10.4. vs 10.5 Powerbook G4 DVI

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by finnschi, May 27, 2010.

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    So what should I choose and why, currently I have OS 9 Running....
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    Some system spec info will help us give you advice..
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    If you can run OS 9 natively on it, don't even try for 10.5. Stick with 10.4.
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    A very uninformed statement indeed.
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    That has 667MHz G4? Well I don't think 10.5 would install without a hack, but anyway imo 10.4 would be your best bet anyway for best performance.
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    If its the original DVI model (667-800MHz) then i would probably suggest 10.4 since its has a slower processor and an older Radeon 7500 than the last TiBooks. Personally, I've chosen to go with 10.4 on both my 667 and 867MHz Tibooks. Its plenty fast and since there is still support for the newest versions of iTunes, Safari, and many other popular applications, I didn't see any pressing need to force 10.5 on them.
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    If it is only a 667-800mhz then yes go with Tiger. There is a reason Apple only lets Leo install on 867mhz+. If you have 867+ though then Leo may be the way to go. It will run a tad slower but is far more advanced.
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    Oh? Really... the fact that it runs OS9 natively tells me it is a Titanium PowerBook. I know from using the TiBooks that I would never consider putting 10.5 on them. As others have said, if it's the original DVI model (as the poster's title implies) 10.5 won't even install. If it's the 867 MHz or 1 GHz, 10.5 will install but in my opinion it would slow the computer too much to be worth installing.

    My statement may have been short, but it was hardly uninformed. I was, of course, referring specifically to the PowerBook line, not all Mac models.
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    there is some helper program to get 10.5 running on older Mac's with less then 867mhz , but as its alread just running on those with 867mhz and even slows down my mini with a 1.42 ghz G4 , i would not even bother to try it on anything with less then a 1.0 ghz

    and i am a huge fan of tiger , as its the best choice for ppc g4 mac's
    it offers still a wide range of apps as most apps still say minimum requirements 10.4
    and best of all due to tiger offers classic support you can still keep all your old apps and games :)

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