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10.2.2(6F6) Lowered my ping and raised my FPS

Discussion in 'Games' started by 8thDegreeSavage, Oct 12, 2002.

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    A friend of mine is a ADC member so he usually lets me test new builds on my machines at home.

    So anyways.....i updated recently and when i went to game online i noticed my ping went from an average of around 130-145 with 10.2.1 to around 75-85 avg with 10.2.2 as well as i gained about 5 FPS in MOH:AA.
    So i tested my bandwidth and lo and behold i went from about an avg of 600-650kps to around 850-870kps avg

    Dont have any idea what they did but things are looking more promising all the time for X.

    Just thought i would let you guys know as I have noticed improvements mainly to the gaming aspect...cause thats mainly what i do at home.

    Oh yean and it fixed my disk copy too!
  2. job
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    Thank you for teasing us... :rolleyes:

    I'm just kidding... :p
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    Well, the way I see it. Anything from 10.x.3 and lower are just bug fixxes with some 'new stuff' but anything from 10.x.4 and higher adds functionality. But that's interesting to hear your results with 10.2.2.
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    I don't really see how any tweaking in OS X could affect your bandwidth... mine's stayed consistant from OS 9 onwards. What type of internet connection do you use?

    All-in-all, though, it sounds like 10.2.2 will be a good performance booster.
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    It's probably some more Carbon tuning that's done it. :)

    Oh geez...700 posts now? :eek:
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    sounds promising, hopefully by the time i get my mac (im gonna have to spend 2 - 4 hrs downloading patches :p) 10.2.2 will be out
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    For the dude who asked...i use a DSL connection...
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    There are already ways of optimizing your high speed internet connection. Broadband Optimizer is one of them. This could easily be coded into Mac OS by simply testing and checking. From this, a ping would definitely drop and, in turn, you would definitely get better frame rates in online play. As for offline play, there are certain features of OS X that still need to be optimized or debugged. If any of these are found and fixed for 10.2.2, they could lower pings and raise fps.

    Maybe I'm just rambling, but for you skeptics...;)

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    I still don't understand why Apple has not rewritten the Finder in OS X with Cocoa. As I understand it, it is the carbonized finder in OS X that slows down the GUI so much. Unbelievable that this still has not been fixed. What are they waiting for? If anything is going to make OS X seem less sluggish, it would be this.

    I have a feeling that by the time they get around to doing this, that particular version of OS X (10.5 maybe) will be yet another rip-off "significant upgrade" that they will charge everyone full price for (again).
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    as i understand it, apple wrote the finder in carbon to prove to developers that it was a viable toolkit. i don't believe that the finder being written in carbon has any great bearing on the interface speed of the os, it would just affect the finder itself. carbon apps can be just as fast as cocoa apps (sometimes faster) if they are coded right, but the finder is just a normal application, so it's sluggishness will not affect the gui speed of any other apps you're running.
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    I agree. The finder is its own seperate application. The fact that it might be slower won't affect other applications.

    Also, a note on carbon vs. cocoa. When written natively, carbon apps are just as fast as cocoa apps. The stigma that carbon apps aren't as fast comes from the fact that nearly all ported apps are ported with carbon. This is because it's much easier to port code using carbon rather then cocoa. These ported apps are inherently slower because the orignal app was not intended to run under OS X. The port is more of a patch job. On the other hand, because of cocoa's nature, it doesn't allow apps to easily be ported from other platforms. It forces the developer to write OS X specific software that is intended to run under OS X from the beginning.

    Hope this helps clarify.


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