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10.5.2 update is 341MB for MBA, and 180MB for MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by malone, Feb 11, 2008.

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    I was going to post this in the 10.5.2 thread in here, but it got locked (presumably because 10.5.2 is more about OS X and not the MBA). But I figured this might be of interest to specifically to MBA users:

    10.5.2 update for MBA: 341 MB
    10.5.2 update for MBP: 180 MB

    Anyone know why there's a discrepancy? (heat/fan/cpu fixes, battery charging fixes, video drivers?)
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    Sky Blue

    your MBP is not a C2D...see the main thread.
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    i noticed the same thing -- macrumors front page says 181, but update for my mba is 341. anyone know of any mba specific fixes?
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    Also 180 Mb for my MacPro (Quad Xeon)
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    This is one of those times when having the USB Ethernet dongle for my MBA is going to come in handy. ;)
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    I always download the combo updates. In this case it was 343 MB.
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    ...Why? You think lots of people on here have Internet connections in excess of 40mbit?
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    Really? What graphics card do you have? My update clocked in at 341, and I have the standard ATI card with the Quad Xeon.
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    That's the combo. I have a Quad Xeon MP with the ATI card as well and my update was only 180mb.
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    Downloaded and installed. On initial boot up (after it's restarted a second time) I can see that there is a new time machine icon on the menu bar.

    Battery status remains unchanged though and still is seemingly taking forever to charge the machine.
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    Downloaded and installed as well! Thanks to Comcast 15mbps downloads! :D
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    Yes, no change in that. Still taking forever. Disappointing
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    What the heck can the extra space be taking up if it didnt fix the charging issues, nor the heat issues.

    Tsk Tsk...
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    My MBPro and MBA both had 300+ mb updates
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    32bit CPU's versus 64bit? Different update sizes?

    That's my guess.
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    Seems to have made my MBA even slower...
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    Server is 340Megs

    Server update is 340 megs as well!
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    my batt went from 95% to 97%
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    i have a C2D SR MBP with an 180 MB update as well.
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    I have two Alu iMacs. Both are configured identical AFAICT. One took a 180MB, one took a 341MB. :confused:

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