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10.5.2 Finder

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MiLyAnI, Feb 9, 2008.

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    i do not know if already some one talk about that ...
    i find that Macbook Air shipped with Finder 10.5.2

    this photo from Macbook Air


    sorry i forget to mention that , OS is 10.5.1
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    Not to be that guy.. but where's the proof?

    There's adobe written all over it.. [​IMG]
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    NC MacGuy

    Yes, my Finder is ver. 10.5.2 also.
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    I call BS, the date would be 1983-2008 most likely, figuring the release of the Air, mine says 10.5.1 on a SR MacBook. But I could be wrong.
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    NC MacGuy

    That's only the Finder Version, the sftwr is 10.5.1. It really does say exactly as pictured, 10.5.2 and dates are dead on.
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    Just checked the Finder on our MBA - it has factory install of 10.5.

    It's 10.5.2. It's exactly as posted by the OP. (incl. copyright & tm date of 2007).

    edit: the OS is still 10.5.1
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    umm i find this kinda wierd that you went this far haha
    it's pretty obvious he use photoshop or some kinda of photo editor casue he cropped the image....

    and yeap mine says the same as the OP
    i'm guessing it's to support the multitouch magic
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    Cool! checked here as well.
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    Why, my January Mac Pro says 1983 - 2007 so what are you lot moaning about, this was a Mac Pro from January. He hasn't cropped the image either.
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    Cropped at the sides. Can be avoided with CMD+Shift+4, then Space :)
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    Same here on my MBA, OS 10.5.1, Finder 10.5.2.
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    So I don't get called a liar.

    Here's the shot from my Mac Pro

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    10.5.2 brings Finder v10.5.3

    I thought this was interesting:

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    Same thing... 10.5.3

    I have 10.5.3 as well, hrmph...

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