoted entirly to DV Projects (I don't have much of a choice there). I've wanetd to defrag the master HD, but I don't have a defrag tool.

    And since my post, I've learned that I can RAID my 2 Disks using the ATTO Raid function in Disk Utility. Keep in mind by using the "stripe" scheme, your data can be read from both HDs at once. With ATA this can really boost performance (ATA/66 HDs are 5-8MB/s, the bus can probably support enough data for both to run at 100%). I need to backup my files, then I'm planning on wiping both HDs and reinstalling.

    And for my OpenGL post in TonyHawk2, I ran it today, and for some reason it runs great. Actually I think I'm finally getting that 20% Apple promised. Now if only my iBook ran this well I could brag… Damn, guess I'll just have to reboot it 30 more times and hope for the best.
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    This just in…7:20PM

    Go to the ProcessViewer, doubble-click LaunchCFMapp. Watch as all your apps run 2x faster. I think in OSX 10.0.x this was a nessisarry app, but on my G4 it isn't even runnign anymore (since my Games started running faster). I figured (for my iBook) I might as well try quitting whatever core-app that was using all my cycles. Well to my surprise, MacOS kept running after I quit LaunchCMF. WOW! All my games are liquid smooth. I am now truly amazed!

    PS: If anyone knows what LaunchCFMapp is/does and/or how to prevent it from launching on start post a reply.

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