10.2.5 crashes...too much

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by janey, Apr 7, 2003.

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    is it just me or does 10.2.5 like crash every single day? i installed it incorrectly on my Power Mac and had to reinstall everything then afterwards it started to go berzerk even though i installed it correctly the second time.
    also 10.2.5, iSync and my bluetooth phone (Sony Ericsson T68i) do not work as well together as it did in 10.2.4...
    does anyone else have problems with 10.2.5? if so then what are they?
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    Considering it's not even out yet... if stability is what you want, you shouldn't be using prerelease software.
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    what? 10.2.5 is not even out?
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    10.2.5 is still being seed tested, but should be released in the next week or two.

    I agree with alex_ant that it seems a little silly to comment on the stability of a beta OS update.
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    yeah i know...
    still the very amount of problems i'm having with 10.2.5 is driving me nuts.....
    10.2.5 wasn't released yet i know...
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    I think you are definitely an übergeek to a fault. Maybe you need a new handle.
  7. Sol
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    It is pre-release software!

    Technically it is not even 10.2.5 because that number will be given to the official download. If you are a developer then you should expect a few bugs with pre-release software and report them to Apple so that they can fix them. If you are some guy who found the update on the internet and thought it was a good idea to install it then you have no grounds to complain. Consider your case a good reason why the software is not out yet.
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    Is this just gloating?
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    Hmm. could be.

    Or she could just be letting us know small details before we get a shot at it.

    But judging from her other posts its a little of both.
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    Ubergeek, you are such a wannabe...

    My advice...just be.

    I use 10.2.4 everyday and I've never crashed it or any version of 10.2.

    You sound like someone who's into gadgets, and if so you might consider however that you may have a hardware conflict.

    Hope I didn't sound too hard on you. Well intentioned. ;)
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    Re: 10.2.5 crashes...too much

    Shouldn't you be discussing this on the Apple forums meant for beta testers? I can see someone reading this thread after 10.2.5 is released and missing the fact you were using a pre-release version. Then they would say they heard 10.2.5 had bluetooth problems as well as being unstable.

    And no, I don't think my scenario is unlikely. Humans being what they are, it will happen. If not to this thread, from some other thread about pre-release software.
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    Re: Re: 10.2.5 crashes...too much

    Actually this scenario has happened in the past and it has been a problem. People have read threads about software and hardware and taken them to be about the current product when in fact the thread was talking about prerelease products. I think this sort of thread should be dispatched to the WASTELAND.
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    i'll quit bitching about 10.2.5
    i'm gonna be happy with 10.2.4 until panther :D
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    jane u say that about every release but it seems liek you always upgrade anyway. I distincly remember u saying that u were going to wait till panther when upgrading from 10.2.3 look how far u went with that.
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    ummm well this seems like the last update before panther
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    as previously speculatedby smarter people in different threads i think that depends on the quality of 10.2.5 and when panther will become retail.

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    if you got this legally wouldnt that be breaking an NDA, were not suppose to know its out. not that any of use care anyways.

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    didn't say anything in detail. nope that doesn't break my nda...last time i checked...
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    Acually talking about pre-release products that you have access to I believe breaks NDA, probably not but I think I heard that somewhere.
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    installed 10.2.5 today, the one off of apple's website...thankfully nothing went wrong and it's fine now :D
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    Of course it breaks the NDA and there are reminders about this everytime you download or install each update.
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    in that case i don't care...

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